This month, we featured the CEO of Shuzia! Our discussion with ‘Napa Onwusah was filled with wisdom and insight only found in a heart dedicated to God, his people, and his work.

In her words, “When you grow your faith, you starve your fear.” This edition of Christ A Poet’s Monthly E-Magazine talks about Triumph Over Fear. As you download and read, we pray that you take a step to triumph over every fear that stands in your way of operating at the level God has designed you to.

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BOOK REVIEW: Spiritual Make Up

Author: Uchenna Okwara Hillprieston
Publisher: Writer’sHouseHQ
Pages: 40
Reviewer: Abokhai Osione

After reading this book I literally felt a wave of relief rush through out my body… I guess that’s what true freedom feels like.

Growing up in a Christian familiy, you get to hear the “holy” requirement of the gospel from allot of perspectives, I believe the most popular we all grew up with is that “if you do what is bad you will go to hell fire!”.  For me, that explanation was as close to home as getting whooped by my parents for breaking a ceramic plate or leaving the house dirty to go and play games outside on a Saturday morning.

However, the difference  between those perspectives and this one is that

 “There is Life in these pages“. 

Spiritual Make Up :  The Believers Beauty Kit brings the Truth of this victorious life we can live above sin and shame, closer to home. In fact it is so close that it actually begins to feel personal. 

Today, many believers with a hunger for God, a burning desire to do His will and please Him are often downcast because of the weight of besetting sins. This often gets them wondering how?! 

How do all these awesome spiritual promises about my salvation and victory and new life in Christ even relate to my personal, “real” life?

Trust me I know the struggle, I was there too. But cheer up brethren! There is hope here!

The beauty of this book is that you can hear your mothers voice teaching you in the simplest way how walking in righteousness and purity is as easy as brushing your teeth or taking a shower, or dressing decently. Spiritual Make up is funny yet so True, I often caught myself vigorously nodding in agreement to the simple truths the author so easily gisted out in text as I laughed because of how relatable it is.  

The Life of Holiness and purity we the Born Again in Christ are to live is not a tedious one.. Nothing makes that fact clearer like this book. Living victorious and bearing the fruit of the spirit in our everyday life is as fluid as the air we breathe in and out daily without permission or any explanation. 

This is by far the most refreshing book for anyone who desires to clear the airways of doubt, confusion and misunderstanding and just have a wonderful and unhindered relationship with Our Heavenly Father, our maker and Husband who loves us so much. 

So sit back, grab a cup of tea and try to read this book where people are because I can assure you first hand that from the second page you’d be looking for someone to read aloud to as is the habit of those who love to share true stories that are good. 


NIGHTMARE by Benjamin Skomorac

(Commentary by the Author Included)

With his mouth open with horror,
they run among
fragmented boulders of stones,
halfway between father and her,
little girls dressed in nothing,
terrified of strangers,
in the night while he forgets
toys somewhere;
as the father of the arrow,
which he throws straight into the sky
with a call for the innocence of suffering.


Otvorenim ustima od užasa,
Trče među
Rascjepkanim komadima kamenja,
Na pola puta između oca i nje,
Djevojčice obučene u ništa
Prestravljene od stranca,
U noći dok zaboravlja svoje
Igračke negdje;
Kao otac strijele,
Koje baca ravno u nebo
Uz doziv nevinosti stradanja.


The content of the lyrics of this poem hides many metaphors and hidden meanings. This means that the song Nightmare encourages thinking and searching for the deeper meaning of each word. Hidden motifs like “toys” or “arrows” paint the whole picture of trouble. Because of that, the song is called Nightmare. Father and daughter are the figures discussed here. The verses are sorted by pictures of distress. The song has a sad effect and a very important message for the whole world. Likewise, the verses mention innocence. So these people in the song are innocent and want justice for their people. In all this, the worst pictures are watched by children, watched by war, fighting and dying. These kids are dirty and hungry for the whole situation. Therefore, this is a message to the world that we need peace. We see tears and pain in the eyes of children. We are all sensitive to the baby crying that is painted in this song. Here we see salvation in a plea to God that can only help us deal with every problem. For the great God is always with us and always helps us in every trouble. That’s why we need to reach out to him and ask for help. Every believer knows that God always responds to our prayers. This song is a support and a strength for all the people in the world who are hungry and living a bad life! Emotions are stronger than any word!

Bosnian translation

Sadržaj stihova ove pesme krije mnoge metafore i skrivena značenja. To znači da pjesma Noćna mora potiče razmišljanje i traženje dubljeg značenja svake riječi. Skriveni motivi poput “igračaka” ili “strelica” slikaju čitavu sliku problema. Zbog toga se pjesma zove Nightmare. Otac i kćer su ovdje prikazane brojke. Stihovi su razvrstani po slikama nevolja. Pjesma ima tužni efekt i vrlo važnu poruku za cijeli svijet. Isto tako, stihovi spominju nevinost. Znači, ovi ljudi u pjesmi su nevin i žele pravdu za svoj narod. U svemu tome su najgore slike djeca, gledaju ih rat, borbe i umiranja. Ova djeca su prljava i gladna zbog cijele situacije. Stoga je ovo poruka svijetu da nam treba mir. U očima dece vidimo suze i bol. Svi smo osjetljivi na bebino plakanje koje je oslikano u ovoj pjesmi. Ovdje vidimo spasenje u molbi Bogu koja nam može samo pomoći da se riješimo svakog problema. Jer veliki Bog je uvijek s nama i uvijek nam pomaže u svakoj nevolji. Zato mu moramo pružiti ruku i zatražiti pomoć. Svaki vjernik zna da Bog uvijek odgovara na naše molitve. Ova pjesma je podrška i snaga za sve ljude na svijetu koji gladuju i žive loš život! Emocije su jače od bilo koje riječi!

by Benjamin Skomorac
(c) 2020

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