EverydayJesus – The Mirror

The Bible does not help to point out to us our faults and imperfections so that we may correct or change them, contrary to what many people believe.

The Bible (mirror) on the contrary, helps us to constantly see ourselves for who our Father God sees us. He see us perfect people in Christ, without blame and Spirit born, a.k.a eternally made of Love!

The Mirror is therefore our constant reminder of our realities in Christ so that we can be quickened in our mortal bodies to act accordingly.

Our spirits are whole, complete and mature in Christ but our minds would never agree because they know very little.

We are ourselves spirits, because man is essentially a spirit.

If I choose to call our spirits lions, then I would simply say that our minds are kittens, not even a cub.

What we know in our minds usually influence our works or doings, and most times, our minds make us produce kitten( lower) behaviors as opposed to the lion (higher) works that belong with our spirits, our hearts.

Therefore, whenever we look into the word, we force our kitten minds to see the lion spirits we truly are. This makes us to act accordingly. The mirror principle works by helping us to constantly keep in touch with our most basic realities in the presence of the Father’s redeeming love.

You might ask why our minds love to be kittens. I’d just tell you that our mind is the faculty in our hearts that relates directly with the physical or natural realms via the portals of the five senses. That’s why.

The thing is, if your acts are wrong and you feel like you are not a fruitful Christian, here is what you would want to do:

  1. Go Receive the Father’s Loving-thing parcel, a.k.a the too good to be true news, the Gospel.
  2. Look in the word, the mirror; I repeat look in the mirror.
  3. Look in the mirror again for that’s the true legit thing you’ve got, I repeat, look away from yourself!

18 And all of us, as with unveiled face, [because we] continued to behold [in the Word of God] as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being transfigured into His very own image in ever increasing splendor and from one degree of glory to another; [for this comes] from the Lord [Who is] the Spirit.

2 Corinthians 3:18. AMP

…Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror and , after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like…

James 1: 23-24, NIV

By Favouromeje, 2017.



Book Review: IS GOD A MORAL MONSTER? By Paul Copan

Author: Paul Copan
Publisher: Baker Books, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-8010-7275-8
Reviewer: Ikenna Nwachukwu


The Old Testament of the Bible often baffles the modern reader with its descriptions of ancient places, materials, customs and traditions. The average person living in today’s world would struggle to picture the scenes and events its words seek to portray, or understand certain actions that it makes casual reference to. For many, the Old Testament is filled with weird, difficult to comprehend things; they’d rather stick to the New Testament, which seems much easier to handle (partly because it has less talk about strange rituals and customs in it).

But the Old Testament is more than just a collection of odd stories from a mind-bogglingly distant past; it records what Christians believe to be the beginnings of God’s interaction with mankind, a process which reaches its crescendo with the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, which the New Testament is preoccupied with. And because the Old Testament is so important, it is vital to pay attention to what it says.

In the book Is God A Moral Monster?, Philosopher and Theologian Paul Copan takes a critical look at one contentious issue that is often discussed about the Old Testament by believers and unbelievers alike- its portrayal of God. In the eyes of some, it presents God as fear-inspiring, violent and vengeful- a sharp contrast to the love and compassion He shows in the New Testament. He destroys whole societies in His wrath, and demands slavish dedication (or so the critics claim) from the people He calls His own. He subjects a community to draconian laws and makes them struggle under the weight of impossible rules. How, the unbeliever asks, can one reconcile this image of God with that of one who lets His one and only son die so that mankind would not perish?

Copan argues that the God of the Old Testament has been misunderstood. Readers have looked at the Bible’s portrayal of God and judged it based on a modern set of rules, with little or no understanding of the social and cultural contexts and symbolisms that form the background to its stories. It is this wrong mode of interpretation that Copan attempts to put right in his book.

Copan examines general and specific claims made by skeptics about God being brutal and even malevolent in His dealings with humans in the Bible. He tackles issues arising from the harrowing account of Abraham almost sacrificing Isaac after being ordered to do so by God (and its alleged connotations of child abuse) , the wiping out of the Canaanite population by Israel, the status of women in Hebrew society, and the Bible’s treatment of the practice of slavery. He carefully reconstructs the accounts, situates them in their historical context, points out the not-too-obvious but relevant symbolisms they were meant to convey, and establishes a view of morality as pushed by the Bible (and the Old Testament in particular) that is liberating and awe-inspiring.

Beyond being a response to skeptics’ misgivings about the morality of the God of the Bible, Copan’s book is also a reaffirmation of the notion that morality can only be consistent when it is founded upon belief in God. It also reminds us that although the Old Testament holds a lot of lessons for Christians, we must take cognizance of the fact that its symbols point to Jesus Christ, in whom all the requirements of God’s law are fulfilled.

