Dear damsel of Honour
A few words for you that may not hurt
Your role is quite exquisite
Therefore you must be all it takes, no exceptions
A gentle heart, quite accommodating
Large enough to fit in all the lost sheep
You must know how to tend to a shoal of fishes in an unbroken net
Making dinner is a routine
Please no recipes in the wrong sauce
Only serve at tables with your hair dyed a deep red
A prove you have been sealed with the blood of the lamb
You should be an epitome of beauty
Something competitors can emulate
You need a Joseph’s store of patience and obedience
To last till the troupes waiting in line linger
Your eyes must only be on the Lord
Don’t glance elsewhere, they’re all dead mirage
His instructions must be your delight
A rebellious mind he does despise
Please fill your soul with the deepest love
Leaving no void for another to fill
Pride will leave you where the Nephilims’ are
Don’t hesitate to fall at his feet
You have to be a perfect mother
Who knows the secret remedy to all her children’s whims

Rebekah E.
© 2020

Dear God #2

To follow you


I’m on a boat sailing to the shore where you are
The waters, still, remind me of your love –
Unwavering and completely overwhelmimg
When I’m stuck and can’t go any further, you still believe in me
I’m sorry for not trusting you enough
For not doing the little crazy things you want to me to do
For not completely giving in to your desires
I’ll listen to those little nudges inside and obey your voice
I am not going to hide the light that you have put in me
You know what you’re doing
You know what’s best for me
From now on, I put all of my faith and all of my trust in you
I see your hands stretched out to me
I love how warm and safe it feels
I don’t want to ever be in a place where you aren’t
I want to follow your lead

Your darling

– Ifiokabasi Okop (2019)

Dear God #1

Eyes that see
Ears that hear
A heart that knows
A life that does


I’m stuck
I don’t know how to describe it
I feel numb and distant from you
I searched for answers in a world that proffers lies
I’m sorry I didn’t trust you
I’m sorry I doubted you
Distance from you is seeping life out of me
I look for meaning and reasons to live
Dad, it’s vague, dark, empty and I’m loosing myself
Please show me
Give me eyes that see you in everything
Ears that hear your reassuring, soothing words
A heart that knows you, all of you
Let my life do your desires, be your heartbeat, live your life
Your Zoe

Your lost daughter

– Ifiokabasi Okop (2019)

A letter…

Dear Boss of the Ship,

My Man, I have carried the name on my Instagram
even had it flying with the tweets
Cap_quchi for more than a few weeks

I have lost and gained my pride in writing
A couple of times; looking for rhymes
I found that I could lose myself in trying to get lost
And never find the things I have found about things:

New Techniques stay undocumented
In the old days there’d be government
At the very head of the endeavour to exploit
Now we taunt them

Tell me that you knocked on doors
Let me show you how high gates get in Abuja

But please, I apologize for digressing
Every time I speak, I’m the first learning
That makes me new to me although I think I knew me.

So I put God first and his yes or no
When I turn to walk away, they watch me go

He brings me back to the races
When I leap right over the gates
He’s made surrounding me to face his enemies
It’s plain to see I am thinking I am so enough,
Yam dipped in blood red anointing oil;
Is it the lamb today or the lion?

I hope you read my mind on this “write” thing
I will continue to propagate the writings
Stick the Word in it and let The Lord speak
My imagination defeated before the Lord’s peak

Every time I speak, I’m the first learning
Even when I read what I don’t remember knowing
The trick is to stay grateful, it’s calming

The thesis should be NielQuChi is growing
And he teaches me how to love and to war
How to defend and how to trust or
Do things they will later tell as lore
What has God not seen before?

