It always amazes me each time I stumble upon that verse of the scripture that says “many are called, few are chosen”. Brings to mind the reality that everyone is and can never be on the same pedestal in life and it always keeps the mind busy trying to figure out why. What actually makes the difference?

Life could throw opportunities of same magnitude to people, yet it is viewed from various perspectives. So, where some could see hope, others see a dead-end, all based on individual interpretation. Some people know what they want but how to get it is what they are oblivious about.

“Where is she heading to?” you might be tempted to ask, I’ll tell. But, first I will remind you of a story once told by the best story teller ever heard of – The story of the TEN VIRGINS.

All 10 were virgins; all had the same opportunity to make it to the waiting spot; all had a lamp; all actually waited patiently for the groom; but not all eventually made it to the real celebration, not all got their reward for waiting. That stirred up questions in my heart – What actually made the difference? Why didn’t all make it?

We were eventually told that half of them carried something that the other half failed to carry – THE EXTRA OIL. Perhaps they taught it very irrelevant or it could be they just didn’t know that such a thing existed. However, still in my thoughts I refused to remain at ease that it was just some oil. There had to be something more to it than just some greasy shining substance that keeps a lamp burning. Am I stirring up thoughts within you also?

Well, that’s a trip I’m going to be taking you on in the next few weeks – Discovering the mystery behind the extra oil. And application to our everyday life, you’ll finally get to understand why some people ends up with the trophy while others remain at the viewing slot. And as you learn, I pray you don’t forget to PAUSE… THINK… and CONNECT!!!



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