The Tongue Is To Be Bridled

You reveal who you are when you speak. Powerful, purpose-driven people talk less and listen more.

Build your value without exposing how much you do not know. (Proverbs 10:19)


Happiness Comes From Within

You may get worn out by anxiety when you struggle to receive approval.

Happiness doesn’t come from trying to prove a point to others or trying to get people to like and approve of you.

It will come from doing the things that you love and connect with, without expecting accolades or approval.

Many times, your happiness gets tampered with when you become concerned with the accolades, approval and recognition – all external factors. (Psalm 128: 2, Ecclesiastes 2:11)


Extraordinary’ Isn’t Reserved For Certain People

Anyone can be extraordinary in one/more areas of their lives as they choose.

This is not about rank, status or money, though these may and should come, eventually.

Being extraordinary in this context simply means still being the ordinary you but far better than average (in one area) – someone who is excellent under objective scrutiny.

The greatest is the person who sacrifices and serves more than the others.

The greatest are the people who make the most sacrifices to serve and be of value in one/more areas of their lives.

Anyone can be great (Matthew 20: 25-28).


It’s Impossible To Serve/Please Everyone

Seek improvement and receive wisdom when it is presented, but digesting every opinion and attempting to conform to every ideology will leave you unhappy and unfulfilled in your spiritual and general life.

Be sure you are pleasing God and your heart. (Proverbs 15:31, John 12:43, Proverbs 29:25)


There’s No Shortcut To Excellence

Yes, you can learn quick strategies for smarter work. No, you can’t skip the process of growth.

For Spiritual life and general living, consistent small steps are required for growth.

Fruits don’t just show up on a tree, babies don’t just walk, grey hair do not just appear, excellence doesn’t just emerge.

The end of the process is most times guaranteed, you will eventually finish well. (Galatians 7:8, Proverbs 21:5)


The sixth episode of The Chosen comes fully packed.

The miracles, the dialogue, the acting, everything blends together in this episode to make the character development and subplot unravel perfectly.

The two miracles we witness happen in controversial situations. Jesus could have easily walked away from healing them but defied the odds and showed them compassion.

This reiterates the fact that the love and mercy Christ has for humanity is indescribable.

One major scene in this episode is shot in Zebedee’s house and it features the healing of the paralytic.

It would seem like an ordinary scene with different components and conflicts going on but surprisingly, the chaos blossomed into a bursting delight.

We see through the eyes of Matthew and Nicodemus how the miracle they witnessed created a quest, a yearning for truth, much of which will be depicted in the coming episodes.

Indescribable Compassion portrays Jesus as a friend, teacher, the saviour and most importantly, the son of God.

PS: To watch this episode, download The Chosen app here.

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Self-responsibility Will Come Through For You

Many times, it’s not the people you are trusting to help you secure a job/your future that will come through.

Also, blaming mistakes or incapabilities on other people/things does not fix the matter.

Understanding that you are responsible for each outcome empowers you to do and give your best.

It also empowers you to step out of your comfort zone and seek growth.

Be courageous in the knowledge that God is with you and His thoughts for you are great. (Isaiah 41:13)