Me, I think I’m a bit enough
to give a life of this writing stuff
Even when I read what I don’t remember knowing
The trick is to stay grateful, it’s calming

Thank you for the opportunity, 

– The Niel (2019)


These letters I write to you Lord are tattered
Like my heart now in pieces
And I know it sounds awkward saying this
But, I have experienced so much change
Become unpredictable like the weather
I don’t even know my mirror anymore
I am stuck in this abyss,
Now Knocked out by life, because I floored

So I need an opening or a door
To escape into your bliss
To experience those moments I once reminiscence about
But my life seems like it has gone south
The walls of my soul has come crumbling down
My crown, I now wear with a scarlet gown
And your love, I have moon walked away from

Every morning, I drown in my own tears
And at night fall I take pleasure talking about my fears
I don’t understand how I have become
A stranger to you and my self
So I can only hope my letters rise to the sky like incense
As my prayer are littered all over those papers
I hope that as I dig through your word again to unearth my goldmine
I pray that you would patiently build my faith again like a skyscraper

Keep me from being as loose as a kite blown by every wind and doctrine
Show me how to love again with great affection
So that your grace will be only song I continually play on my selection
As you teach me to walk on water again despite my imperfection
I am sure then,
That My life will finally make sense again

Isoje Victor
© 2019


I’m not good enough,
Daddy is taking Ada out for the third time because she aced her exams and I did not,
It’s the 4th time I’m being dumped for the better one who happens to bear my second name,
Yes! I took the pain to please my team and they chose David instead to take the lead,
Right now, I can’t look my wife in the face because I was not strong enough to rescue our only son before the car exploded in my face,
It’s 5 of 5 times I gave my opinion only to be overlooked by Tunde my coworker,
Who later brushed it up at the board meeting and was given a cool offer,
I even bet my life savings on the victory of my soccer club and the other club won,
And now I remember that it was momma who never believed a word a say because of the lie I told when I was two,

So, before I take my baby steps to death,
let me tell you that life has left me bullied by these thoughts and actions and betrayals and my pride with many rejections,
I even resulted to alcoholism but.. wait,
My religion abhors it so I’m formerly depressed,
These are the few I can tell,
I don’t want to tingle your ears,
And so far, all gesture given to me have been a clue for my escape away from this wicked world,

This was my life until I met one who told me I was made for so much more,
“Though the world’s pressure be heavy on me?”
But one sure word,
“Though I have been tagged as a sore looser and my dreams are dying”
But one true word,
“Though the stem of a tree be cut off and it’s roots wither but with the scent of water…
..That tree will grow again”

So before you pull the trigger to your brain,
Or drink that mixture,
Or have a last look at the beautiful skies as you sink in to the deep,
Or tie that rope to your neck,
Or write your last letter,
Give me the chance to rescue the hero in you,
Let me a minute to whisper to you that you are the one the skies have been waiting for,
Allow me to give you this scent of hope that there’s one who believes in your breath,
Your scent, your accent, your color, your posture, your smiles,

I mean your tears a so treasured so much that every drop sends a signal to the one who created you,
Truly you’re the apple of his eyes,
And these misdeeds are remodeling you into a masterpiece,
Your past do not define your future,
You are equal and more to that problem you’re facing,
You’re the champion waiting to happen,
So don’t give up, hang in there!
And just before another ‘false truth’ comes knocking at your mind’s door,
Accommodate this one truth,
“You are good enough!”

Azubuike Hannah
© 2018



Dearest Damsel in Distress,

I hope that this note does not leave you without help, having found you in distress.

I have come to learn by experience, how bleak a future could be when you cannot see any lights at the end of the tunnel.

Oh DD, I am at that tunnel right now, it feels as though my cloud is night and I dare say that I have not found any silver linings yet, it’s so really dark in here!

DD, I really cannot tell you that I know how I got in here, or my way out of here; and the blanket thick darkness in this tunnel is so smoldering yet I am unshielded from the ice cold in here.  Maybe they are even hot ice, I really cannot tell.

You know Damsel in Distress, the only clue that I have is to simply cry because I really just cannot help it.

I have a lot of hope, and I have some faith too but I guess I don’t have any answers at all in my supplies – in fact, I got lost in here with nothing in my convenient pack!

Nevertheless DD, I would want to share with you, a few of my little things – some of the strengths that the LORD is giving me here!

I do not know how my help out of here will come, but I know too well that the LORD has helped me by His Spirit. I have chosen to hang on to His grace because His mercy is all that I have to hang on to. Sometimes, the rain beats me so hard, the ocean tries to drown me, the fire burns with smoldering smoke with me buried-stuck inside, and the mountains don’t even let me have the luxury of a little air to breathe.

