​It’s all in your head… Everyday Jesus

As I stood at the bus-stop waiting for a vehicle, a lady with shaved head approached me and smiled. I smiled back and returned my gaze to the direction I was expecting a lift to come from. On turning around, the lady was still smiling at me. This time, I raised one of my brows in a fashion that indicated I was asking non verbally if I could help her. Her smile broadened even more. Getting a little uncomfortable with the weirdness I shifted further away from her but she followed suit. I then decided to ask her, ‘can I help you?’. Her face turned red immediately. She broke down on her knees in tears. Before I could figure out how to react to this sudden outburst of emotion, a man came from behind and spoke in low comforting tones to her, massaging her shoulders. He pulled her up, looked at me and apologized for her behavior. I asked him if she was alright and he said his wife was going to be fine one day. On probing further I learnt that the first time she behaved in an abnormal way was a month ago when she beat their 2 years old daughter and ran out of the house half naked. She was chased and brought back to the house with the effort of at least five men. She was abnormally stronger than a woman can be. Since then it has been from one weird behavior to another. They had been to psychiatrists and after series of experiments and tests, the doctors couldn’t diagnose exactly what was wrong with her nor a cure. They only gave her pills for sedation. 

Now the man was close to tears and I asked him if I could pray for his wife, he said he didn’t mind. I laid my hands on her and commanded any insanity spirit in operation in her to leave. She started laughing. I spoke in tongues for some minutes and commanded the spirit again to flee in Jesus name. The lady started sobbing, then turned to her husband and in her sobs she was muttering, ‘i’m sorry. It happened again’. I told her it won’t happen again. I collected her husband’s number to keep track of her. For 6 months I called atleast 8 times to check on her and she never had any other attack nor crisis.
As I finished the testimony and believers were screaming ‘glory’, a man told me it’s all in my head. I asked what he meant and he said it’s very much possible that the series of drugs administered to the lady started taking effect then. I laughed and told him it was hilarious it waited till I prayed for her. We left it at that.
Yet in another cell meeting I had another testimony. In my work place it was a struggle who got promoted and who got increment of salary. Staff used everything within their disposal to fight for higher positions. They lied against each other and set traps for their colleagues. Amongst the staff with the same qualifications as me, an interview was to be held for the position of the head of our department. We went for the interview on the scheduled date and at the end of the interview I was congratulated as the new HOD of my department. As I was swerving in my new seat in my office overlooking the roads through a fine glass, one of those colleagues I took interview with came in and asked me who I was and what I did. I was confused and asked for an explanation. She said she drugged my drink the morning of the interview with a strong sleeping pill and watched me drown it yet I didn’t bate my eyes. All I could say was ‘wow’. I was shocked and yet amazed. Turned out I was impervious to poison. 

The same man from the last cell meeting stood again amidst the joy and said ‘it’s all in your head’. He said body systems react at different degrees to soporific drugs. I told the man that ordinary tea in the morning make me drowsy not to mention strong sleeping pills. I’m a believer and things like neutralizing poisons are in my nature.
Then comes the most recent one which I look forward to testifying about. My nephews that were left in my care fell seriously ill at the same time. They were throwing up and running high temperature. Imagine the fear that grabbed me. Their temperature was so hot, it was impossible to hold them for long. I hugged them tightly and prayed in tears like I had never before. It happened through the night and I spoke in tongues through the night. By the early hours of the morning, tiredness defeated me and I slept. Some time later I was woken by stamps on the bed and on opening my eyes, it’s tiny feets jumping on the bed. Hallelujah!  

So of course the man would tell me ‘it’s all in your head’, giving me another feeble reason why it’s all in my head!
But glory!!! Let it get into believers’ head and be not only in our heads but also in our bodies and minds that we have power to cast out demons, heal the sick, speak in new tongues and be neutral to poisons. Let it be all in our heads that everything has been put under our charge. It’s all in my head and it works!!! 


Everyday Jesus Wants Us to Consider Real Issues

Not too recently, a lot of Christians were arguing about a certain gospel artiste who collaborated with a secular artiste. I was carried away and joined the argument. 

After some reflection, I realized that things like this are distractions for Christians. We forget the real issues and put all our hearts and minds in trivial matters. 

We need to give our all to what is most important. 

I’m referring to one of the last words of Jesus before He left this earth. Matt 28:19-20.

Making disciples of all men by preaching the gospel to all. This is our primary assignment as Christians. There’s no unity among Christians these days. We are one in Christ. We engage in unnecessary arguments about things that don’t matter. What unbeliever would want to get caught up in all that? Let’s try as much as possible to avoid these things and face the real issues!

By Ifejesu Adewunmi, 2017

Everyday Jesus Wants You to Stand Out

​They always say to my itching ears,

“if you can’t

Beat them,

Join them”

As though joining them is all that matters…

So, I join them, and behave like Romans

Since I’m in Rome…

Then preach on Sundays,

“Do not conform to this world”

I mean…

What exactly is not conforming?

