EVERYDAYJESUS wants me to mean it! (An update).

One morning last June, during my final year at the University, I and my rummies got ready to leave for lectures; we all had a long day ahead. We wanted to look the best that we could-as snazzy as possible, you know most girls like to look good.  Lipsticks were busy, eyeliners and mascaras popped eyes, mirrors had many things to say. Foundations, shadows, fragrances, talcum, rouges, and all, were taking turns to make their contributions. And of course wardrobes were either functioning or malfunctioning as all the dresses pleaded for a chance to get picked for the day’s outing. Soon the activities were dying down because we started leaving the room for lectures one after the other.  I and one of my ‘fave’ rummies were left and she had been talking with the mirror over and over again – I did not listen to their conversation anyways.  It was almost immediately that I heard her say:  ‘Favour, tell me that I look nice’.  Without thinking, I replied ‘you look nice’.  Then came the accusation ‘you never meant to say that, you just told me that I looked nice because I asked you to’.  Without thinking again, I told her that I did as she told me to, and that I did not expect her to complain.  I was shocked when she said ‘I AM HURT’.  I was taken aback. I learned a lesson.

Jesus is a lot like us, or like her. He is totally man yet totally God. He hurts when we do things simply because we think the Bible demands them from us rather than because we were dying to do them.  Pour exemplum, if I read my Bible and pray just because it is a Christian rule or duty, then Jesus would hurt because I don’t really enjoy the ‘us’ time. I was merely doing what was necessary.  On the other hand, if I take out good time to study the Bible for myself and talk with Him because I really love to learn from Him and because in fact, I just can’t get enough of Him, then do I believe that He like any man, would feel loved and wanted. Jesus is just too gentle to demand things like studying the bible, and praying from us. Doing those things does not make Him love us more but in doing them we avail ourselves the opportunity of seeing things the way He sees them. Jesus wants us to do things when we are ready to, and because we really love to- that is love! I wouldn’t be happy if my spouse struggles to spend some time with me simply because ‘they’ say he has to. I would just feel like I am a really boring person to be with. Jesus is not too far from being like me – he is still the Son of Man. Every day, Jesus wants me to mean it!

“If you love me, you will obey what I command.”

John 14: 15 (NIV) 


By Favouromeje, 2016.   

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