But do you know what DD, I can never be consumed! I have not found that in my Bible, it’s not about here being too dark to see; the Spirit is my inner witness!

I mourn but I am blessed daily by the LORD’s comforting Spirit. I know that my pain would all go away someday because I know that it is well with my soul. I know that even if everything choses to remain dead hopeless, I’ll live through it all.

One thing I know for sure is that my problems are not pioneered by God but I know that He will hijack the situation to beautify me even more, my “sisterly” Ubamara calls that ‘Make up’!

Therefore DD, because I know that beauty is my sorrow’s end, and spiritual endurance is my heart’s fate, I have chosen to hang on because I BELIEVE! And because I believe, I am going to show myself that I believe.

I am going to grab a pale from time to time, and I’d soak my feet ready for some generous pedicure. I have chosen to take my bath times more seriously because I have promised myself to savor every single bit of it, even my lotion times too! I am never going to forget to wear myself some beautiful makeups every single morning. I am never going to forget to eat good food, no junks! And I am really going to be walking in here with some self-respect. I would never forget to keep myself hydrated because I need to look beautiful for my beautiful end. Who wants to look like a mess at red carpet entry? Not me, most def! You wouldn’t want to DD because our end is fairer than any Grammy red carpet’s euphoria, trust me!


Damsel in Distress,

Favour Omeje.






































































My Dearest,
How are you, it’s been a while…I have been reading your love letters and I decided to also write to you, to tell you how it was for me.
Well at the time you came I was in a relationship with someone. He was the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. His face shone like polished pearl, his voice like a melodious song played in the morning, swaying me with words that dripped with honey from his sugar coated tongue. He told me he could give me anything I wanted, He told me his name was Lucifer and he was my world prince charming and I was too happy at the thought of being his sleeping beauty princess. Finally he won me over and I gave him my heart, He gave me everything I wanted cars, houses, cloths, jewellery, anything I could think of, boy did he spoil me rotten. I thought I was in heaven, but now I realize it was actually hell with him.
Then you came around telling me about how much you loved me. To say the truth, I didn’t really understand the whole “LOVE” issue it kinda freaked the HELL out of me, the whole talk of loving and knowing me before I was even conceived, giving everything you loved that you might gain my love, your telling “my thoughts toward you are as countless as the sand on the sea shore” (I was beginning to think you were a stalker) I could not comprehend the love, most especially when you told me you love me with an everlasting LOVE. It was really crazy. The truth is that the kind of love you brought my way, wasn’t the kind I was used to and it was strange not having to follow a list of things to do in order to feel the love I needed or to feel clean. You see I always felt dirty and lonely with him that’s my ex but there you came with a whole different story of love, telling me I didn’t need to do anything or follow a whole set of rules to be clean that I just had to accept you, I guess I didn’t understand what love meant.
I started falling for you. You made me realize the love I was deprived of and why I needed you. But you see my ex wasn’t the kind of person to give up on one whose heart he owns (he is kind of possessive). He got angry and tried keeping me away from you, especially when you started knocking at my door. At my door you stayed and all you ever asked for was to come in and dine with me but my ex, he called you a crazy crook set out to manipulate me. He said if I let him go it was I who would lose all the good things only he could give me. Oh the lies I had to deal with!
When you told me you could die for me I thought it was a joke. But here we are you actually did it! I was quite scared I had lost you but you came back for me… Now that is romantic, imagine a man fighting for me. Well I accepted your love, though I don’t understand it yet and the enormity of it all still baffles me. Even the fact that you forgave my hurting you (all those years I stuck with my EX) without wanting anything in return, except to love you. Truth is, with my EX, it was different, it was all about what he wanted, he never forgave my wrongs, and he was a psycho. Now I’m off the chains and free to love you. I am learning to love and trust you completely. And nothing is going to keep me away from your love… You’re now my true Prince Charming you can call me Snow White because I know you will always come for me and find me. I LOVE YOU
Yours lovingly
P.s your love letter rocks. Reading, believing, and speaking it sends my ex on his heels.