Is it reforming the habits that I’m constantly surrounded with

Or performing the duties, lust of the eyes,

Pride of life, envy and strife doles out to me?

What exactly is corn forming?

Is it to say no to the troubles that standing out brings or what?

I look through the curtain of principles 

Was raised


And all that I see is a world upended.

To tell a lie and get to the limelight,

Seems to be the cheapest flight

Ticket to greatness.

To slay myself on the alter of the world

As a slay queen, looks like the easiest way to be part of the trendy millions

Who flout their nakedness on social media

To enter competition where my talent is showcased to the glory

Of one whom I was told once coveted His glory

Seems to promote me as a good actor,

I see it not as a factor that is 

Corroding   people’s view of my stand with him.

I hear melodies

That ends up infecting my soul with maladies;


I stand before the world representing one

While in my heart I represent the other.

I live as a bunch of falsehood

Just like everyone else.

I live my life as light hidden under the bushel,

The hill crying to have my presence

Where am meant to stand out


Everyday Jesus’s Unconditional Love

I thought it was one sided

There was just so much love

How someone can show this much affection

To us, people who are a mile short of perfection

Our shortcoming, so many overlooked

His sure coming, makes many overly spooked

Given life everyday like a daily miracle

Battles won for us against deities and oracles

We do so much as little, nothing, maybe little

Like a babe yet to be weaned

We ask so much, even things we don’t need

But all we need do is ask, end of story!

He supplies according to his riches in glory.
Only trials we can overcome, He maybe lets

Its like learning to drive but with safety nets

Simply obliged to give him praise

Almost nothing in return, what amazing grace!

I guess I can say its unconditional love

We can’t help it

We can’t help but accept it
It seemed like it was one sided

Like He asked me out, and I haven’t decided

Like love unrequited

But its clear now, maybe it is

God is love, God’swill

If he doesn’t do all this for me,

Who will?


What Everyday Jesus taught me Through Nature

​I flew like a feather through

Life; sniffing beauty I rarely believed to be true.

I kiss the nectars cooped between whorls of  silk

Pick grains your father, my creator, spreads for me…

I work hard

Though I don’t enslave myself doing things the things

He never wished I do.

Am the birds of the field.

I could be a varying shade of scents and nectars,

I could be a scene your eyes would race through for hectares.

Your father, my creator, clothes me,

But I draw up water for myself.

If I fail,

I’d wither.

Mr Word Spreader,

May I call you Tse-tse story;

You claim promises but make a mockery of conditions.

Wake up and come to my hills and

Your eyes will behold my mansions,

The food I gather in your wasteful days;

I Have a barn,

I have no farm.

I follow your road map.


Maybe Mr Ant is the name you know.


Everyday Jesus:​So I’m a christian

“I’m a christian” I’ve for long being one

I’m a Christian, it’s become a tradition

An audition to find a place to fit in.

“I’m a christian” it doesn’t seem so unique anymore

More like the movie ” Ben ten” everyone has a story to tell

A beautiful tale to relate with

Because it sounds so evenly

And no more heavenly.

And daily these words as become a regular routine

But wise is the words that says” many are called, but few are chosen”

My question is when will this chain be loosen

Because christ has risen

And this poor ideology ” way of pretence” has been broken 

” we are christians” yet we swim in the pool of sin

” we are christians” yet we live to be seen

And not for the glory of the one that has called to be human beings

We are dwelling in the evil things

And truth is lacking

Yet we clamouring to be root of perfection.

“I’m a christian” I read my bible and do it right

Yet you found wanting

Barely, you shine your light

Obviously, people still see you fight

You are locked into the prison of self

And fed with poison of ignorance

Slowly, slowly you go

And near death without a good tale to tell

But just ” I’m a christian”

By Toluthealchemist.

(c) 2017

Dominion… Everyday Jesus

Dominion physically speaking means equilibrium; and by equilibrium, forces must be involved. According to Genesis 5: 1&2, the NIV Bible says: this is the written account of Adam’s line. When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God. He created them male and female and blessed them. And when they were created, he called them “man” ( ie adam in Hebrew).

Dominion is when man ( male and female joined together), face the lion, soar like the eagle, rule the ox and plants his feet on the serpent. This is dominion.

Can two work together unless they agree? The thug of war between male and female must cease so that “man” might have dominion. The male must cease to be dominating and the female must not be controlling.

 By Favouromeje; September 2017.

Everyday Jesus: what is Dominions

The Hebrew word for dominion radar means subduing,ruling. Circumstances in life tend to subdue us instead of the other way around. We forget who we are,what we have,what we are made for and roll with the tides. 

Fear and anxiety are meant to be subdued and ruled. Most often than not,we let circumstances determine who we are and how much we exhibit our God given authority.

 Fear and anxiety are mere faceless faces that pop up while trying to achieve,acquire and fulfil one’s dreams. 

We have all it takes to overcome them,to rule and subdue them. 

Know that we are more than  conquerors and that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens u .

By Mitchell Okonicha; September 2017.