Blood may be thicker than water, but the Spirit is chunkier than blood.

  • Favouromeje


Born of a woman
Chopped off His glory
I went about aimless
Like a headless fowl
Lucy’s dinner
Wrapped in his filth like a chicken shawarma
My life though a mess
He picked me from that beautifully decorated filth I called home
And dipped in His blood
My sins permeating out of me
As I swam in His love
Kept warm by the fire
That was kindled by His very Spirit
A new creature now I am
Just out of the heat of His purifying fire
Bred by His spirit
Buttered with His love
Had my fill to its Peak
With the milk of the word
Sitted now at the wedding feast
With a bowl of grace
Filled with flakes of His favour
Immersed in the waters of Canaan
The land that flows with milk and honey
Now I look at me and ponder
How an unworthy me could get here
And all I see is His cross
So now I seat with the Son
Satisfied in Christ
Thank you Jesus
I’m so glad you came


(c) 2018

The body of Christ

The body of Christ
Divisions named denominations
Instead of strengths, no discriminations
But note this that the prophecy is unity

The Real nature of the body is this
That when the hand gets hurt
The mouth cries to the hearing of the ears
So that the eyes lead the feet to where the knee meets its creator,
The head which is Christ
This is sweet harmony
That the eyes beam with great joy as the feet gets a new wear
The reward for being beautiful
( I call that ‘Classy evangelism’)
That the lids of the eyes blink to prevent dust
As the tears flows down the cheeks to calm the broken heart
For It is the hands that carries the load as the back bears the burden
And the brain, the Spirit decides what the mouth says

But something went south, no north, no bad
Yes wrong
And these members majored in factions and differences
Loosing sight of the tendons that links the muscle to the bone, Love
That maturity should be put to play to give synergy

But Edification of all churches is paused and patience for right results is stopped
For which pain I have seen as one member esteems himself higher than the other
Such discord that is oblivious to the offender and the offended
That the mind reviles the heart
Holding back the tears that brings the healing
And Beauty is so pale
So plain, could be trampled again like 2000 and 18 years ago but this time for a different reason

What sides to be kept secret, so sacred is now exposed?
And the true fruit production freezes and ceases.
Like some kind of disease
We blame like Adam did Eve cause this ‘something’ crept in as the angel of the Light
What ears to take heed but let go hence we fall
We all would fall when we do not take heed, right?

The finger’s niche to point all its members to the hit-point of the Son
Does so otherwise and another member, no section, yes denomination, is accused
And so it is sad that eyes to see all these wear Son shades

What helping ministry is neglect to the healing ministers?
What exhortation seem insignificant to the church that prospers?
Can the memory remember that if one member suffers all suffer as honor comes with rejoicing?

Remember that we were once re-membered individually
Can we re-member ourselves back to Perfect’s bond?
And even if we were all one member, where would the body be?

For in deed we are many members, many denominations, yet one body
With strengths, no discriminations
Encouraging one to another
That we grow like the tree planted by the rivers of the Spirit
We would not feel the heat of the sun But the hit-point of the Son.

-Azubuike Hannah Chinonso-
(The Beloved of God)

(C) 2018


It is always a problem
The echoing word
Resolution, resolution, resolution
Because in recent times
It no longer rings well
It is an abuse
Every man is wise in January
Down the line… few days
Resolution becomes a pollution
The whole air gets polluted with a lot of unfulfilled goals

Weak vision and then limitation.

What a world!
The system no longer makes
human wise
Leading man’s perception like a shepherd leading his sheeps
Every one thinks the same
Live the same way
Wear the same thing
Speak the same way
Walk the same way
In the name of civilization
What an imitation
Weak revelation
Resolution the temporary map
For the fool
a kind of rule
For the wise
We get resolute because
When its January
We should be wise
get this…

A resolution without a vision
Is a problem a pollution
Learn to live larger than life
Stop being programmed
You need to live while alive
Your vision is paramount
Direct it well
And stay aligned with purpose on earth.

(c) 2018.


