Then he took up his oracle and said: “The utterance of Balaam the son of Beor, The utterance of the man whose eyes are opened, The utterance of him who hears the words of God, who sees the vision of the Almighty, who falls down, with eyes wide open

Numbers 24:3-4

My heart has been burning with a prayer point from this text. Everything Balaam said concerning the Israelites when he was asked by Balak the king to curse them were heavily influenced by two things: what he saw (or should I say he was allowed to see) and what he heard.

Our utterances are a functions of our perspectives and hearing. May God open your eyes to see exactly how He sees, regardless of the situation. When we see things like normal men, things common to the normal man will become our reality because that’s what your mouth will confess (things are hard, life is unfair).

Kai! Help us oh Lord to see like things you do.

He didn’t hear the words of men but of God, so his utterances replicated the very words he heard. No wonder the psalmist said he heard twice what God said once (Psalm 62:11) because he knew the impact those words would have on his spirit.

Father! Open my eyes to see men and situations from your perspective.
Let your words sound so loud to my ears until my spirit align with it. Let my lips can’t help but utter it.

I pray that this scripture will draw you to the place of prayers until your mouth begins to echo the pictures of your eyes and the whispers to your ears. May God help us in Jesus name. Amen.

© 2020


Numbers 26:10 (MSG) The Earth opened its jaw and swallowed them along with Korah’s gang who died when the fire ate them up, all 250 of them. After all these years, they’re still a warning sign.

In Numbers 16, we see people in positions of leadership use their influence wrongly to rebel and cause others to rebel which eventually cost them their lives. Until tomorrow, they will be referred to as bad eggs regardless the good they had done in the past. It takes time to build a reputation, but one day is enough for one wind of error to rubbish all that you have built.

One thing rebellion does is portray a man as a warning sign. Yes! I want to be a sign but not one that draws caution into the ears of men. I can’t afford to be a warning sign.

I am not saying we can’t make mistakes, no. But our lives should not end on the platform of error. May we still be alive to put our lives in order. I read of a man who was perceived as wicked because of his inventions but by divine orchestration, he was privileged to read his own biography thus gaining access into peoples’ thoughts about him. That encounter changed his entire life and today, even in death, he is remembered and celebrated, not for his past life, but for the turns he took in the right direction. His name is ALFRED NOBEL.

Years after you are long gone, what do you want to be remembered as; a warning sign or a worthy example? Take your pick.



Numbers 22:6 (MSG) Come and curse them for me – they’re too much for me. Maybe then I can beat them; we’ll attack and drive them out of the country.

You have a reputation: those you bless stay blessed; those you curse stay cursed.

Every man born on earth has something he is designed to be known for and you are not an exemption. Yes! You too have a message for your generation. And your relevance is tied to your reputation. It is your reputation that will attract kings to you. There is a work every man is called to do, find your message and build your reputation around it. Your reputation is your actual life and a determinant of the level of goodness and calibre of people that come to you. They call it personal branding. I call it LIFE POSITIONING. Arise and shine!

I don’t know about you, but I want to have a reputation for being a contagious influence on every female folk I come in contact with. I want to be one who spits fire and puts an end to marital dysfunctions; from making the wrong choice of spouse, to addressing issues that hinder couples from experiencing Christ daily. I have found my message and I am set on building my reputation around it. Have you found yours? What exactly is it? May God reveal deep secrets to you in Jesus name.

…Raising a generation of Influence.

Let it go

If there be a rock in the past
If it makes you think it won’t last
If evil is all your mind’s die can cast
Let it go

Somehow it looks like a cycle
You’re rice and life’s just been a sickle
Ride away on hope’s bicycle
Let it go

Though you see no gleaming light
Though your day is as dark as night
Take this little word to heart
Let it go

You hold the keys to the lock
You open the doors when the hurts knock
Unchain your mind from that old rock
Let it go

© 2019


Tomorrow is priceless,
Like jewels, merchants would love it prized,
As music, it is on everyone’s lips,
I will go there tomorrow,
I’ll finish that book tomorrow,
I’ll make that call tomorrow,
Tick tock! tick tock!! tick tock!!!
The clock never stops singing,
Tasks becomes tall like story buildings,
Because tomorrow never stops coming.

