Through Love

Only true love will walk on water when you give a heart of ice
And still hold you close to its shoulders when the shatters prick your eyes
True Love is like fire, it burns
Not to hurt but to cleanse, strengthen, purify
It doesn’t make clean for the other
It does it for itself.

True love has no regrets, it’s open to hurts
Not because he loves it, but would rather take the shot
Than see her eyes dim in death
Or her nose wrinkle through sin to hell
She won’t be left with a filthy dot
True love would be spot on when it sets out to wash her dirt.

True love is beautiful, it has her nose
It has her eyes, just how he loves to see them
It gives completely it’s gifts, hoping you will make room enough for all
It walks her down the hall and calls her bride
She can be naked before it, no longer need to hide.

‘True’ love is a mirage, it’s not real
If I wonder if it’s true, it probably isn’t still

Till all I see is Love
When I see he gave his all
And as he laid his life to love me through
It remains my part to decide if it is true.

And so it is with you.


(c) 2018



This is me
In you
Swimming around the enclosed space
Learning my surroundings
This is me
As i get to know you
As we get to share a body.
I can’t wait
To share the world with you
To eat what you eat
To see what you see
I can’t wait
To show you ME
To be held by you
To give you that heartbreaking smile
I have hands!
I can’t wait to explore the contour of your face
With them
I have legs!
Though tiny
I can’t wait to bring home trophies
Of different races
Yes, I’m learning
Learning to know happiness, sadness,
Learning to know the sound of your cry.
Though i wonder why you cry so much
You touch me and you cry
A cry of sadness.
Then i hear the voice
Telling you, “Don’t worry, it will be over soon”.
Mom don’t worry,
It’ll be over
Then we’ll be happy again
I’ll fill your world with joy
I’ll make you the happiest person
But mom, why are you still sad?
I now feel a little cold
I don’t know why.
Then i feel
As you open your legs
I feel the metal
Probing, probing, searching for me.
Mom, it’s not yet time!
Then the metal clamped on my right arm
And PULLED!!!!
The PAIN, the PAIN!!
The sharp, searing pain!!
Mom, what’s happening??!!!
My right arm is gone!
Why are you doing this??
I thought you loved me!
I promise I’d be good
I’d study hard
I won’t be a bother
Please just MAKE THIS STOP!!
My left arm!
My beautiful legs
My trophy legs!
My eyes!!!
Why, mother?
Why did you make me?
Just to throw me away
Just to deny me a chance of life?
As i breathe my last
The last thing on my mind
Is a question for you, mother.


(c) 2018

Worst Thing

I have heard many talk about you,
In different shades of tales,
Some say you are a beast,
That sinks their Titanic of a muse,
Into the great ocean of doubt,
“Ajayi” said you are the desert fire,
That turned his once river of words,
Into a dry and barren desert,

Until now, you were just a whisper
Of someone’s imagination to me,
Moulded into bits and forms,
Brought to life through the valley of his mouth,
Until you crept through the window in my ears,
Blocking my writing fluidity,
Drying up my poetic prowess faster,
Than a woman hitting menopause,

Now, I set my gaze upon the stars,
Like they said you would when in my dry spell,
Hoping that there would be an inspirational discharge,
To leak from the folds of the grey matter in my brain,
And I must admit that you are the worst thing,
That ever came in contact with my poetry.

Olaoye Adeleye
(c) 2018

Justified to Hurt

I lay down quietly in a boy’s only lodge as about 5 other young men spoke of love and ladies, one guy in particular told the heart wrenching story of how he loved a girl, so much and so truly and how she later left him simply because of another guy who had more money to offer, you could tell the hurt in his heart, he said he couldn’t get over her for months, he confessed there in the confines of us guys, that he truly loved with all his heart, and she broke it with all her might. Having been so wronged he explained how he could now without remorse play with any girls heart he could get his hands on, he knew the words, he knew the motions, he knew how to get in, get what he wanted and get out, without bathing an eyelash. In some mis-configured part of his brain he figured he was justified to hurt others as long he was pleased simply because he himself was once hurt.

