First degree Murder

Do you still consider me Your child?
Do you still love me?
Do you still have a place?
Even in this sin city I call my heart,
With all these shortcomings of mine?

My question is?
Do all murderers have a place in your house?
Can I stab you in the heart,
Nail you to the cross,And turn my deaf hears to your world,
And still go to heaven?

I remember the first I saw you,My eyes were the colours of the sky, You took my life and gave it a new breath, And from the mouth of that very moment, Nothing else mattered, only you, Nothing was ever the same,

Until a bug flew past my eyes, Until I got stung by the swam of distractions, Then lost I, the view of you, The once crystal view became nothing but a jagged reflection, What was left of our broken love, Fell in the little Bird’s feather, And flew away, Nothing seemed to work, And progress seemed like a distant walk,

Then you took me through your words,
Gave me a silent kiss on the cheek,
Assured my ever pendulum-like heart,
That if I could trust the words write,
On the tablet of my heart,
I would be wanted for Murder,
The first degree murder of my flesh,

Olaoye Adeleye

(c) 2018

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