A chip of ice- for mum

Your teardrops would battle fiercely
From the corners of your eyes
They would force their way through
The rigid, unyielding valley of your eyelids
And when they fell
They would stab your cheeks, twist your nose
And sting the recesses of your jaw

Yet when they fell,
They were like the sudden rain that mocked the Sahara
Like the mango tree growing in the Arctic
They were a wonder, and so were you.
For you loved me
Like icy cold, angry waters hammering on rocks

From unbelievable heights, through the distance between us
Screaming, raging and filled with the frustration
That your decades had fed you
As you crisscrossed naked open seas, flogged by the sun
And through lush green forests
With dwindling mud tracks and filthy streams

Defying boulders and meanders that had beaten you into thin ice
And kept you on your tiptoes with your back bent
Trying to meet my needs
Through cold, dark nights when you slept
With the biting in your belly
With the uncertainty of worry
Yet you flowed, silent and rapid

Through the secrets you swallowed as you went by
And the hurts which never made you cry
And the sorrows you fought to bring forth life
With a charming smile on your face.
You shamed the hardness
That shaped your life
And you crashed against my rocky heart
With the weight of ages of ice
You flogged me, you tore me, you tested me
In my blindness, you were my foe
But I have received the warmth sparked
By the slap of your coldness
And I have melted in love
Your love is hidden in my heart of ice

Ndubuisi Chioma J
© 2019

Everyday Jesus

…Sometimes we get a little jiggy on our seats in church when the pastor quotes the all too familiar verse…give and it shall be given unto you,in a good measure, pressed down,shaken together and running over shall MEN give unto your bossom….and we start to scale up our pockets and bank accounts….
Take another look,..”Give”…
Every body happens to be a giver, just so you know but have you ever considered what you do give? Well God has told us that whatever we give shall be measured back in suprisingly cascading quantities. So do you give sorrow or encouragement, do you give peace or discord, do you give silence or justice, do you give trouble or resistance, do you give Jesus?…Hope your room is large enough to contain whats gonna be measured!

Mr. Project Manager

Do you feel burdened by the amount of work or projects you have to carry out? Do you feel like a failure becos if you look around you, there are so so many abandoned projects jeering at you? Or are you so so confident that you can do the one you’re working on to perfection but you don’t know what the future holds? Its time to stop , look and listen…………. God says “trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path…proverbs 3:5-6……….maybe you’ve been too caught up in yourself for a while that you failed to …commit your ways before him….because in vain the builders will build if the lord God buildeth not….and his ways are above your ways just as his thoughts are above your thoughts…..why don’t you allow God who can do all to be the leader and project manager, supervisor, and all you ever worry to be…..and enjoy the ride to success forthwith…… pray with me….lord Jesus, thank you because I know and believe you can strengthen me to do all things. I’m sorry if I’ve been trying so hard to be self sufficient, I realize it only takes my willingness for you to help me…..henceforth, I give myself, my selfworth and my life’s work to you. Thank you Lord for making me a success.

Everyday Jesus

…And so i left that morning with no idea i’d stepped into the last lap of a twelve month long journey….
Today, i spoke with a friend who’d just obtained a university degree in a course he’d never wanted…this time, he said he’d be taking a second degree in another course he never loved so he’d be able to face the raging waters of the labour market…and i asked a question…what do you think God wants for you?..
It’s time for us to step into that risky and uncertain path which is what God wants but we do not know if it will bring peace to our bank accounts and to our family and to our pride…take a step of faith this month…
Happy December…