#EverydayJesus is my Identity card

So, today after fishing my phone from the bag of rice where I kept it to dry out, I am reminded of the Centurion who said, ‘I am a man under authority. I say to this man ‘go!’ and he goes…’
He’s being a centurion is not diminished by how filthy or soiled his garments are. He is who he is. A lot of times, christians put up this weird ‘we have problems and we’re waiting for God to help’ mentality. I want nothing to do with that. In almost every case, I win. And when I don’t, I learn and win next time. I don’t need pity. I am a Son of God. My bright smile and obvious contentment is a puzzle to the strangers who meet me. 

They wonder at me…because I know my God.


Reading about it now may make no sense…seeing as the encounters cut across a large expanse of cultures,religion and time.
As I study the variables however ,
I soon discover me a constant, covered beneath paradigms that have been shaped by time and race in the telling.
Talk about the reality of the ‘Truth’…

One thing I’ve learnt about the truth is that nothing else is ‘ Realer’… than it.
So,running with that theory,come with me,let’s do a little time travel …..to a time before the A.D era..

Close your eyes and imagine….quickly

“You are on a boat with Jesus,and He is asleep.
Everything seems fine for a while, then suddenly
The winds decided they had somewhere they needed to be real quick ,but the waters would not let them pass in peace. Consequently a fight ensued and amid the snarling teeth of the turbulent waters and the biting wind,there lay this poor grass- your boat-underneath the feet of the two elephants.

Defeat,depicted by the depths to which you sink and then rise up for a few seconds….only to sink back again.
Tossed too and fro at the whims of a restless sea–the world.
See your boat sink as it filled in with water.
One man just went into the snarling embrace of the waves….
Say your last prayers, you’re gonna die.
Say your last prayers….to who?

That’s when you notice,HE’S STILL ASLEEP!
…like how could this things be?….You rush to His side with a mix of…what’s that emotion again?….exasperation?…confusion….awe
You’re thinking…’Dude…this boat is gone,how can You be asleep?…..then you say aloud….”Teacher,don’t You care that we’re gonna die?!”

Come back to our time and see you. Your life….now.
Circumstances and turbulence on the news…
Scrutinize deeply to see your present predicament..

What is it?.

Failures. No cash. Unmet dreams and expectations. An ailment that defies medicine. Family fracas. A divorce. Obstacles on your path to destiny. Heartbreak. Lost contract…opportunity..a loved one lost…a besetting sin…an addiction…
What is it?

Name it…..
We are so good at being ‘real’…so count your failings.
Let’s do something we learnt in high school …..
Compare and contrast,
Discuss in details and give examples of how similar the scenarios are.
Your life and our time tour adventure….

I’ll ask a simple question,
What is the ‘truth ‘in both situations?
………………….think deeply and answer………………

Now let’s compare your answer to the real answer
John 14:6;
” Jesus said to him,’I am the way,the TRUTH,and life. No one comes to the father except through Me'”

Jesus said…I am the TRUTH
The TRUTH….the only real and and unchanging reality

From this I learn that ‘Truth’ is not an event or circumstance. Truth is a Person;Jesus!

1Corinthians 12:3;
” Wherefore, I give you to understand that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed and that NO MAN CAN SAY THAT JESUS IS THE LORD BUT BY THE HOLY SPIRIT”

From this I learn that I can’t know the Truth of my circumstance except the Holy spirit reveals Him to me.

Like the disciples,we tend to look on the circumstances around us as the ‘truth’….
Bamboozled on every side, we cry out daily…
“Careth ye not that we perish?!”
But the Truth of the situation is revealed from God’s perspective by a sleeping Jesus,who knows that the waves cannot end His life.
He wakes up from His rest and scolds the fighting elements, like two naughty children….”Peace,be still”
I’m pretty sure He was thinking…”Shush! I’m trying to rest here after a long day. You just won’t keep shut….Now you’ve gone and scared these men!”
The Bible records, “And the wind ceased and there was a great calm”

I ask you again,in light of this light…
What is the ‘Truth’ of your situation?

