True Manifestation of the Sons of God

The fast growing decadence in the society today has necessitated the need to awaken all believers to their duty and call. To jolt them from sleep and bring them to the realisation of what is left to be done in the preparation for Christ’s second coming. It is in view of this that we would like to look at how God intends for us to carry out this great task in question, the great commission so to say. We are trusting God to help us understand this in the light of Rom 8:19 “For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. (KJV)
Manifestation as far as heaven is concerned, is showing forth the glory of God through the many talents he has given us. When God created man in His own image, He gave man the ability to manifest. This means that every man has the inherent ability to manifest whether he is a son or not. So therefore, a born again son of God cannot be said to be manifesting if he or she is simply doing things anybody else can do. There is more required of him or her. We only manifest as sons when we do those things that others are unable to do. As long as Pharaoh and his magicians could turn their sticks into snakes as Moses did, they continued to harden their hearts. They only had a change of mind when he did that they could not do. A true manifestation of a son goes beyond the ordinary. In our various fields, we only begin to manifest when we do that which ordinary people can’t do.
When the bible talks about “earnest expectation”, it connotes a personal decision to wait and see. This means we are in a time when the whole of creation has made a decision to wait and see the manifestation of the sons of God. If what we have to show the world as evidence for our manifestation is what it already has, then in vain would it have waited. What it least expects to see, is what it already has. The whole of creation will be frustrated if we as Christians don’t justify its reason for waiting. If what the sons of God are manifesting is what any man in the world can do, then any man can claim to be a son of God. True manifestation only comes as a result of being a true son of God. We shall try to understand who a son of God is, by looking at four categories of people who indeed are not sons. It is our prayer that you do not fall among these groups.
Those struggling to be sons but are not: In Acts 7, we read about Saul. He claimed to be working for God and could be said to be in ministry. But when he met with Jesus, he discovered he was only persecuting Christ. He was doing a common thing; anybody could persecute.
Those pretending to be sons but are not: In Acts 19, we read about the seven sons of Sceva. They desired true manifestation but did not desire to be sons. So they went about pretending. The scriptures refer to such as vagabonds. People in this category associate with true sons of God and are even regarded by men as sons whereas heaven regards them as strange children. True manifestation is not by connection to sons of God. It comes as a result of being a true son.
Those who are genuinely supposed to be sons but are not: This group of people like Esau (Gen. 25) are supposed to be sons but do not want to pay the price. They settle temporary issues with permanent ones. How could one be so hungry in his father’s house and found nothing else to sell other than his birth right? People in this category prefer to work for God than walk with Him. They are within the presence of God without the very presence in them.
Those sons who have compromised: In this category we find sons like Samson (Jug. 14&16) who have compromised. They allow the things of the world to swallow their passion for God. They are lukewarm and prefer to sit at the fence.
Those in the categories above can never manifest as long as heaven is concerned. They might struggle, pretend but only succeed in fooling men and as the bible says, at the right time, “…… they reap what they sow.” (Gal. 6:7). It is therefore mandatory that we examine ourselves under God and ensure that we do not belong to any of the groups mentioned above.
True manifestation is God’s desire for every of His children and is marked by the following characteristics.
God is the one who speaks and not the flesh (self): True manifestation is centred on the interest of God and is only genuinely evident when God speaks. He takes the decisions. A child of God who wishes to manifest for God must wait for God to do it at His own time, for His own glory.
There is no alternative for God: In a true manifestation, the finger of God is evident. Everybody knows that God is at work and working through his son. Whatever the man does is merely symbolic, God is the one at work.
It is always beyond human comprehension: When Pharaoh’s magicians could not turn dust into lice, they realised the finger of God. They witnessed the true manifestation of a son.
It draws men to God: The true manifestation of a true son will always draw men to God. It will always lead men to Jesus.
The devil does not fold his hands and watch the sons of God as they manifest. He always tries to attack and fight. It is as we overcome daily that we walk closer to our points of manifestation, from one degree of glory to the other. Some of the seemingly harmless weapons the devil uses against sons of God to hinder them from manifesting include:
Zeal: Zeal without the life of Christ is useless. Any man who works for God without the tangible life of Christ will soon be destroyed. When Uzzah became so zealous as to prevent the ark of God from falling, he ended up dying (2Sam. 6:1-6). Zeal without the true life of Christ is no true manifestation.
Lack of knowledge: The ark of God was meant to be carried only by Levites, not in a beautified cart. But David and his men lacked this knowledge and that caused them all the life of Uzzah. Thus the scriptures say “my people perish for lack of knowledge…” (Hos 4:6).
Weights: These can be dealt with through discipline. They include habits that could be ignored as though they were not sin, but have a way of weighing one down and delaying his true manifestation. Examples include eating habits and sleep. Sons who manifest are sons who have self-control over their bodies.
Lack of devotion: A son who lacks devotion is not likely to manifest even when given the opportunity. Sons who desire true manifestation must be devoted to God and the things of God. Devotion is what distinguishes men: those who merely have talent and those who have life.
Peer influence: Jehoshaphat almost lost his life when he followed Ahab to war. Amnon lost his life when he heeded the advice of Jonadab. For us to manifest as sons of God, we must come out from the crowd. We must separate ourselves from others. We must not be cajoled by the multitude.
Sin: The effect of sin on a life can never be overemphasized. A man who is living in sin can never truly manifest. Sin is the major issue that hinders a life from manifesting. When God sees sin, he turns his face away. When a man is sinful just like Judas (who betrayed Jesus), he loses all opportunity to manifest.
Having looked at what it means to manifest and who a true son is, we shall proceed to look at how to manifest truly for God. There are three steps a true born son of God should take in order to enter his manifestation. These are;
Discover purpose: All men were created for a purpose. This is the reason why we shall all give account of our lives on judgment day. (Heb. 9: 27). Manifestation is based on purpose. People who fail to discover their purpose remain spectators but those who know their God shall do exploits. Anything we try to do outside God’s purpose for our lives does not lead to true manifestation; at most it becomes a photocopy of another person’s manifestation. It lacks authenticity. There is timing in purpose. Discover your purpose in God and pursue it. Live your life as a man that will give account.
Walk in purpose: Walking in purpose means walking with God. For a man to manifest, he only needs to walk in the steps that God has created for him. God works the purpose out in the life of a true son. It is only when we abide in God and He in us, that we fulfill purpose. There is that path which He has predestined for us to walk in. (Eph. 2:10). We must remain in it.
Remain focused: For true manifestation to occur, a son must remain focused on Jesus. There shouldn’t be any wavering or faltering. No indecision, no indifference. There should be nothing between us and the Saviour. (Rom. 8: 35).
It is God’s divine intention that the whole of creation continue to groan and wait expectantly for the revealing of His glory through His sons. He already is doing this through many of His children who have availed themselves to be used of Him. Are you a true son of God and you are not yet manifesting? Do you desire to manifest for Jesus in the place where he has placed you? Examine your life under God and do away with everything that weighs you down. The level of your manifestation is dependent on the amount of devotion you give to God. Awake in your spirit and begin to manifest for God in your fullest capacity. Wherever you find yourself, count it a platform to manifest for Jesus.

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