Morning all, this write-up is one that is dear to me and yes, it was inspired by the movie: “FACING THE GIANTS “.

” FACING THE GIANTS ” I must admit is one of my favourite movies till date. And before you guys eat me up I must let you all know that I’m not here to talk about the movie. Nah! I definitely won’t be doing that rather it’s the message that the movie passed across to me.

For those that have watched the movie, it has two major characters; “Coach Grant and David” these were two individuals who were facing different challenges and were backing out or should I say were on the verge of quitting but after a divine intervention things turned around for them and their school football team.

Well the message isn’t actually that things turned around for them but the reason why things turned around for them, the major reason is the “G” factor, that is the “God factor “. When it seemed as though the entire world was going to crash on their head they handed it all over to God and HE showed them why He is God.

There is a song by Deitrick Haddon that says “stand still and know that HE is God, there’s no need to fight, for the battle is not yours, the battle is the Lord’s “. They handed it over to God and that’s the reason but mind you, they didn’t hand only their challenges but also themselves to God for God to have worked.

I don’t know how many of you are faced with such a situation or facing your own challenge(s), there is a way out and that’s the way the “coach and his team (David inclusive) ” took. HE’s always there for you. All you’ve got to do is just hand yourself and problem over to HIM. HE’s always ever-ready to help you.

A friend of mine will always tell me that God will only help when you’ve lost all hope and also that the worst comes just before the best. So for those of you already giving up, HE’s there for you, just give it all to HIM, your challenge(s) and life, but most importantly “your life “.

And if you’ve not seen the movie, I advice that you go see it now, it will definitely bless you. And for those of you that have seen it before, please make out time to see it again, just did some days ago and you can’t imagine how much it blessed me.


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