Reflect and you’ll realize,

He doesn’t just know the answer, HE IS THE ANSWER!…
To raging storms..
To bent old women..and lives..
To wine finished too early at a feast…or marriage
To a dead and buried Lazarus…or friendship
To an issue of blood that defied medicine…or cancer
To women with seven demons..or addictions..
To zealots that persecute the church or Boko Haram…
To age long feud…and wars…


#EVERYDAYJESUS speaks well too

It takes a lot hard-heartedness for the prophets of Christendom in Nigeria today to carry on with their myopic denominationalism while the masses of faithfuls under their responsibilities suffer in the hands of thieves and looters who are ironically part of their congregations.
It is easy to perceive the epic perversion of our perspectives. We’ve all fallen from loving our neighbors as we do ourselves to loving our neighbors because we love ourselves. Instead of not casting away any person God has given us, we’ve let capitalism and shortsightedness teach us about life and righteousness.

Prophets ought to remind the people of their spiritual identity. Instead today’s prophets are focused on materialism while professing to be God’s mouthpiece. Slowly they have taught and indoctrinated a vast majority of their society to chase after all the wrong values. Politicians who the kings of today, Cheating capitalist who prey on the entire country with their connection to the helm of affairs all kneel and are blessed by ‘men of God’ who have chosen the way of greed and fraudulent opulence.

Prophecy when used appropriately is capable of fostering a general awareness of responsibility. People will be confronted with the reality of their acts done in the seeming darkness; these acts which damage both the image of the society and its name but also the distribution of resources. It also ought to be a sharp reminder of moral principles already established.
These effects of prophecy including social Justice and an awakened sense of responsibility will in turn drive the inhabitants of the society to inadvertently support and promote development without bias or fear, because even the law enforcement agents will work on cutting down on internal corruption.

This applies to all religions in the society.


Because #EVERYDAYJESUS is The One … Two or more ideas drop like fruits from the tree of Life four our five fingers to wrap around. He who six the Lord of Seven Spirits, and eight the bread of life and will find he doesn’t need nine lives or ten commandments…

I think the problem is people think I show myself,
But even books praise God sitting on a shelf.
Its not difficult to make a cult of words that follow.
Am sure someone understands. Raise your thumb if u follow.

The Word rings true like the font is an android.
We type, write rungs up the ladder of the Word

Its grace.

It greys death, till he’s old and ghost-faced.
And yes we’re all dead, call my bible ghost-faced!
I am hid in Christ, healthy, (no hide and sick)
Laughing at the devil, he’s the joke of the weak.

Threw my…block of burdens at God, God is my director.
He sighed, ‘Caught,’ once and made me a blockbuster.

Beginning of time, there’s only him B.C.
World’s greatest man, the next bests freely copy.
I am no me without him.
Time is vanity, (’cause he’s busy chasing A.D.)


I was, he who the son set free,
In a Prison of freedom until he redefined me.
This is just practice, for us the new bees.
Its you in the Word, bibles are selfies!!

The Freestyles of August 12

This Friday
Like most days…

Dawned bright and fair
So many possibilities out there

Unknown to many there’s a rumbling somewhere
An army hones their craft without fear

Word upon word
Precept upon precept
Truth established

The Christapoet Team
Welcomes you
To Freestyle Friday

Call our kingdom
This dorm of life
Where we are the life of light
To be right with God
And man
To walk on the sea of peace
And truth
To share nothing but gospel
And owe nothing but love
To be called free
And be free from sin nature
To be sure of our fate before rapture
The last day for our departure
From this world of bondage
Where our freedom we see in part

Zee CAP:
I’ve been here
Awaiting the arrival of the fair
I’ve been there
Confused by the cacophony of the fair

The Niel Quchi:
She just jabbed
Better yet stabbed
The harmony, sanity the other words had
But then she’s free
Type as she wishes
Hope you all see
How to break word dishes


You think you’ve got it
You think you raised the heat
You know what I’ve got ?
I’ve got him who is God!
I can land on my feet
No matter how high the heat
Because with God, I can’t smell defeat

Adaobi Chiemelu:
Smell the feet
Like smelling petals of dusty colors
Smell the feet of principle
The feat of knowing what to wear and when
Socks of words that keep our feet warm from the biting cold
Our feet of godly, solemn gratitude
Of peace that surpasses all understanding

The Niel Quchi:
I think the problem is people think I show myself
But even books praise God sitting on a shelf
Its not difficult to make a cult of words that follow
Am sure someone understands. Raise your thumb if u follow.

