Forgotten Dream; the poem

If we do not chase our dreams, what is the point in having them?

If we will be held back by the ones we so love
If we will continue to let down the ones we trust
What is the point?
My sacrifices, my time, my deeds my works
My rags filthy…
Who cares?
Is there really any need to keep on?
Does this one life really matter?
Whose life have I touched?
When I give in to greed and lust…
Held tight in the grips of sin and pride
Magnifying myself yet dying inside
Proclaiming myself a matyr
Claiming what goes on doen’t matter
Yes I don’t seem to care
And that’s my secret weapon
My self appointed sheild of armour
Treating faith like it’s a long lost honour
Why do I still dream??
Plagued by visions of happy faces
Smiles in many places
They haunt me so
They speak of a life I do not yet know
One that I can only hope to attain
One that doesn’t seem so vain
One of love, fearing no disdain
For this day yet again, I dream
I dream a nightmare so sweet I’m so afraid
Afraid to leap
Leap in faith
Let go of my doubts and trust in the one beyond the clouds
What is the point of having dreams, if we can never live it out?
Here comes the curve ball
Who says I can’t?
No really who says I can’t?
Are they God?
Scratch that…Am I God?
What right do I have to decree what He has not said concerning me?
To speak against His good pleasing and perfect will towards me
The preparation of the saints He would call it
The fire furnace that holds no malice
The crucible before I hold the chalice
I must therefore stay in the fight
I must not give up my dreams He says
No matter how hard
No matter how hard
Through the tears, through the disappointments
I will give you rest
I will give you joy, peace, love beyond any regret
What is the point of having dreams you ask beloved?
To stand and watch as I craft the picture I have painted…

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