Religion versus Jesus

Days of the law when it was wrong

To do things out of the law

Keep the Sabbath day holy

Not even to give a helping hand


When your neighbour’s falling

Just stand watching and praying

Tie the word up on my head

To show the world how much I’ve read


Read they do, to do they don’t

But not to say I’m doing or I do

That was how it was

When we lived by the law


They called others blind

Just because they have eyes

Even without seeing to have a vision

Veiled faces is all I see running this race


Whereto I’m sure they don’t know

What for than the prize

How much can they give?

Self-righteousness all they got


Who do we want to show?

Christ they say they know

With this kind of life



He hates to see veiled faces

Calling others blind

He hates to see the deaf

Calling others dumb


He alone is the truth

Who knows the way and can show the way

You’ve got to follow His lead

For he is the way and the life.



Wakes me up with His love
Brushes my mouth with His smile
Bathes me with His blood
Clothes me with His righteousness
Adorns my hair with His beauty
Shod my feet with His peace
Leads me out with His arm of protection
To the path He’s straightened out for me
I appear before men
Just to them, see! It’s all about Jesus
End of day’s work
To the shelter of the abode
Engages me with a chat in His word
Opens my book with His wisdom
Reads to me with understanding
Sets the dinner of His presence before me
That I might eat till filled
Lays me to bed with prayer
Saying: “MINE, sleep in me”…

Oraegbu P.


Looking out of my window
Shining brightly through the clouds
The sight of a new moon I see
Ready to get my feet up
Just then it stung
Thinking what it could be
Then another sting
Tried to find it
Seems it’s the thin air.

Reaching to the door
All with struggle
Darkness I see
Began then to wonder what this is
Light to darkness!
What on earth!
Groaning in pain
Called for an aid
No response, just blank

Called my mama, blank!
Called my papa, blank!
For all seemed empty and lost
Left alone I was
Cried and cried
For the more the shout,
The more the pain
Shed tears from white to red
Helplessly calling for help

Now to whom?
Just then it struck
Shouted with the last breath
Then it happened
A bang, a war, commotion, noise
What a happening?
Darkness giving way to light
Yes! Oh! It is happening

And then, a touch!
Light, softly, soothing
Pulled me up
On my feet strong I stood
For the pains gone
All’s done just because
Jesus is come.
Through the troubles and the stumble
Don’t struggle, just remember to shout
The name JESUS!!!

Oraegbu P.