Tomorrow is priceless,
Like jewels, merchants would love it prized,
As music, it is on everyone’s lips,
I will go there tomorrow,
I’ll finish that book tomorrow,
I’ll make that call tomorrow,
Tick tock! tick tock!! tick tock!!!
The clock never stops singing,
Tasks becomes tall like story buildings,
Because tomorrow never stops coming.

Tomorrow is a dream,
Full of hopes to the brim,
Decorated with beautiful dreams,
That ends up never becoming real,
Tomorrow is a mirage,
It steals away time,life and opportunity.

Tomorrow is pregnant,
Birthing beautiful babies,
Only for ready mothers with flowing breast milk,
Tomorrow is a beauty,
Beheld as a mirror only by those who fulfills their duty,
Like butterflies and rainbow,
Full of colors of shades untold,
Flapping its wings to destinations and heights unknown,
Oh! how prized it is because,
Tomorrow is really expensive.

Tomorrow is an expensive joke
Fueled by procrastination
Driven by falsification
Embalmed by the beautiful aroma of deceit and lies

Tomorrow does not exist
It never comes, neither does it end
It repels redemption and negates hard work
It fans to flames the fires of laziness
And feeds the multitude with the bread of “there is time”

Tomorrow is a thief of time
So make the most of today!
Redeeming the time
Because the days are evil.

Priscy Macq

(c) 2018



He just thought of it and out! he went about it.

Just like that? without one single struggle to overcome the thought. I really do not understand it. What exactly was he even thinking?

Maybe , just maybe if he had thought it through, weighed the pros and cons after such a long co-habitation with Jesus,

He could have being able to resist the devil and eventually save himself from being used as a bait for the golden fish.

But really, What was he thinking?

Did Jesus offend him? Or was he angry that such an expensive oil was lavished on Him? probably after the thought of what he could get out of the proceeds once it got to him; No! It couldn’t have been that. Perhaps he was so broke that the only way out he could think of was a merchandise of betrayal.

Hmmmmmmm! I really do seek to know his reasons

But whatever they maybe,was it justifiable? I mean, to what end?

Aside fulfilling scriptures, he could have still avoided being used, but, No! he gave in without a fight!

I guess he was weak-willed and just couldn’t resist the call of greed. And that goes to every believer. The devil plants the seed, the choice to water and grow it is absolutely yours to make.

Chose wisely or die foolishly!!!

Luke 14:10 (NIV)- Then Judas Iscariot, one out of the twelve, went to the chief priests to betray Jesus to them.


It always amazes me each time I stumble upon that verse of the scripture that says “many are called, few are chosen”. Brings to mind the reality that everyone is and can never be on the same pedestal in life and it always keeps the mind busy trying to figure out why. What actually makes the difference?

Life could throw opportunities of same magnitude to people, yet it is viewed from various perspectives. So, where some could see hope, others see a dead-end, all based on individual interpretation. Some people know what they want but how to get it is what they are oblivious about.

“Where is she heading to?” you might be tempted to ask, I’ll tell. But, first I will remind you of a story once told by the best story teller ever heard of – The story of the TEN VIRGINS.

All 10 were virgins; all had the same opportunity to make it to the waiting spot; all had a lamp; all actually waited patiently for the groom; but not all eventually made it to the real celebration, not all got their reward for waiting. That stirred up questions in my heart – What actually made the difference? Why didn’t all make it?

We were eventually told that half of them carried something that the other half failed to carry – THE EXTRA OIL. Perhaps they taught it very irrelevant or it could be they just didn’t know that such a thing existed. However, still in my thoughts I refused to remain at ease that it was just some oil. There had to be something more to it than just some greasy shining substance that keeps a lamp burning. Am I stirring up thoughts within you also?

Well, that’s a trip I’m going to be taking you on in the next few weeks – Discovering the mystery behind the extra oil. And application to our everyday life, you’ll finally get to understand why some people ends up with the trophy while others remain at the viewing slot. And as you learn, I pray you don’t forget to PAUSE… THINK… and CONNECT!!!




It takes great sensitivity and discretion to discern and understand everything that goes on in our life. And for a world of this kind that we live in, situations come up every now and then. Some come to fulfill what has already been said; to correct wrongs already done; to avert intending danger or even create more danger; to teach and make us better persons. But always realize that no situation is above you. Rising above them is what seems almost impossible for us.

However, understanding  the situation at hand for more discrete decisions to be taken requires great patience and sensitivity. Sometimes, mistakes are often made thus lounging one into worse state than one already is which further leads to shame, feelings of inadequacy, regrets and even more pain and confusion. So, pause and then think.

As Christians we should always understand that nothing happens outside the knowledge of God and that he permits something to happen, is not without reasons – that makes Him supreme. His reasons are sure without doubts and ultimate. So, being spiritually connected keeps you at peace first with God, yourself and the situation at hand. This connection helps us to know what to do and how to about what to do. The end results always bring joy. So, it takes spiritual connectivity to be sensitive and obedience.

Pause to understand the situation at hand; Think to know the lessons to learn from them; Connect to know exactly what to do and how to do what to do. There is no need rushing into rash and hasty conclusions. Learn to be rational, yet, yielding both to issues and God most importantly.