Everyday Jesus – GOD IS GOOD!

I have been down in the dumps and I have fed fat from all them rubbish down there so much that I have become plump…robust actually. Nice right? All of me junks!

I have literally cried my eyes out. All I have left are empty eye sockets, and blindness; even the bat offers a helping hand.

The night, that one? It seemed to provide temporal relief as it reluctantly accepts my cares during its shifts and without hesitation hands them back to me at the break of dawn. Woe betide me if I interrupt my slumber to pee…no words mincing.

The devil in his subtle magnanimity created a sovereign state of melancholy for me and appointed me the executive governor. A state which enjoyed absolute independence and privacy; custom bans been raised for encouragements hence no trading.

A confining state it was but you know, I am a governor, the governor…but was I? Really? My subjects; fear, selfishness, worry and pride ruled over me (One of them horrible things Solomon saw on the earth) Twisted right? I thought so too, only that it was just a thought. I obeyed orders from my subjects with the cheers of a good leader is a servant!

Rest was “the road not taken” by poor me probably because it was the road less travelled by most. Pride had always insisted I carry my burden because it is mine…“carry your burdens, for you have no one in the world but you”. Fear on the other hand provided an awfully overwhelming companionship and selfishness made the world revolve around me in a very bad way.

With all the prejudice I had about God’s personality, “cast your cares upon me for I…” didn’t make any sense because all of my five senses were numb…already.

My woe tales…

…but blessed be the Lord and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who works in and around us to bring us out of the ugly situations we face. My problems were his as much as they were mine and he sure has his way around it.

First things first, I have my eyes back and He started by making me listen to what he spoke through the mouth of his son…the prophets were getting a lot of things complicated (figuratively). They painted him both black and white with a grey touch of indecision; all lies! He doesn’t have a multiple personality.

And you’d think the devil can bear to be left out of the ecstatic torture of the human soul with questions that brings confusion? You wish! He plunged into the game head first and he has been having a nice time in my life until now.

God is good! (This is me on top of my lungs!)

He that has seen the Son has seen the Father. I have seen the Son so I have seen the Father; so beautiful, full of compassion, ever loving, never angered…such awesomeness and all these I saw by just a peep, I haven’t even taken a glance yet!

Why didn’t he remove my problems first you’d ask? They were not really the problems, alright? My problem was the fact that I had a warped image of God in my eyes and the statement “the way you look at the problem is the problem” has never been truer.

Am I still faced with challenges? Yes of course but I have taken a new approach to it. I have migrated to the state of REST. Stuffs are way better there and the standards of living there are premium but the Father foots the bills. I don’t enjoy my privacy there, His presence is all wrapped so lovingly around me and it is sweet in the strictest sense of the word. His assurances and encouragement have no trade ban, it is one of the legit must haves and it is free. I walk knowing that he said that he is with me and he will never leave nor forsake me.

We (God and I) are still on my case brethren and it gets better every day.

Meanwhile I can’t stop chanting God is good! (This is me on top of my Lungs!)


By His Ruth

(Ogbuabor Ruth)

EveryDayJesus- ‘Who can be Mad?’ (an Update)

Who can be mad?

I am just not speaking of mad, as in mad in love. I mean who has a right to go about in his full original birth dress, pretending or maybe claiming that he is the only true son of Adam left, enjoying the Eden that only him can see in a garbage heap, and really hoping to find the bone of his bone and the flesh of his flesh in the same pile of ‘Eden’- and probably determining in his heart not to let his Eve lure him into eating anything that will open his eyes and show him what he is not wearing because he is ADAM MAN (an anagram of A MAD MAN). So who has a right to be called A MAD MAN simply because that is the best title befitting him?

Well, writing this particular article was to me a kitchen experience which involved fixing up a delicious meal that I think you might not be able to resist. Therefore if you permit me to call it a good meal then you might also like it well served- three course:

I would love to, and I am presenting before you a buffet of sumptuous platters of a ‘who-can-be-mad’ appetite whetting, mouthwatering antique thin soup of English, French, Italian, and may be Spanish cuisines, aka juicy and savory antique quotes on MADNESS for you to do justice to- mercy me, no, mercy you!

  1. What is madness?

“To have erroneous perceptions and to reason correctly from them”- Voltaire (1694-1778), French writer/philosopher.

