It’s obvious that you have the fame, the wealth and God has given you divine health,
So why do you take glory in your self?

Is it because of your mind blowing achievements, your abilities, your intellectual capacities? Why do you want to rule over the earth that you did’nt create?

My daughter says you’re her role model but I hope your selfish character she does not emulate,
Why have you allowed the ugly face of pride to troop into your heart and why have you made God step away?

A God too holy to behold sin,
Pride has so blindfolded you that you can’t see the pit of destruction right before your eyes. Yes too blind to see!!!

You go to church posing to be a Christian, But the fruit of righteousness in you, the lens of my eyes is unable to capture.

All I see is this dangerous pride calling your soul to everlasting destruction.
Son of man you shall surely give account of your works, When your sinful body turns to dust and your soul appears unfit before your maker.


(c) 2018



Like the snake he came feeding me with his lies.
Summit to me and all these glory will be yours he said as he looked into my eyes.
Yes the deceiver! I was foolish and he was wise.

So foolish that I gave him my life and consequently I had to pay the price.
Holding a sword of darkness, he made it go through my heart. Back and forth it went.
And I pleading and bleeding to be free from this darkness.

Like cancer it was destroying me.
He defiled me, stripped me naked and gave me on week to live.You put me in this mess and give me one week to live? You devil! I screamed in despair.

He laughed and reminded me what I completely forgot; the wages of sin is death and you sinner your end is near he said.My eyes so red in anger and it looked as if I had consumed some bottles of beer.
Hold your tears my dear, you will need them when your soul gets to hell, he said.

Two years has gone and i still live today because someone cleansed my stains and died in my place.
He lives and i live.
I live as white as snow.
I live as pure as light.


(c) 2018

First degree Murder

Do you still consider me Your child?
Do you still love me?
Do you still have a place?
Even in this sin city I call my heart,
With all these shortcomings of mine?

My question is?
Do all murderers have a place in your house?
Can I stab you in the heart,
Nail you to the cross,And turn my deaf hears to your world,
And still go to heaven?

I remember the first I saw you,My eyes were the colours of the sky, You took my life and gave it a new breath, And from the mouth of that very moment, Nothing else mattered, only you, Nothing was ever the same,

Until a bug flew past my eyes, Until I got stung by the swam of distractions, Then lost I, the view of you, The once crystal view became nothing but a jagged reflection, What was left of our broken love, Fell in the little Bird’s feather, And flew away, Nothing seemed to work, And progress seemed like a distant walk,

Then you took me through your words,
Gave me a silent kiss on the cheek,
Assured my ever pendulum-like heart,
That if I could trust the words write,
On the tablet of my heart,
I would be wanted for Murder,
The first degree murder of my flesh,

Olaoye Adeleye

(c) 2018

Worst Thing

I have heard many talk about you,
In different shades of tales,
Some say you are a beast,
That sinks their Titanic of a muse,
Into the great ocean of doubt,
“Ajayi” said you are the desert fire,
That turned his once river of words,
Into a dry and barren desert,

Until now, you were just a whisper
Of someone’s imagination to me,
Moulded into bits and forms,
Brought to life through the valley of his mouth,
Until you crept through the window in my ears,
Blocking my writing fluidity,
Drying up my poetic prowess faster,
Than a woman hitting menopause,

Now, I set my gaze upon the stars,
Like they said you would when in my dry spell,
Hoping that there would be an inspirational discharge,
To leak from the folds of the grey matter in my brain,
And I must admit that you are the worst thing,
That ever came in contact with my poetry.

Olaoye Adeleye
(c) 2018

5+2 efforts

Religion has been nothing but a complex language,
A puzzle that never gets solved,
In the folds of my grey matter,
A mosaic with lots of mystery pieces,
A mortar of rules

There’s nothing my brain detests more
Than figures that never add up,
Or records of extraordinary events,
That stare nature in the eye and disobey her
Yet I find myself in their midst

All I know is we sniffed your mist,
The broken, sick and lost,
All we want is to get fixed,
And from the smell of what I’ve heard,
I knew you would quench,
The desert of a thirst we had

I had a hunch about our lunch
The idea of you feeding us,
These swam of crowd
But not with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes
Mother wrapped in case I grew hungry

You reminded me of math class
Another world of confusion I melt into,
But right there in my very presence
You made integration simple
5+2 equaled 5000 and 12

That day, I went home
With waves wrapped around my hairs,
All He needs is my little to make big
All He needs is my life to make it worth it


Olaoye Adeleye
(C) 2017

The call

I stood in front of him and we were having a nice conversation.

We talked,laughed,smiled and talked again.

I saw the crowd staring at us but i wasn’t moved at all by the unpleasant looks they gave.

I just wished nothing would bring an interruption to our conversation.

I wished we could go and go without running out of words.

I wished we could keep talking,laughing and smiling and just keep the cycle going.

Suddenly,i realized that i wasn’t comfortable standing and having a nice conversation, so i decided to sit next to him.

And again i wasn’t comfortable,so i decided to draw closer till my shoulder rubbed against his.

I couldn’t understand this feeling.

There was something in my heart that needed a fill-in.

Closer and closer i moved till my head rested on the comfort of his chest.

I could hear his heartbeat per minute and each one saying how truely he loves me.

I could hear his deepest thought; abide in me and I in you..

It became apparent that my hunger was to know him each day and know him more

– Princess Pirinye