The Cross

A hand with a cross
These crosses the empty zones
Like a flying drone
A game of the weak with the strong
Not exactly a contest
But an interest, a request of a savior

A game for the peak and a tale of the wrong
This is about the struggle
That rumbles with man’s eternity
He has been a warrior since the day one
Faces persecution
Stoned by test and trials
Wandered away from the rally of deceit into the valley of shadow of death
Yet a hand bared the cross

In the realm of sleep
Wars, battlefront
Against the devouring clones
With hopelessness
And darkness
And at the tip of condemnation
Rises the hand that bares the cross

And when flaws
Had risen and fallen
Like a raging sea

Wagging war against its self
Beneath the surface of reality
Grew strength
To carry on
Amidst those circumstances
For he who bares the cross
Has render all flaws useless
And had broken all chains by His blood
Freedom oh kingdom!!!

The Alchemist
© 2018.


The Experience

When I was a child
I learnt, with no particular sense of responsibility, the concept of responsibility from my LEGO pieces;
The law of “one step at a time”, putting piece after piece together to make a fulfilling LEGO nation.

Then I got curious about those things that give life true meaning;
About the creator of every nation;
Who wields the power of love without an iota of the love of power.

In him is the highest of places which before men may seem like the lowest of estates.

It’s the magic of the trinity that exposed the Holy of Holies;
With Jesus in heaven, he transferred residence and became domiciled in my heart.
I have become the ark of the better covenant.

I am the tabernacle of the most high.
And with every sense of responsibility, I take this message beyond my LEGO nation to every nation.

He lives, He reigns… He is Love.

The Alchemist,Sophie
(c) 2018.


It is always a problem
The echoing word
Resolution, resolution, resolution
Because in recent times
It no longer rings well
It is an abuse
Every man is wise in January
Down the line… few days
Resolution becomes a pollution
The whole air gets polluted with a lot of unfulfilled goals

Weak vision and then limitation.

What a world!
The system no longer makes
human wise
Leading man’s perception like a shepherd leading his sheeps
Every one thinks the same
Live the same way
Wear the same thing
Speak the same way
Walk the same way
In the name of civilization
What an imitation
Weak revelation
Resolution the temporary map
For the fool
a kind of rule
For the wise
We get resolute because
When its January
We should be wise
get this…

A resolution without a vision
Is a problem a pollution
Learn to live larger than life
Stop being programmed
You need to live while alive
Your vision is paramount
Direct it well
And stay aligned with purpose on earth.

(c) 2018.

A New Day

And this day has come
the turn of perfection
a face of redemption
and true definition
a new day

There is a purpose
to be renewed
to make our ways right
at least a try
and fly beyond billows of ‘can’t
It’s an opportunity to declare
i can, i will
this is the day

we will shine like the sun
be bright as the day
and give light to the sight
this our call
we will
because we are the children of The Most High
fashioned with love
truth and grace
that on this race
we will shine for him only
this is who we are
a city set on the hill
we are the redeemed.


(c) The alchemist.




And daily the human problem grows deeper
The slavery stretch wider
Idea, vision is burnt before me like a paper.
It’s crazy, slavery.

It has become so obvious
That I as a poor man
Will find it tough and rough to reach that destination
That I as a rich man
Will forever be happy
When I choke people’s dream
Just to buy fame, it’s a shame
It tames
No gain, but pain.

I keep asking myself
What is my purpose?
Am I So close?
For as a human
My freedom is ranked in the kingdom
Is it then my fault?
To abide with this default thing, slavery
Stop blaming me
The world has taught me
The mentality to compete and not share
The ideology that to be better you need to defeat or you will miss your feet
The demonstration to be selfish and live without showing care
I have become a robot
bred to dare and not share
Slavery, it’s crazy

Does it make me better
If I continue to live selfishly
Have I found joy?
Am I satisfied?
I the enemy of my race
I criticize, analyze
Thinking it is my purpose.
World! What have we become
Are we better with this?

Blimey! It’s not over yet
Slavery should not be our thing
Neither rivalry
Let’s live in love
And build up
This is what make us humans.

Author note:
” Slavery in this context means that every person born into this world has a role, a contribution to make and this individual contributions has an impact on our lives in general. Therefore, when a person’s life lacks the opportunities needed to make its contributions, we all suffer for it – we are all enslaved by it (the inability of individual expression). Love is the key, God is love”