Tomorrow is a dream,
Full of hopes to the brim,
Decorated with beautiful dreams,
That ends up never becoming real,
Tomorrow is a mirage,
It steals away time,life and opportunity.

Tomorrow is pregnant,
Birthing beautiful babies,
Only for ready mothers with flowing breast milk,
Tomorrow is a beauty,
Beheld as a mirror only by those who fulfills their duty,
Like butterflies and rainbow,
Full of colors of shades untold,
Flapping its wings to destinations and heights unknown,
Oh! how prized it is because,
Tomorrow is really expensive.

Tomorrow is an expensive joke
Fueled by procrastination
Driven by falsification
Embalmed by the beautiful aroma of deceit and lies

Tomorrow does not exist
It never comes, neither does it end
It repels redemption and negates hard work
It fans to flames the fires of laziness
And feeds the multitude with the bread of “there is time”

Tomorrow is a thief of time
So make the most of today!
Redeeming the time
Because the days are evil.

Priscy Macq

(c) 2018


He just thought of it and out! he went about it.

Just like that? without one single struggle to overcome the thought. I really do not understand it. What exactly was he even thinking?

Maybe , just maybe if he had thought it through, weighed the pros and cons after such a long co-habitation with Jesus,

He could have being able to resist the devil and eventually save himself from being used as a bait for the golden fish.

But really, What was he thinking?

Did Jesus offend him? Or was he angry that such an expensive oil was lavished on Him? probably after the thought of what he could get out of the proceeds once it got to him; No! It couldn’t have been that. Perhaps he was so broke that the only way out he could think of was a merchandise of betrayal.

Hmmmmmmm! I really do seek to know his reasons

But whatever they maybe,was it justifiable? I mean, to what end?

Aside fulfilling scriptures, he could have still avoided being used, but, No! he gave in without a fight!

I guess he was weak-willed and just couldn’t resist the call of greed. And that goes to every believer. The devil plants the seed, the choice to water and grow it is absolutely yours to make.

Chose wisely or die foolishly!!!

Luke 14:10 (NIV)- Then Judas Iscariot, one out of the twelve, went to the chief priests to betray Jesus to them.


It always amazes me each time I stumble upon that verse of the scripture that says “many are called, few are chosen”. Brings to mind the reality that everyone is and can never be on the same pedestal in life and it always keeps the mind busy trying to figure out why. What actually makes the difference?

Life could throw opportunities of same magnitude to people, yet it is viewed from various perspectives. So, where some could see hope, others see a dead-end, all based on individual interpretation. Some people know what they want but how to get it is what they are oblivious about.

“Where is she heading to?” you might be tempted to ask, I’ll tell. But, first I will remind you of a story once told by the best story teller ever heard of – The story of the TEN VIRGINS.

All 10 were virgins; all had the same opportunity to make it to the waiting spot; all had a lamp; all actually waited patiently for the groom; but not all eventually made it to the real celebration, not all got their reward for waiting. That stirred up questions in my heart – What actually made the difference? Why didn’t all make it?

We were eventually told that half of them carried something that the other half failed to carry – THE EXTRA OIL. Perhaps they taught it very irrelevant or it could be they just didn’t know that such a thing existed. However, still in my thoughts I refused to remain at ease that it was just some oil. There had to be something more to it than just some greasy shining substance that keeps a lamp burning. Am I stirring up thoughts within you also?

Well, that’s a trip I’m going to be taking you on in the next few weeks – Discovering the mystery behind the extra oil. And application to our everyday life, you’ll finally get to understand why some people ends up with the trophy while others remain at the viewing slot. And as you learn, I pray you don’t forget to PAUSE… THINK… and CONNECT!!!