What makes this thing wrong?

Is a question I have been asked on many occasions, especially when it comes to upholding sexual purity until marriage, referring to it as ‘the right thing’.

I have often been battered with answer’s summed up in the statement 

‘ To call premarital sex wrong is to deny human nature, there is no need being fake about something that comes to you naturally, you christians should just stop being religious and face reality’ 

  To these I would simply laugh because in all honesty, the point seems valid, but I dare say only from a first person (selfish) point of view. 

Let us Ascend To The Place Of The Most High And See Things From The Ominicient Point Of View. 

   As I pondered on this issue I was taken back to the garden of eden. The problem was never in the fruit, neither was it in the eating. The problem came straight from the thinking. 

‘As a man thinks in his heart, so is he’

Where the mind of man ceases to consider the possibility of life outside of himself, there will always be a reparcursion for his actions. 

To eat fruit is not wrong,

The tree of Knowledge of good and evil is not a ‘bad’ tree. 

I know this because all that God created is good. 

But what made this thought and action wrong? why did man fall?

Man fell because his thought and action altered the divine order of things. 

 Man must cease to see himself as an insignificant element merely roaming the earth, with the sole purpose of having sex and making babies, only to eat, grow old and die.  He must begin to see himself as the custodian of the ancient secrets of the earth, the guardian, caretaker, husband, tender of the earth. A force that is capable of changing the course of the earth as we know it. 

 We are only mere men if we choose to be. 

This was Adams sin, and a sin ever so recurring in our world today. 

To see himself below who he really is.

To think for once that he can act in isolation of the inevitability of consequences.

You see, Adam neglected the fact that in life, there are no voids, that a quest embarked upon outside the divine order would always give birth to something new, an antithesis.

Man’s mandate to be fruitful and multiply is not restricted to the birthing of children after his own kind, it far encompasses the meanial box we have put it in.

Anything birthed by man through the power of life Himself (Holy Spirit) will be equally as powerful, equally as alive, and equally bring its resultant consequence with earnest velocity.

Adam sowed to the flesh when he ate of the tree outside of divinity’s plan, and of that sowing Adam reaps corruption ever so lasting. 

To this again I say, We are only mere men if we choose to be. 

The choice is never devoid of consequences, and trust me they far supersed the fear of STDs and early pregnancy, 

I speak of consequences that sowing to life or death can bring. One more desirable than the other, one more fruitful than the other, one more blessed than the other. 

Both very much eternal.


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