Nostalgia, my brother,
Is the name of my daughter.

She was born in an instant, when I missed you with my beat heart.
I fell flat, in hot love, with something that was not born,
Yet found you first loved me and save me, like, daily,

So Bros I remember,
The clefts of this ember,
Our passion for loving the world, being called worldly,
And then in December, we rice past our has-beans; to love all we meet till they toothpick nostalgia.

The Niel
© 2018



Niel’s Exegesis

We cant save, we are the saved.

Perhaps we have barbed ourselves by lifting biblical phrases, again perhaps, out of context.

Our view, or stand, however; is to me as clear as yours. I wont quote 1John3:11-16 or even go into some long exegesis about how we are doing what is natural to us. It is obvious we all see things differently.

We are younger than you, and in our time, today, when we see a mosquito or a fly, we swat it and pray that we dont already have malaria.

When a lecturer tries to sleep with my friend, we get a recording device and set him up…but we pray the senate dont cancel the class results because of him. We know we cant fight BokoHaram, so we leave that to God. But we switch off the TV when we catch our young siblings watching BBNaija. And we change the station when they’re gone and watch GameofThrones.

We want to ignore the world, we also want to change a few things, get some money, go to work and hope the kids can be left alone with the Tv.

I dont have kids yet.

But I once watched porn. Someone should have told me it would erode my self esteem and that I was misdirecting my time, but no, everyone was ignoring the world.

But I blame no one. And am not even telling anyone to change…I’m just venting. In real life, I will listen to you, because I trust you. I will fix my eyes on Jesus and pray for those who I could have helped. After all, all of my help comes from the Lord; they should trust God too.

I just thought perhaps I should love my neighbour as I…nevermind. I will just pray for him.

Where is it written in the Bible that there should be a balance between what is our and what is God’s responsibility?

We should all seek, first, the kingdom of God…

Madonna once sang, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions; what did she know about good?

…like Paul says, Ephesians 4:11-25, we are all growing to that level where we are rooted in The Truth, all the while trying to speak truth to each other.

The Niel

(c) 2018


Reducing scarcity dissolves celebrity statuses so its safe to say that ‘being Frank’ saves the day,

I’m here to be Frank, I can’t pretend just to please anyone… I’m here…to be Frank,

I want friends who are wise so I can fool around safely. So I never wonder if I’m wrong since they shoot their thoughts straight at my phone just to bullseye me with a sharp ‘I miss you’,

I want friends who forget that I have to go and sigh at my goodbyes like we’ll never meet again. Their eyes glow when I appear; I am a star, they are mirrors,

Maybe that’s why they say ‘Tell me your friend, and I’ll tell you who you are,’ because that’s not in the Bible,

But my friends though…

I’m upset when they’re amused and I’m used to the use of my absence for the discussion of weightier matters,

But do I change them like I change shaving sticks? No. I am enough, they are enough,

Some books book a book-long look of flukes for me to get hooked on to with the look of a promise like, ‘Look, if you took on this and that look and hook on to this and that spook, your nook of Looks will be so warm, johns will pray to host you. You can mark it anywhere’,

But they are all tax collectors and like a Mat you write ‘welcome’ on, they are hardly ever inside the story building up as our lives, so they don’t see our flaws while promising windows for each sealing,

Temperaments and Peppermints have taught me this; If you are predictable and pleasant, there still is no guarantee that the other person will be,

In my search for the pinnacle of a stable relationship I took a stab at a popular question. No one sees the selfishness of the silence this question is serially supplied with, the question is…

What are friends for?

Is a friend in need a friend indeed? If yes then answer this;
Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friend, which of your friends can you die for?

Don’t worry Jesus died for your friends so don’t worry,
Gies of God to each other. A friend in need is just opportunely so. So once again, let’s ‘be Frank’; I am friends with you because I love you. I won’t always want you around but that’s not a reflection of my displeasure.

And when I’m gone just carry on, don’t mourn, rejoice every time you do recall my voice. We’ve come a long way, from where we began, and I’ll tell you all about it, when I see you again,

I’ll be careful when I am ‘being Frank’ with you so I don’t hurt you in a bid to say my mind,

The stench of fellowships…often murdered by honesty;
The smeh smeh whispers of Frank.

Its safe to say ‘being Frank’ should be replaced with being ourselves,

After all, who is Frank? I don’t know him. Let’s keep it simple,

I am The Niel Quchi; and I just want to make common sense.