Do you remember secondary school and particularly if you were in the boarding school? What was the number one reason SS3 students gave for acting cruelly to junior students? ‘Because they did it to me when I was a junior student!’, that was and still is the main plea by many, because as junior student some senior student took their foodstuffs they are now collecting foodstuffs from the entire student body!

It’s like the old an eye for an eye, but remember an eye for an eye sooner or later leaves everyone blind. There’s something in the average human’s subconscious that tends to do to others what have been done to them, that’s why the molester today was most likely abused as a child. It’s a vicious self-supporting cycle, running through generations and even ages.

It’s like the old an eye for an eye, but remember an eye for an eye sooner or later leaves everyone blind.

But yet the reverse is also the case; As a Jambito several years ago, I went to the newly established Federal university, Oye-Ekiti to write the screening exam required to gain entrance. I entered pari passu the setting sun, with little money, no friends and no contact, I had no place to stay and the stories of bandits who prowled at night did not in any way comfort me. Not too sure what to do I went out of the school compound and sighting some young men close by I went up to one of them and simply asked who I could meet for some sort of accommodation, he told me to follow him, he walked me into a room in a joint condo of sorts, pointed a bed and told me to stay there. To cut the short story shorter, I along with few other stranded Jambito’s ended up becoming buddies for the next 3 days of our stay all at no charge, no cost and no hidden agenda. I asked him later on why his magnanimity to us strangers, he answered simply ‘he was once a Jambito and someone took him in!’.

You see, cruelty of many ages can end in one generation, if the last person to contract Aids was the last person to spread it, HIV/ADIS would be only found in the history books in just one generation. You see you have a choice, you’re not just a biological psychological creature who’s actions and reactions are cast in stone based on the hand life deals you. You can let the hurt you suffered snare you into hurting others or you can break out of the mold like so many others have and change the culture that tried to change you from something beautiful to a shadow of your true self. We’re never justified to hurt because we were hurt, no matter the form, it’s a warped way of thinking that leaves everyone bleeding. You can break out of it, you can start a new cycle, you can set the new patterns for your children and your children’s children and the world at large. We have enough bad news to go around twice, we have enough victims who victimize and troubled people who trouble people. Let the pain motivate you to make a difference, not to even the score on people who were never in the picture in the first place.

We’re never justified to hurt because we were hurt

It was Jesus who brought the radical idea of loving your enemies and even praying for them, imagine; praying for the thief who stole from you, loving the idiot who swerved at 130km/hr in front of you on the highway while making a call, forgiving that guy who used you and dumped you. I admit, these are noble ideals too high for the vast majority of us, maybe that’s why Jesus offers to walk with us as we walk through the hurt, and he will, that is, if we let him.

It may not be popular, you may feel out of place, you may be called a fool, but the freedom from the hurt is in repaying it with love. And truly as it has been said; it’s love that makes the world go round.

…the freedom from the hurt is in repaying it with love

Udousoro William (2018)

My Prayer

Success is subjective to individual values. The most popular definition of success however is attached to money and things money can buy. These things, no doubt make life beautiful; ranging from grand glass houses by the beach, buying an island for oneself, driving speedy bullet proof metallic cars, owning fleets of Titanics, drinking the best of wines and having to associate only with people of the same class. Giving 90% of one’s monetary worth to charity and still not being able to track one’s wealth without the help of a financial manager should be success enough. This introduces the next most popular definition of success.

Giving back to the society has become an everyday phrase. People want to impart on other people’s lives, genuinely or in genuinely. Some rich folks want ‘philanthropist’ added to their titles. Some want more fame than they have. Others use it as a diversion or leverage to retain what they have and keep gaining riches.

Another set of people have sympathy for humanity and want to help change lives. These set of people may not have much money but they are willing to share the little they have with people that don’t have. Nothing else gives them more satisfaction than the smile they put on people’s faces and to them this is success.