Before Evening, Eve ate the forbidden fresh fruit
Adam had sauntered smiling straight into the beautiful blessed garden
Listening to the sound silence could never had made
He felt at home and free riding of the elephant, boxing with the monkeys, racing through thickets with cheetah.

Eve must have felt lonesome all by herself without him or God
Animals were no perfect part of her
She needed one to hear her voice, feel her very deep void
And then fill her in with gusts of things that happened before the Master took her from Adam

Wiles had pitched it’s tent in the heart of the serpent
It wanted all to crawl ceaselessly like him
So, it made a tale to suit Eve’s curiosity.
It asked the million dollar question
Eve in her naivety answered
And before she could see the insensibility of her act, she wandered like the wind away from the Truth

By noon, Adam was tired of eating wild berries,
Home became a destination he hungered for like water
He remembered the promise he made Eve to eat fruits with her and his heart started glowing with expectations.
He had had taste of many a fruit in the garden, his eyes had eaten of them all
But his tongue was yet to testify of the new taste Eve would have him have.

Eve brought the fruit clothed beauty
He knew it came from the centre, the very fruit Master said brings death
He asked a question on what had birthed the madness
And Eve gave him a lecture so sweet, sweeping his decisions of long ago like the dust
He tried to mention the Master’s instruction and got an answer
The type of answer that leaves one wondering why one was not able to see deception
As plain as dry sky in the acts of the Master.
So, from Eve’s eager hands, hastily, he eat
Complimenting on the taste and the new feeling
He knew not how he had lead his progeny to a fall.

The Master came when the sun had started its movement back home
He called on Adam, the man that had hidden behind Eve in the Banana plantation
There was no answer except for the parrot’s unsolicited information
He walked straight laughing, “maybe Adam has started playing pranks”.
He was wrong, Adam had learnt to fear him, not reverentially
The Master is now an evil force to him.

“Man, where are you hiding, have host of lessons to share this evening,
Hiding will kill our time”, the Master said
“Your voice made my heart feel cold like a fowl in the tormenting winter”, Adam’s voice echoed
The Master raised his brows in askance,
“Ate thou the forbidden fruit?”
“Eve, the trouble you bestowed me with gave me”
And then, everything changed
Garments received their own life and human work lost its fun nature, work became a struggle
Birth process became a pain
First class enmity was created between the Serpent and Woman’s Child.
Adam lost the jolly times he once enjoyed with the supreme
But the Master kept working on bridging the divide between Himself and mortality
Men felt wiser and walked more into depravity,
God was wounded, but he never wiped men away

Simeon Chidi

(c) 2018


“Why? Do we do the things we do? How do we sing? When there is no reason to, How do we smile? When there’s not much to smile about, when the world is down, who are we to stand and shout? 

They wonder why, we do the things we do….”

Lyrics from one of my favourite songs. Its an old one, like they say you don’t get it as good as vintage. Isn’t it the same for this “mystery” behind why we sing?

A reason so simple when we lift our hands spontaneously, burst out in tears and praise people still ask why? But the ones who know will join us and its a firey spark of curious grins, or irked up faces, nevertheless they still ask why,

What gives you so much joy in all this mess? Why does your heart soar like the feathers from a pillow fight in the skies, coming down softly like cool waters to melt heavy heart why?!

” …. Its all because of this!                                         Its all because of this! We’ve tasted LOVE and Tasted HOPE and Tasted HOLINESS ! …..”

Oh the joy there is in Christ! Oh the boundless spring of life, oh the promise in the storm, oh our hope! your bride say’s Come!

Oh the Rest and Hiding place, of all who flee to be veiled in thee, oh the Beauty on our Face oh the Guardian of our gates. 

Oh the reason we are free, We take up our cross and follow thee, yoked to you now burdens light, no death to fear you conquered All! Through battle cries we rest in Hope for in Christ alone His peace we hold.
Ahhh, yes!  There is a reason! For this everflowing peace. 

Chuckling at the sky or grinning to ourselves. You died our death and Rose unto Life! Your gift of Love a joyous! Joyous ride. 

*Song Title: All Because Of This           *Artist: Mercy me (Spoken For album)

Incline Your Ear. 