The Niel

(c) 2018


Excuse me sis, but I already read my Bible
My opinion is a stone from the Holy rubble
Testimonies make sense when the word made em
Parents chase miracles while ignoring them
Salesman in the meeting
Yeah we both saved but he wants my earnings
I am free, He freed me, keep your hallelujah
Praising from a grateful heart, keep your ATR

Yes I’m black but I say no to blackmail
Vex less, I understand you’re emotional
You lack depth – You need peace
If your heart soft you go bend the knee
But I know deaf ears are the red sea
And its true that only those who have read see
God already picked my lock so am safe see?

The Niel

(c) 2018


Christians clapping for the dusty
Rusty riches reaching for the hearts above, see?
Lust is the new faith, bro
So we aiming for the jet and cash flow, Abraham flow.

Now they’re saying that the ‘Amen’ did it.
Sitting in the new year; still above digits.
Woulda died broke, but am still living.
No I don’t tithe but am still given.
Wives tales wagging, nebios growing.
Up-down pastors, feature lies past us
Talk back at critics like the money is the measure

But all the riches in the world all disappear
Only the Word and those who hold him dear
Will still be here
I dont care which year
The end is a car and the world is a reindeer
I am not afraid, I am certain ’bout my reign dear.
Man’s not cold, whether or not it rain there
By faith I am sure we go reign there.

The Neil

(c) 2018

Think about this (UC Truth)

I will teach you something that took me over 10 years to learn.

Attention suddenly increases by at least 30 percent when someone claims experience in a certain thing.

You open eyes wide so you would see truth but I just lied,
Then you swallow whole like a bird does its seeds every false information I have to give.

But that’s not the lesson I have to give;
This won’t be free of charge so you would need to first subscribe to my channel, and then pay attention.

Internet age, how old is it?

How many times have you believed something just because generations before told you so?
Because they have done it so, so we should do same?

Who taught you that the left hand is bad compared to the right?
Where did you learn to hate snakes?
Ohh! Before you go all scriptural on me remember that HE made them and called them ‘good’

Are cats really witches turned to suck?
Our blood the owls and bats devour?
Is it really true that destinies can be stolen and returned?
And if I can barely stay awake during the day, then why not just let me work at night?

See animals understand themselves and act naturally
No forced rhythms to dance to
No need tuning unto stations where their bodies aren’t trained to live

They hunt when they find best, naturally
Live where they can breathe, naturally
And feed on what they can eat, naturally.

No wonder they run away from humans, well, bad association corrupts good manners.
And I would run too if I wasn’t me, human.

We have become a flaw to our own self by our rules and countless regulations, which only seems to excel when we get those screams of approval as or fans regulate us.

But I tell you, you can dare to be different
Do what you love,
Learn to play some games,
Study what you like,
Do work hard, and you don’t have to go to sleep at night just because they all do the same.

Be you, breathe,
Don’t become the next dog on life’s leash

It’s bliss to know that left and right;
White or black;
Tall or short;
Fat or slim;

..are all perfect shapes for their own holes

I am filling my spot, are you doing the same?

Think about this and get to living, and be quick about it, for the animals are still watching.

Bottled Thoughts (UC Truth)

I love coca cola products

Ranging from the pretty orange fanta
To the black gaseous coke
and then the sweet watery sprite

Unique in their own distinct taste
Though from the same company,
Even if carried in the same crate
They still wouldn’t mix,
At least not by Osmosis

You would need an opener to unravel the mystery of each sip
You will need to tilt at an angle while you allow the contents fill you up
I know you wonder where I’m headed with all of this

Well I love humans
Each a unique product with their own distinct taste
Though from the same maker
Even if they are from the same family
They still wouldn’t lose themselves,
At least that’s how it should be.

We are quick to blame an external force for making us spew venom
But we fail to realize that we only release what’s been long brewed and screwed tight in us
How screwed up we are: beyond the packaging we use to deliver our, some times, wack contents; gets revealed when we are tilted at an uncomfortable angle

So keep every bitterness in,
Allow anger boil,
Let revenge be preserved to be served at -4 degrees C
These ingredients becoming the you we see

We are all unique in our taste
But we can all be different shades of sweetness
And in the factory of our minds we work on all bad nutrients
For only then, would we, like coca cola
Deliver awesome products, and not the hate we have long had bottled up.