Worthy to note is the division that associate success to their careers. Doing well in what you like doing should be satisfying. Being recognized as a champion in one’s field of operation is elevating. The idea of being a professional and the most sort in the labor market is 90% of dreams that creep around at night on earth. Earning grandly in this career one loves is not something that is seen every day, so may it receive its due acknowledgement.

This last category is what I want my definition of ‘success’ to be. Firstly, I want my heart to burn so fiercely for God. I want him to set my heart on fire. I want to be consumed by desire for him. To be able to put him first and not trade him for anything else is what I desire. To lay on my death bed and be able to smile because all my life I have preached the gospel; I have won souls for Jesus; I have fought the good fight of faith; to have the gospel as my number one mission in life is my goal. For God to be ‘practically’ (not just generically) more important than my spouse, mother, father, siblings, career, money is my prayer. I am not satisfied with just telling him I love him and that he is more important than every other thing. I really want to deeply love him with clenches, fists, my last drop of blood and last draw of breath. I want to be able to preach the gospel without reservation; to yearn and groan for people who do not understand; to study and know the bible so well that I can teach effectively and answer questions in the hearts of men and to choose discomfort and inconvenience for the sake of the gospel. I want to be a mobile gospel, in fact. I need money, career and everything the world has to offer to weigh less than my desire to preach the gospel. I want nothing else in mind when I pray asides my brokenness for him and my requests for hearts receiving the gospel. I want to die calling myself successful because I preached the gospel and I love the lord. This is my prayer. I pray that I be successful!

The Walk Home

I already wished I never started this

I already know that I must do this

I’m already steps into the final lap

Home, my destination on this sullen track

The noise they make drowns into the silence

The pain I feel drowns into my weariness

The curse I bear charts this course to which I am bound

Home, my destination on this sullen track

My enemy sees me fall and rejoices

He thinks this end means victory for him

He can’t see my journey ends not on this tree

Home, my destination on this sullen track

Though this night lingers and this tree withers

My hope breathes fire, my purpose never wavers

Many think this a lost cause but I drew the map

Home, my destination on this sullen track

Beyond this night is a morning that forever glows

Beyond this failure is glory untold

Beyond this pain is healing, beyond this downfall is rising

Home, my destination on this sullen track

If the enemy had known better he wouldn’t bother

Like a pawn in this game he moves at the will of the Father

Making way for us kings and queens to walk the path to

Home, our destination on this sullen track

Yes He died, yes we fell flat on our back

Yes He rose again, yes we will get back on track again

Yes our journey never ends till we get

Home, our destination on this sullen track

Home is righteousness borne of the salvation Jesus brings

Home is peace everlasting the kind that passes all understanding

Home is joy and rejoicing in the victory of the risen King

Home, our destination on this sullen track

For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named,

That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;

That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love.

May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height;

And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

By Ezeonyeka Godswill


For a while now, I’ve been so confused about Christianity. Everyone has their own version of everything. So many different doctrines! So many lifestyles. I heard that all you need to do to be a believer is believe in Jesus. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. I had my doubts too.

A friend asked me why I didn’t attend church service. I told him I needed a breather. I had had it up to my neck. I said, “I need to know God for myself”. I sat back and folded my arms. That was my mantra for a long while and I wasn’t doing anything to solve my problem.

I had questions but I wasn’t asking them. What about my actions? That’s the only way people will know I’m a Christian. “By their fruits you shall know them”, right? Paul said, “I discipline my body” but I thought we have power over sin and it’s by the grace of God. Ah, tongues. That had always been and is still my biggest question. Is it a proof of the Holy Spirit? Must every believer have it? What if I don’t desire it? But we are to “desire all gifts”. As a Christian, should I listen to secular music? I really like some of them. What is secular music?

So many of them but I just folded my arms and carried them about. In fact, some of them are still questions and very necessary for spiritual growth. I am working on getting answers now. But I’m not writing this piece to answer the questions. I am writing this piece because I got an answer yesterday to the only thing that matters.

Yes. All it takes to be a believer is to believe in Jesus.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

Acts 16:31 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.

Romans 10:9 that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

John 1:12 But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.