Matt 1:19-21; Joseph, her fiance, was a good man and did not want to disgrace her publicly, so he decided to break the engagement quietly.As he considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream. “Joseph, son of David,” the angel said, ” do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife. For the child within her was conceived by the Holy Spirit.And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.”



I do not want to live my life like it doesn’t matter

Swimming round the circles claiming to be an oracle

Drifting slowly away from the way that makes all ways

I do not want to live my life like the world is all about me

Degrading the personality of others and rinsing their worth in the mud

Relegating their importance to the dust of ashes

I do not want to live my life like the all knowing Continue reading


I just imagined God in His fury of jealousy

Burning with passionate anger for His straying and almost lost bride

 – Or should i say Lost already?

Eyes blood red

Not at the one whom she had left Him for, but for the bride’s loose sense of choice

Her unfaithfulness knows no bound and operates without mercy

I just imagined God’s broken heart

As pieces of gold scattered on the ground

With liquid of intense love gushing out as blood

His feelings of betrayal pacing to and fro seeking reasons why,

Still wishing – If only she could return

Compassion and longings of receiving her back

Washed with total forgiveness and her unfaithfulness to be remembered no more.

I just imagined the angels leaving the heavens

In search of God’s run away bride

By the marks that is inscribed on His once owned temple

But sadly enough, their search seemed futile because the once beautiful bride

That shone in irresistible splendor and glory of her Lord and master

Is now covered in rags of mud – stinkingly awful ,isn’t it?

No trace of her master’s ownership of any kind

I just imagined that the gates and windows of heavens are left wide open

In hope of the Master’s brides’ return

Her name engraved on the streets coated and made of gold

Songs of praise now turned to composed songs that beckons on Her Majesty

I just imagined how much pain must have pierced His majesty

HMMMM !!! Such out pour of Love

In her unworthy state i imagined Him crying out:



” . . . I am the Lord who demonstrates unfailing love . . .” Jer 9:24 (NLT)


G manB-) in da club - Copy


Quietly and consciously flipping

My eyes and whole thoughts fixed

All fixing their gaze at the pages of the holy book

Reading and drawing out words

… Some  words actually

Corrections, instructions, promises, rebukes …

Most of which sometimes bruised my over blotted ego and stubbornness

Some that sometimes put smiles on my face, some give me hope that something is actually on the way even when all seems blurred

Yet some other of these words make me scared – Stories that records the destruction of many

But something beckons on my attention each time I’m faced with some of this scary stories – Mercy and Love

God always amazes me

A perfect practitioner of Spare the rod and spoil the child, open rebuke being better than secret corrections and the likes in other scriptures.

It still doesn’t stop me from wondering –

What exactly is the word meant for?

Who specifically is it written for?

What situation is it applicable to and not to?

Still searching deep and asking questions

And I came to an understanding:”The word is multidimensional. A masterpiece of peace. Seen as only a book composed of history and mere words,but it builds, gives life, encourages, gives hope, straightens crooked paths and so much more that one can’t tell it all. It is an Anchor, Pillar, and Manual for every life in existence today. It speaks to all and many  – Old and young, poor and rich, man,woman, children, e.t.c.
It speaks to all situations – sadness, oppression,and what have you. It is a completion of man’s life. It makes a whole difference  in a man’s life. It distinguishes the wise from the foolish.”

Sometimes, its difficult to believe in the word and obey, but faith makes the difference.

Following the word is likened unto reading of map to get to a designated destination.

Hold on to that book and you’ll hold on to a secured life. All in Jesus.

Need I remind you also that that word is Jesus represented in a book. Let Him be your GUIDE.


Slowly creeping in

To sit upon the throne of your heart

To be highly exalted above all things else

Gently soothing the nerves of your conscience

Creating holes that seems almost impossible to fill

With my pointed arrow, I pierce hard

Into the fibre of your mind

Leaving no place for forgiveness to reside.

You may begin to wonder,

Wonder why everything that is right is right

Yet you sit on the fence of your defence

Beating your chest in agreement that your heart is at rest,

Little do you know that,

Like a terminal disease

I have taken over your whole system

Owning your own very being.

Here i come not alone,

But with my relatives and whole kindred

From anger, it turns into rage,

Rage if not controlled invites malice,

Malice decides not to be alone

Thus causing hatred to sprout out in conquest of your soul,

Laughing and scoffing at your faith

Treating you like one with no root nor base

Yet you rejoice in your own folly

Folly of self- righteousness

Pampering your actions

Like a babe basking in the euphoria of mothers warmth,

Making them not to count.

Watch out for me because,

Like a bandit in the night will i come upon you

As a snare i lie in wait for you,

To destroy the very reason for your course here on earth

I will label you a murderer

Because that is exactly what you have become.

With me exalted in you life,

Righteousness is far from you,

Because you keep fanning the flames of my existence,

What out for my sting

My inflicted pains knows no end

My misery is extreme

Except you give me no chance to rule

Nor pay me no attention.

End note: James 1:20; For man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires. (NIV).