  1. “A source of strong emotions and terrifying images which it arouses through fear of the Beyond, Catholicism frequently provokes madness; it generates delirious beliefs, entertains hallucinations, leads men to despair”- Michel Foucault (1926-1984), French philosopher.
  • “A body seriously not in equilibrium, either with itself or with its environment, perishes outright. Not so a mind. Madness and suffering can set themselves no limit”- George Santayana (1863-1952), Spanish-born U.S philosopher, poet and novelist.
  1. “Although …a societal reaction might pressurize an individual… into becoming an outcast, delinquent or rebel, it is difficult to imagine how a similar reaction would force him to adopt the central schizophrenic syndrome”- John K. Wing (1923- ), British psychiatrist. Lecture, University of Vienna.
  2. “King Madness in great ones must not unwatch’d go”- William Shakespeare (1564-1616), English poet and play wright. Hamlet, Acts 3, scene 1.
  3. “And something’s odd- within me- that person that I was- and this one- do not feel the same- could it be madness- this?- Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), U.S poet. ‘The First Day’s Night Had Come’
  • “ A man goes far to find out what he is- death of the self in a long, tearless night, all natural shapes blazing unnatural light”- Theodore Roethke (1908-1963), U.S poet. The Far Field, ‘In a Dark Time’.

You might also like this platter, African, savory, but recent

“Madness is one of the offspring, in fact the son of old age of the old man christened ‘Wrong Believing’- Nneoma Favouromeje (alive and well, duh!), the girl who is hell bent on making poor you read about ‘ who can be mad’- of all things.

  1. Main course

Enjoy the fun and thrill in finding out the continental origin of this cuisine- only by eating it completely.

Madness in my one eyes, is just that sickness which has its own etiological agent ( disease causing agent) being ‘wrong believing- well I am so sorry that I see microbiology in almost anything, I might still change if you give me enough time to, and not give up on me too.


The different forms of madness present similar if not exactly the same signs and symptoms as do the different forms of demon possession talked about in my Bible. So if you do not mind, I would be so glad to deduce that madness is equal to and equivalent to demon possession. Also, demons are not necessarily just things that appear to take the forms of living things, and which find themselves unfortunately denied of bodies to live in. For me, demons wrap themselves up in wrong belief systems, in destructive words, and they effortlessly make their ways into human minds through both the ear and eye gates. These wrong beliefs come with direct or indirect contact with infected people just the same way that viruses and other pathogens do. Therefore, viruses and bacteria are to influenza, HIV, and meningitis, what wrong believing is to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and panic disorder. The basic difference is that wrong believing produces mental illness while viruses and bacteria produce body illness. The funny thing is that, with gradual increase in severity of madness, ADAM man might inflict damage on himself, the demon possessed people in the Bible usually cut themselves with sharp things just in the same way that a mentally deranged man on the streets, or better still in a psychiatry, would himself, or just as how any boy on the lower pole of his manic-depressive disorder would love to feed sumptuously on the thoughts of committing suicide. Sometimes, mad folks enjoy the thoughts of harming other people as their most fancy daydream- so if you are not planning to take authority, just stare clear, don’t say nobody told you. In fact, Jeffery Dahmer planned his ‘17 men in one day’ killing spree, more intricately than I am planning my future ‘home sweet home’, or even more delicately than Dr Carson planned his hit Binder twin surgery, okay?

Madness is not more or less than the outcome of poor believing. If Dennis believes that only he has to dutifully pay for every dime of his wrong doings, then he has succeeded in catching a reticulate ‘Chlamydia’ because when you hear that he hung himself in his room and left behind a note on his bed written “NOW YOU ARE FREE OF ME BECAUSE I DENNIS HAS PAID THE VERY LAST PENNY OF THE MENACE” you will know that the condensing ways of the matured elementary bodies in his head are way past finding out. It would be so sad then, because he was sorely terrorized by the sum of them, and painful shall his passing be.

You see, madness is the obvious outcome of the mental harassment unleashed by demons, as mind-teasing as the word ‘tease’. In fact, madness is the name of the cry you hear when a mad man believes, and is mentally harassed, humiliated and molested by demons which present themselves as ugly nauseating buffets of lies diligently cooked up by the only Chief Executive Chef of lies that I know of, Lucifer.



  1. Dessert.

I think everyone needs some generous dose of sugar loving here and there, don’t you? After a great meal such as this, I believe that a well whipped cold strawberry-chocolate sundae with any juicy red fruit atop, cannot be a bad idea.

