A REPLY TO The REPLY (sequel to Questions for the atheist…)

The book says be wise
I say be stupid only the clear sighted can see
The things of the spirit are stupidity to the common man
A common man you are

Haven’t you read? No you haven’t
You are a common man

At 12 Jesus understood more
More than the Jewish scholars

A survey was conducted
For entrance into Nebuchad’s university
Criteria being voraciousness in reading

Sensibility, versatility, and goodlooks
Four were chosen, The Judah brothers

Ten times wiser
Wiser than the skilled magicians and wise astrologers in the realm
To labor we don’t relent
Luke the doctor cured
Peter the fisherman fished
Like sand on earth

Chosen from the earth’s corners
From tax collection, to politics
It’s been passed down, call it old stories
Our manual the holy book

You haven’t read of course
You are a common man

A little sleep, a little slumber
And poverty will invade
So we work like the ants

‘Cos you haven’t read
You are a common man
We are scholars
Commanded to study for approval
Our differences here thereof

Happy ants with bountiful harvest
At poor yield we rejoice
At plenty yield we are thankful
My attitude is positive
You can’t fathom that

In your basket holes are seen
I see style instead
They see the water you can’t hold
I see the slices you can hold
Can you live like that?

We find love in the furnace
Strength in difficulties
Boldness in dark alleys
Much hope on family and friends you have
But humans are undependable
They disappoint, They die

Ever heard the song ‘it is well’?

The artiste hoped and hoped
but an atheist would have given up
Severe case of depression


There lies our stupidity
It lies in innate happiness
It lies in faith and hope
Stay logical common man
We are comfortable
’cause our Savior is a comforter.


Questions for the atheist…


How do you do it?
When the sky is dark
And the storm is harsh
When your spirit is down
And your heart is heavy
When vicissitudes are much
And your ups are downs

How do you do it?
When the sound of music
Holds no worship
Devoid of passion
Have you ever felt it
Sobs of songs
Sobs of passion
Where do you turn to?
When you can’t go on
The odds are against you
The future looks bleak
When death strikes
And your confidant is gone

What do you hang on to?
Your eternity holds no hope
Just space
How do you do it?
Thinking you evolved
Such a pity
No gratefulness

What gives you joy?
Sighting the green trees and their lush fruits
the sea and the blue skies
the rain and the sun
And there is no omnipotence

How do you know it?
The larger than life itself
The uncertainties and mishaps
Hanging by a thread
When money can’t help
And love isn’t the answer

What do you do?
Is it worth it?
Being logical and calculative
When your burdens can be cast
And your heart can be peaceful
Be stupid and happy
Not logical and blue.

-Chidimma Nnagbo


Thoughts of a spirit led Man about a woman.

Spirit led Man:
The lord wasn’t economical when he created this lady.
The curves are in the right proportions and the face is refreshing.
I’ll look past the outwards and gain an insight of the insides, bearing in mind the dangers of a single story.
So am taking a tour into a country called the Republic of a womania.
I’m taking off from her “home” state and it happens to be a very peaceful state where the government are present to provide security and protection.
I’ll go through the next state called upbringing, right into the doctrine state which happens to be the western part of the country.
I will then head for the South where the states named fears, weaknesses, strengths and threats are located.
After that I’ll be left with the North where the ‘past” state is situated.
It’s irrelevant anyway so I may skip it except am called to do a special assignment there.
But after my tour I will settle in the capital state called “heart” state where the love for God flourishes.

i will not stop for anything, till i get to the part of her where God reigns supreme.thinking

-Nnagbo Chidimma


I saw Christ sometime ago in England
Man was on a well cut designers suit
His cuff links and kerchief suits
The accentuation of the rich fabric soothes
He was slick and sharp looking
Shoes glittered like tiny stars in the heavenlies
A perfect match for his suave manners.

I saw Christ some time ago in Detroit
He was on denim jeans and a large polo
His shoes brought hallelujah to my lips
Casual sneakers with canvas toes cap
With sequin detail and metal stud trim
His watch of course was blings blinking
Perfect for a street preacher

I saw Christ sometime ago in Nigeria
He was on blemish free agbada
Distinctively wide shouldered gown
Flowing in dignity
With each raise of the hand comes style
His cap pointed at the apex with base V-shaped
Perfect for incarnating the spirit into folk’s lives

I met Christ sometime ago in Congo
He was hungry and tired
His stomach was the size of a pregnant lass
His neck was the size of the giraffe’s
Although black his skin was transparent
His large eyes sunken and moist
His hair curly from unkemptness

I am Christ
I wouldn’t join my body with a slut
‘cause that’s breath-choking illegal
I wouldn’t be caught wearing pieces and strands
‘cause that’s heart-wrecking erroneous
Fallacies will be far away from my lips
Swear words, coarse and dirty jokes alike
‘cause my words are life and double edged
I wouldn’t be caught nodding on Drake’s beats
Nor twisting to Beyounce’s tunes
My playlist would have nothing to do with Trey songs
‘cause I live only to glorify God and impact positively.

I am Christ
I live with that consciousness
So I eat like Christ would , silently
I speak like Christ would, deeply
I act like Christ would, graciously
I smile like Christ would, amazingly
I dance like Christ would, stylishly
I preach like Christ would, radically
I love like Christ would, unconditionally
I share in Christ’s suffering , steadfastly

-Nnagbo Chidimma


Lashes blinking like there’s hurricane in Hawaii
Hair flying like its an eagles carnival
Nails long enough to perform a surgical operation
The artistic skill we use in drawing that brow
Leaves me wondering why all girls are not artists
Artistically sketching Christ into people’s lives
Barbies and little mermaids
Little wonder you are so fish headed

Structured to be listeners
An enormous need to be appreciated
Your emotional cup runneth over
Just like your biological clock ticking over
With the functionality of listening
Sweet nonsense always whispered into our ears
By default we become gullible
Gulping down indigestible materials
Choking on undiluted rhymes
At tick tock, we hiccup

Your IQ don’t matter
Your carriage don’t matter
Status and position don’t matter
Experiences makes you sober not learned
Seclusion don’t change nothing
You are gullible
You gulp like you are on a golf ride
The game of golf has an obvious hole
Your hole, only Christ can fill
Not the balls, not the boys

But! Thank God for Jesus
He decided to switch your ashes for glory
So your fish heads turned brainy
He proposed to you
On a bill cross for all to see
With tears and blood ticking down
Who can beat such a proposal
Your gullibility turning into obedience to God’s word
Your attentiveness giving you an edge to rightly divide God’s word
The Holy Spirit giving you an edge on how to test spirits
The measurement of integrity is the Christ in a person
Staying tuned you can now tell boys with ulterior motive
You can never get heart broken no more
Cause your heart is in God’s custody
We’ve become Goddesses
In full power and authority
Now we are complete, smart and invincible.
Any girl that’s not in Christ is fish headed

– Nnagbo Chidimma