Its the flow that makes us glow
Like a mosaic of creation
We live for the creator
By the creator
With the creator
IN the creator
Our vibrant colors and inconceivable messes
It shines a beam of messages
Words colored to convey
Its the word of my Lord
That makes it all beautiful

The Niel Quchi:
Their words ring true like their fonts are an android
We type, write rungs up the ladder of the Word

Its grace.

It greys death, till he’s old and ghost-faced
And yes we’re all dead, call my bible ghost-faced

Trying to do this unpredefined
Looking for a treasure that i know I’d never find
Its like looking for fishes in the sky its like walking on the road with a blindfold on my eye
All these high roads left me high All my my doubts I left it all behind
Following the word and am seeking just to find

Cindy Dike:
Looking up to the sky
wings spread out in strength, birds fly
One time hands spread out on the cross – so no cross breeding with darkness
The sun shines
I mean just one son gives light
Not withstanding the shackles trying to bind my feet,
I put on freedom as a foot wear
My feet won’t tear
Cos Christ is my peace
Yes my piece…..
In all am in him, without him am none

Uc Truth:
We live in a hostile world
The sound of freedom scares them

I said we live in a ‘hostel world’
And the sound of ‘free dorm’ scares them

So even though it doesn’t bring the ‘come-forth’ they expect in forever’s arms, they would rather cling like leech to their beliefs and refuse to be leafs hanging on nothing but the true vine

A sure bet that they would reap, what He sowed

We live in a hostile world
And the sound of freedom scares them

So we r leaving a hostile world
Make your sounds of ‘free dorm’ until they hear them.

Feels like my breath can quench the fires of hell
I build castles in the sky with their foundation in heaven, trying to make it the opposite of the tower of babel
Let the word spread round the cardinal points
Let it suffocate the darkness out of their lungs and joints
His Freedom is the price
And my Freedom the price
Hope am able to cash in my redemption
on the arrival of his kingdom For his Freedom be got my Freedom…

St. Davnique:
Freedom…sounds dumb to a bum who lived down in that street….Streets on which he heard nothing but shackles,lived nothing but battles. Picking the pieces of meager charity and crumbs of kindness dropped by “good” Samaritans. His idea of liberty is glitter and rump…the fanfare of life on the other side…It’s always greener and brighter there he thinks. Unthinking though,he is of the truth that his liberty was limited by the darkness of his mind and the bounds that set his mind in its constant state of doom. Dreaming only of snares and nightmares from enemies that lay in the far reaches of his conscious subconscious…He would never know…                                             That the Samaritans that have charity lived in their versions of binds. Insomnia,depression,greed and lust he saw no other way to bury but in drunken stupor…She saw no other to kill than with the steel needle that pumped limbo into her veins…Aware of something wrong…they would awake the next morning and drop crumpled notes on the subway where the bum lay…Someway to slay the gnawing guilt and feel good again…seeking a permanent escape they would never know……                                                                   They would never know that the binds and blinds were needless. That freedom had been purchased centuries ago by the stripes and agony of a God that so loved,He gave…His soul a slave to hell for three days…just so that He becomes the salve of Gilead to soothe her aching heart and crown the bum a King….they would never know…if it was left in your hands dear Christian…that they’ve been freed…from the doom ahead.

Adaobi Chiemelu:
Yes ma ‘am
We’ll wear those soles on our feet as we go
We’ll wear those souls on our sleeves as we go tell

Macaulay Priscilla:
Held bound in the shackles of self bondage, tackled hard by experiences,cut deep by betrayals,living in denials of no confidence in me,spitting venom on everyone that dares to redeem the past errors of others.                                               Sunk deep in believing I have no love left to share, fighting invisible wars,hoping for a prison break. I want to love like Him. I want to give value to those around but am restrained. I need freedom from this…     Then He whispers in my ears.. Just let me… I work in you both to will and to do… Then I realized, it not my battle. My freedom is His battle.

