Forgotten Dream; the poem

If we do not chase our dreams, what is the point in having them?

If we will be held back by the ones we so love
If we will continue to let down the ones we trust
What is the point?
My sacrifices, my time, my deeds my works
My rags filthy…
Who cares?
Is there really any need to keep on?
Does this one life really matter?
Whose life have I touched?
When I give in to greed and lust…
Held tight in the grips of sin and pride
Magnifying myself yet dying inside
Proclaiming myself a matyr
Claiming what goes on doen’t matter
Yes I don’t seem to care
And that’s my secret weapon
My self appointed sheild of armour
Treating faith like it’s a long lost honour
Why do I still dream??
Plagued by visions of happy faces
Smiles in many places
They haunt me so
They speak of a life I do not yet know
One that I can only hope to attain
One that doesn’t seem so vain
One of love, fearing no disdain
For this day yet again, I dream
I dream a nightmare so sweet I’m so afraid
Afraid to leap
Leap in faith
Let go of my doubts and trust in the one beyond the clouds
What is the point of having dreams, if we can never live it out?
Here comes the curve ball
Who says I can’t?
No really who says I can’t?
Are they God?
Scratch that…Am I God?
What right do I have to decree what He has not said concerning me?
To speak against His good pleasing and perfect will towards me
The preparation of the saints He would call it
The fire furnace that holds no malice
The crucible before I hold the chalice
I must therefore stay in the fight
I must not give up my dreams He says
No matter how hard
No matter how hard
Through the tears, through the disappointments
I will give you rest
I will give you joy, peace, love beyond any regret
What is the point of having dreams you ask beloved?
To stand and watch as I craft the picture I have painted…

Free Fall

Now is the time

Now is the time

What will the end result be?
Will I die or will I wake?
Questions that haunt me with every decision I make
Like will I make it to heaven if I stay this way?
Will I suffer much if I put it away?
What is the end result?
It’s all to what end?
The end of a matter is supposed to be better than when it first began.
So what then will I do?
I ask myself again
Again and again and again
It seems like I’m being profane
Ii can’t go back to what I was
Neither can I stay
The very ground I stand on is quicker than clay
Stop confusing me please!
I keep the voices at bay
Only I don’t know who is talking
Is it my Saviour or my shame?

The ground I stand on quivers
Do I move on higher?
I stand, I fall, I shiver
If only hope could hold me now
I slip, I fall, I can’t get up
I think I’m lost right now
But there’s something in the distance
Something calling out loud
Wait! Wait!!
I shout and shout
It seems I’m talking so loud.

Now the ground shatters
I am lost in a free fall
Just falling…
Into the dark
I give up
I close my eyes
I surrender
I give up
I begin to close my eyes

Then I’m struck by lightening!
I find myself on a road now
Gripping something so strong
The grace which I once lost
I look in front of me
There’s a road to my left
Another to my right
A decision, I must make now
A path to life, and a path to death
I smile now, for I know the decision to take
The decision is mine.



This has to be how Adam felt, after the fall.
Beaten, bruised, dirty and worn.
The feeling of guilt clasped tightly at my neck
The feeling of shame keeping me paralysed on my bed
I can’t even bring myself to pray
What have I done
Again and again I nail Jesus to the cross
His death and resurrection seeming like a loss
The weight of sin bearing down hard on me
So so heavy I fall down
Down on my knees

Give me a second chance, I know I’ll do right
Even though i must have said this like a million times
But what else can I do but run back to Him.
Elohim, Elshaddai, the creator of my skin.
Please listen to my cry, I have nowhere to  hide.
As I find repentance, don’t dash me aside.
I am beaten, I am broken I have no where to go.
Than back to you my God
Please don’t leave me in the cold.



Art by Akiane Kramarik

Trying to describe my Jesus is like an attempt to go bonkers
Cos no bunker could ever hope to contain Him
His glory is ever lasting, totally outstanding
You can’t wish to keep Him in a box
He’s a beast
I mean a Lion
I mean a Lamb
The Lion and the Lamb
A description so contradictory and yet so
For in Him is Love and Mercy
Where I live, move and have my being
Full of a fiery passion as He chased out the
merchants from me
With immense confidence as He commanded the
storm to cease.

My Jesus is big! Even I can’t quantify Him
Is it His goodness or protection? No one can
defy Him
Just make an attempt and try Him
Don’t put Him to test though, the devil couldn’t
fail Him
Let me tell you something about my Jesus then
The Lion
The Lamb
The Lion and the Lamb
The lover and the fighter
The beast and the tamer
The Judge and the advocate
My very own big brother
Not just watching through lenses
He sees my heart and can finish all my

He is Jesus
The Lion and the Lamb
The mighty man in battle, His alias
same as prince of peace, Son of God, the
The word spoken in days of old
The material form of the spoken word
The justification of all of mankinds existence
My Lord and Saviour
He personally died for me
And of course you too can make this claim
You just gotta believe
I mean really believe
Put your heart, mind body and soul into it
Accept Him so that finally,
Your Spirit will live

Onubogu Somtochukwu