“Come out from among them and be separate…”

As a child growing up in an African home, one of the times I swallowed advice with open heart and ears, were those moments where I had “disgraced my mother outside” by eating the food offered to me at her best friends house! And having endured the swift pulling of my “disgracefully hungry mouth that has never eaten jollof rice and chicken before” once her friend walked back into the kitchen, I would then silently nibble the now tasteless food anticipating the beating I was going to get at home.

On those rare occasions I can remember, my mother would call me to her room! And just when I walked in, hands crossed, full bladdered and pulse dead, she would say.  

“Sit down, let me talk to you.”


Why do you want to eat from the world My child? Blending in trying to be a perfect fit? 

What can she offer you that isn’t Mine? The cattle on a thousand hills, the stars and seas.

Do you  really trust in Me? Is My promise, My  gift not enough for you?

What more must I give up to make you see? That if the world finds pleasure in you, it is because in you she doesn’t see Me.

Why are you afraid to stand alone? Why do you cry to Me and grope for answers elsewhere. 

Have I not loved you with an everlasting love?

Come my child let us reason together. My plan is not to leave you in despair it is not just to soak you in trials, but to cleanse and purify, through it all I will always be there. 

In the fire before you come, in the fire to see you through, in the fire as you grow from glory to glory, It is I! I promised! Have you forgotten? Truth CANNOT lie.  I know how it ends, it is why I Am here. 

Come to Me my child, I see your burden. The one you hide and still cry out “holy”, the one you justify by a thousand good deeds, the one you silently blame on others as though their absence will set you free, open up your heart, show Me where it hurts, I Am here to heal you, I Am here to deliver. This journey was never meant to be for one man alone, let me guide you, let me keep you, let me literally change your heart, lighten your burden, let me do My part. 

It is for this purpose alone I came to this earth, this purpose alone makes me suffer long. If you will only dare to lay All down and turn to me All the pain, the despair, guilt and shame, expectations, beautiful lies, dreams and hopes, good and evil, the mixtures of this tree that creates necessary evils. 

I Am Life Source, I will Sustain You. 

It is not my wish that you stand in Egypt and claim CANAAN’s promises with your lips alone, I Am not with you in Egypt to prosper you in her ways but to bring you Out! I will journey through this wilderness with you, this dryness in your soul, you will never be alone, you win because I won. I walk with you through this valley until we both come out One, I Am not ashamed, I Am not disgusted, I Am not tired, I have come that you might have Life. 

I Love You

It is True

Will You Trust Me?

Letter to the Boy

Being single could make one appear socially awkward, especially, when you get to 24. People would ask a lot of why questions and before you know it, you are out of perfect replies. It could be maddening, you know? Especially, when they see you converse with a pretty lady, then start with their 1000 rule advice on how to win her over, as though you had asked their counsel on how to get a “bae”. It could be ridiculous too, when a lady tells you, “upon all this your sweet mouth, you dey claim say you no get babe”, as though being a good talker is all you need in order to be in a relationship. dat one no too dey pain me. I get more annoyed when fellas try to point out a girl for me just because she has the kind of hips that are very close relatives of Abakiliki mounds and breasts that are large enough to suffocate a toddler. And on more occasions, a complexion that is characterized of an over ripped pawpaw. They would just shout “wow” like Jesus Christ got born again… I know you got the juicy part of such tales in your head.

Then, if you are not careful, you would settle for the glaze on the utensil without considering the type of material it is made of. That’s me waving a “welcome to Hell Street”, because, all you will ever dream of is, an exit strategy from this business that you entered into without much consideration. You know how you just end up scheming on ways to get her hyper pissed off with you and end up asking you for a break up, but when it fails, you start rehearsal of your 360-word break up line. And when finally you are done with the inscription on her heart, she starts seeing all boys, guys, and men, (forgive the redundancy), as an evil she have to live with. However, because emotions still run through her veins, if no one wise enough is close by to advise her rightly, she becomes a formidable heart basher, who only cares about your little change, in an exchange for the toy of herself, remember you made her to start feeling like a toy.