Si vous plais mutants, you are not permitted to be mad, in fact you cannot be mad or demon possessed- if that is a better rendition for you. The base pairs concerned such a possibility, was part of the genes which the Recombinant DNA Technologist spliced out- I am so sorry! Only non-mutants are allowed to, if and whenever they so desire, in fact they cannot help it when the terrorist comes visiting. Mutants have The Gene that codes for the only good antidote to madness ever known or heard of- top secret! Mutants believe on the right thing, The Truth, the only life changing Good News that any human ear has ever heard of, the Gospel. Mutants know what right believing is, and this is right believing, it is finished, He is risen, Believe and Receive (get mutated, be eternal)!


By Favouromeje, 2016; Updated, 2017.










Everyday Jesus – Hymn 311

“I could not do without thee”, said the priest.

The pianist proceeded with a familiar tune, the choir joined, and the rest of church sang along.


I could not do without Thee

O Savior of the lost,

Whose precious blood redeemed me

At such tremendous cost.

Thy righteousness, Thy pardon

Thy precious blood, must be

My only hope and comfort,

My glory and my plea.


As the first stanza went by, I couldn’t help but imagine the cost of my redemption. I tried to wrap my mind around what Jesus must have gone through for love.


A man had a lover who he gave up everything for, including his wealth and prestige. He gave her his attention and showered her with gifts. She lacked nothing but yet she wasn’t satisfied. She gave herself to riffraffs and vagabonds who had nothing to offer her. Her lover couldn’t give up on her despite her promiscuity. Life however caught up with her and she contracted HIV. She felt bad for herself and knew she deserved to die. She didn’t want to cause her lover more pain so she ran away but her lover went through thorns and pains until he found her. He said to her, ‘I don’t care about what you must have done. I still love you. I’ll transfuse your blood into mine and take yours. I’ll die of the HIV but I want you to live’. Shocked and guilt stricken, she told him she couldn’t accept such offer. ‘what if I go back to my old ways? I don’t trust myself. I’m sick of myself. I disgust myself’, she said. Her lover said to her, ‘my death would take care of it all’.


Isn’t it amazing? The story is unbelievable… I mean, it’s not even ordinarily possible. I heaved and shook my head to clear it as the church began the second stanza.


I could not do without Thee,

I cannot stand alone,

I have no strength or goodness,

No wisdom of my own;

But Thou, belovèd Savior,

Art all in all to me,

And weakness will be power

If I lean hard on Thee.


Another exciting thought hit me. And I thought…this could be it.


Melania Trump did nude photographs during her modeling days but she’s now America’s first lady. According to societal measure, she definitely doesn’t deserve to be the first lady of America but she is. Her past doesn’t matter anymore, just because she married to Trump. Her critics would still greet her as ‘Her excellency’, if they are ever opportuned to come before her. She has a covering and her prestige comes from association. Her weaknesses became power because she leaned hard to Trump.

Exactly how I’m a beneficiary to Christ’s sacrifice just by the reason of my belief in him. My husband is the King of kings…chew on that!


I could not do without Thee;

No other friend can read

The spirit’s strange deep longings,

Interpreting its need;

No human heart could enter

Each dim recess of mine,

And soothe, and hush, and calm it,

O blessèd Lord, but Thine.


The third stanza brought my consciousness back as I remembered “The lady, her lover and her Lord by T.D Jakes. There are issues and aches that rise up in me, that even I do not understand. So how do I explain it to anyone? Only my manufacturer, I imagine, can understand. T.D Jakes while trying to explain a lover’s role and Jesus’ role in a lady’s life said, “But, in the stillness of the night, when he has gone to sleep and there are pending issues on her mind, it is her Lord who works the night shift and watches over her in the dark. He is the one whom she can talk to when her words cannot describe what she is feeling. Her husband may understand what she says, but her lord understands what she feels”.

No human can enter the deepest and darkest part of my heart to soothe, hush and calm it. Only the Lord.


I could not do without Thee,

For years are fleeting fast,

And soon in solemn oneness

The river must be passed;

But Thou wilt never leave me,

And though the waves roll high,

I know Thou wilt be near me,

And whisper, “It is I”.


Finally the last stanza came and tears rolled down my cheeks. People have left me and I have left people. Some people left because they couldn’t cope with my excesses and I don’t blame them one bit. Others left because I couldn’t meet up with their standards. I don’t blame them either. I pushed some away and they left. I cried over some and still didn’t even notice some leave. Some didn’t leave by choice. They promised never to leave but death took them away and it’s sad that nobody has power over death. Through all these human helplessness and limitations, I found someone that come what may, will never leave. “And though the waves roll high, I know thou wilt be near me, and whisper, “it is I”.


The church chorused an “Amen”.