Think about this (UC Truth)

I will teach you something that took me over 10 years to learn.

Attention suddenly increases by at least 30 percent when someone claims experience in a certain thing.

You open eyes wide so you would see truth but I just lied,
Then you swallow whole like a bird does its seeds every false information I have to give.

But that’s not the lesson I have to give;
This won’t be free of charge so you would need to first subscribe to my channel, and then pay attention.

Internet age, how old is it?

How many times have you believed something just because generations before told you so?
Because they have done it so, so we should do same?

Who taught you that the left hand is bad compared to the right?
Where did you learn to hate snakes?
Ohh! Before you go all scriptural on me remember that HE made them and called them ‘good’

Are cats really witches turned to suck?
Our blood the owls and bats devour?
Is it really true that destinies can be stolen and returned?
And if I can barely stay awake during the day, then why not just let me work at night?

See animals understand themselves and act naturally
No forced rhythms to dance to
No need tuning unto stations where their bodies aren’t trained to live

They hunt when they find best, naturally
Live where they can breathe, naturally
And feed on what they can eat, naturally.

No wonder they run away from humans, well, bad association corrupts good manners.
And I would run too if I wasn’t me, human.

We have become a flaw to our own self by our rules and countless regulations, which only seems to excel when we get those screams of approval as or fans regulate us.

But I tell you, you can dare to be different
Do what you love,
Learn to play some games,
Study what you like,
Do work hard, and you don’t have to go to sleep at night just because they all do the same.

Be you, breathe,
Don’t become the next dog on life’s leash

It’s bliss to know that left and right;
White or black;
Tall or short;
Fat or slim;

..are all perfect shapes for their own holes

I am filling my spot, are you doing the same?

Think about this and get to living, and be quick about it, for the animals are still watching.


Bottled Thoughts (UC Truth)

I love coca cola products

Ranging from the pretty orange fanta
To the black gaseous coke
and then the sweet watery sprite

Unique in their own distinct taste
Though from the same company,
Even if carried in the same crate
They still wouldn’t mix,
At least not by Osmosis

You would need an opener to unravel the mystery of each sip
You will need to tilt at an angle while you allow the contents fill you up
I know you wonder where I’m headed with all of this

Well I love humans
Each a unique product with their own distinct taste
Though from the same maker
Even if they are from the same family
They still wouldn’t lose themselves,
At least that’s how it should be.

We are quick to blame an external force for making us spew venom
But we fail to realize that we only release what’s been long brewed and screwed tight in us
How screwed up we are: beyond the packaging we use to deliver our, some times, wack contents; gets revealed when we are tilted at an uncomfortable angle

So keep every bitterness in,
Allow anger boil,
Let revenge be preserved to be served at -4 degrees C
These ingredients becoming the you we see

We are all unique in our taste
But we can all be different shades of sweetness
And in the factory of our minds we work on all bad nutrients
For only then, would we, like coca cola
Deliver awesome products, and not the hate we have long had bottled up.

#EverydayJesus is my Identity card

So, today after fishing my phone from the bag of rice where I kept it to dry out, I am reminded of the Centurion who said, ‘I am a man under authority. I say to this man ‘go!’ and he goes…’
He’s being a centurion is not diminished by how filthy or soiled his garments are. He is who he is. A lot of times, christians put up this weird ‘we have problems and we’re waiting for God to help’ mentality. I want nothing to do with that. In almost every case, I win. And when I don’t, I learn and win next time. I don’t need pity. I am a Son of God. My bright smile and obvious contentment is a puzzle to the strangers who meet me. 

They wonder at me…because I know my God.


Reading about it now may make no sense…seeing as the encounters cut across a large expanse of cultures,religion and time.
As I study the variables however ,
I soon discover me a constant, covered beneath paradigms that have been shaped by time and race in the telling.
Talk about the reality of the ‘Truth’…

One thing I’ve learnt about the truth is that nothing else is ‘ Realer’… than it.
So,running with that theory,come with me,let’s do a little time travel … a time before the A.D era..

Close your eyes and imagine….quickly

“You are on a boat with Jesus,and He is asleep.
Everything seems fine for a while, then suddenly
The winds decided they had somewhere they needed to be real quick ,but the waters would not let them pass in peace. Consequently a fight ensued and amid the snarling teeth of the turbulent waters and the biting wind,there lay this poor grass- your boat-underneath the feet of the two elephants.

Defeat,depicted by the depths to which you sink and then rise up for a few seconds….only to sink back again.
Tossed too and fro at the whims of a restless sea–the world.
See your boat sink as it filled in with water.
One man just went into the snarling embrace of the waves….
Say your last prayers, you’re gonna die.
Say your last prayers….to who?

That’s when you notice,HE’S STILL ASLEEP!
…like how could this things be?….You rush to His side with a mix of…what’s that emotion again?….exasperation?…confusion….awe
You’re thinking…’Dude…this boat is gone,how can You be asleep?…..then you say aloud….”Teacher,don’t You care that we’re gonna die?!”

Come back to our time and see you. Your life….now.
Circumstances and turbulence on the news…
Scrutinize deeply to see your present predicament..

What is it?.

Failures. No cash. Unmet dreams and expectations. An ailment that defies medicine. Family fracas. A divorce. Obstacles on your path to destiny. Heartbreak. Lost contract…opportunity..a loved one lost…a besetting sin…an addiction…
What is it?

Name it…..
We are so good at being ‘real’…so count your failings.
Let’s do something we learnt in high school …..
Compare and contrast,
Discuss in details and give examples of how similar the scenarios are.
Your life and our time tour adventure….

I’ll ask a simple question,
What is the ‘truth ‘in both situations?
………………….think deeply and answer………………

Now let’s compare your answer to the real answer
John 14:6;
” Jesus said to him,’I am the way,the TRUTH,and life. No one comes to the father except through Me'”

Jesus said…I am the TRUTH
The TRUTH….the only real and and unchanging reality

From this I learn that ‘Truth’ is not an event or circumstance. Truth is a Person;Jesus!

1Corinthians 12:3;
” Wherefore, I give you to understand that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed and that NO MAN CAN SAY THAT JESUS IS THE LORD BUT BY THE HOLY SPIRIT”

From this I learn that I can’t know the Truth of my circumstance except the Holy spirit reveals Him to me.

Like the disciples,we tend to look on the circumstances around us as the ‘truth’….
Bamboozled on every side, we cry out daily…
“Careth ye not that we perish?!”
But the Truth of the situation is revealed from God’s perspective by a sleeping Jesus,who knows that the waves cannot end His life.
He wakes up from His rest and scolds the fighting elements, like two naughty children….”Peace,be still”
I’m pretty sure He was thinking…”Shush! I’m trying to rest here after a long day. You just won’t keep shut….Now you’ve gone and scared these men!”
The Bible records, “And the wind ceased and there was a great calm”

I ask you again,in light of this light…
What is the ‘Truth’ of your situation?

Reflect and you’ll realize,

He doesn’t just know the answer, HE IS THE ANSWER!…
To raging storms..
To bent old women..and lives..
To wine finished too early at a feast…or marriage
To a dead and buried Lazarus…or friendship
To an issue of blood that defied medicine…or cancer
To women with seven demons..or addictions..
To zealots that persecute the church or Boko Haram…
To age long feud…and wars…