Cindy Dike:
My chantings flowed
Echoes came and go
Drums of victory -my heart beats
This freedom is not in bit.
I have being set free…..
Forever… It’s not short-lived as a spree
I don’t say the laws by heart but I speak in tongues in the spirit
With delicate hands spread out I dance within his luminosity
Joy of him streams out
So am lost in all insanity of me- madness
Laughter flows across the meadow.
For a future kept in him
I don’t need the “dos and don’ts
While the religious minds prescribed drugs in struggle…
I have completed my dose
Cos if my feet slips
One has slept in peace and leapt over the lions den
..am free to rest in his lawn
Morn till dawn…..

Hanna Azubuike:
With Him I became so free
To walk on water without a real scream
So excited as I pass through walls of weakness
I deem my King
The God with freedom Skills

Three in us made us four
Touring and team-mating
Intimidating the dark kingdom
With the spark
Our lives were packed with
Like paradise park
We remained the envy of many
Satan hating
God rejoicing
We rejoining the saint
Our lives more beautifully painted
We remained undaunted
Never fainted
yes, we became triumphant

Promise Buzhoo:
Coz so long as we are in the vine
We gonna be alive
We gonna be fruitful
We gonna stay full.. With His love

I never knew this rain
Would lead to our reign
I never saw the tears he shed for me
The price he paid for me to overcome weariness
I foresaw not this freedom
Whose walls are eternity away from me
I still waited for the fetters of sin
Waiting for Satan to tether me with one
And close my page on the stage of filthiness
My silliness
I forgot the price he paid


Check out my Freestyle!!

Alexander Iyke:
Defining Freedom without Christ in it
Is like trying to cook without heat
His love is as endless as the abyss
But we fail to communicate with it at times like we’re keeping a malice
Freedom is a song and Jesus is the melody
True Freedom knows no negativity..
Not even in its irony
He destroyed the bondage of a billion years
and resurrected in Freedom within 3days
For the sake of more than a billion faces of a race
Surely.. Its not enough even though I give him a trillion praise

The yawning expanse between us is beyond the encompassing hands of routine’s weary howls
I’ve lost track of the times, as motion becomes mundane, as living has decayed to losing the sense of being
Of breathing, of the exchange of affections we afford
When we are together

Light seems far, as the black clouds claw at my fleeing frame, attack my feeble heart
Doubt arises swiftly, terrifying in its stoking of concerns about my knowing you
Have I ever really seen your face?
Do I know who you are?
Am I even right to speak of you in this vain? My love?

Fire, let your sparks of passions once stifled fly fervently into the heavens
Illuminate the space in which I’m found, carve out the path to my vision, my comprehension
Roar, as the communion of my love and I ignites thee
Crackle, devastate, refine, purge, demystify, drive into the past, the forever banished state
Sent it all, my grave misery, to the unfound
While I come into home strait, arms interlocked
Mine, and my saviour’s, my lover’s.

The Niel Quchi:
I am hid in Christ, healthy, (no hide and sick)
Laughing at the devil, he’s the joke of the weak

Threw my…block of burdens at God, God is my director.
He sighed,’Caught’ once and made me a blockbuster.

Beginning of time, there’s only him B.C.
World’s greatest man, the next bests freely copy.
I am no me without him.
Time is vanity, (’cause he’s busy chasing A.D.)


I was, he who the son set free,
In a Prison of freedom until he redefined me.
This is just practice, for us the new bees.
Its you in the Word, bibles are selfies!!

One of Us:
And so many alphabets have gone ahead to set minds free like proclamations to the captive.

And I’m going to do the same too because the LORD made my pen a key just like the rest of the saints in here

A Master key to unlock shackles
Shackles of those bound with the law of sin and death
A deadly death, the one Christ had to be slayed for…Even for the gentiles who had no written code sent to them…

oh you foolish Galatians! Why have you imprisoned yourself by yourself?
Why are you trying to carry all that burden by yourself?
How can a dead body lift up a finger?

Fresh cus we like branches connected to an Evergreen vine in and outta season

If the law was a race, it would be Marathon…
But I have my legs amputated because of sin
So crawling on these tracks will not get me the price
Behind is satan taunting my weaknesses
Like scoffers do
The best way to win that Price is to have someone run in my place…
And Christ does the switch and I enter my rest
So I’m Free from the weariness and satan’s taunt
So my Champion wins the race and gives me the price.