Dearest Damsel in Distress,

I hope that this note does not leave you without help, having found you in distress.

I have come to learn by experience, how bleak a future could be when you cannot see any lights at the end of the tunnel.

Oh DD, I am at that tunnel right now, it feels as though my cloud is night and I dare say that I have not found any silver linings yet, it’s so really dark in here!

DD, I really cannot tell you that I know how I got in here, or my way out of here; and the blanket thick darkness in this tunnel is so smoldering yet I am unshielded from the ice cold in here.  Maybe they are even hot ice, I really cannot tell.

You know Damsel in Distress, the only clue that I have is to simply cry because I really just cannot help it.

I have a lot of hope, and I have some faith too but I guess I don’t have any answers at all in my supplies – in fact, I got lost in here with nothing in my convenient pack!

Nevertheless DD, I would want to share with you, a few of my little things – some of the strengths that the LORD is giving me here!

I do not know how my help out of here will come, but I know too well that the LORD has helped me by His Spirit. I have chosen to hang on to His grace because His mercy is all that I have to hang on to. Sometimes, the rain beats me so hard, the ocean tries to drown me, the fire burns with smoldering smoke with me buried-stuck inside, and the mountains don’t even let me have the luxury of a little air to breathe.

But do you know what DD, I can never be consumed! I have not found that in my Bible, it’s not about here being too dark to see; the Spirit is my inner witness!

I mourn but I am blessed daily by the LORD’s comforting Spirit. I know that my pain would all go away someday because I know that it is well with my soul. I know that even if everything choses to remain dead hopeless, I’ll live through it all.

One thing I know for sure is that my problems are not pioneered by God but I know that He will hijack the situation to beautify me even more, my “sisterly” Ubamara calls that ‘Make up’!

Therefore DD, because I know that beauty is my sorrow’s end, and spiritual endurance is my heart’s fate, I have chosen to hang on because I BELIEVE! And because I believe, I am going to show myself that I believe.

I am going to grab a pale from time to time, and I’d soak my feet ready for some generous pedicure. I have chosen to take my bath times more seriously because I have promised myself to savor every single bit of it, even my lotion times too! I am never going to forget to wear myself some beautiful makeups every single morning. I am never going to forget to eat good food, no junks! And I am really going to be walking in here with some self-respect. I would never forget to keep myself hydrated because I need to look beautiful for my beautiful end. Who wants to look like a mess at red carpet entry? Not me, most def! You wouldn’t want to DD because our end is fairer than any Grammy red carpet’s euphoria, trust me!


Damsel in Distress,

Favour Omeje.





































































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