Bottled Thoughts (UC Truth)

I love coca cola products

Ranging from the pretty orange fanta
To the black gaseous coke
and then the sweet watery sprite

Unique in their own distinct taste
Though from the same company,
Even if carried in the same crate
They still wouldn’t mix,
At least not by Osmosis

You would need an opener to unravel the mystery of each sip
You will need to tilt at an angle while you allow the contents fill you up
I know you wonder where I’m headed with all of this

Well I love humans
Each a unique product with their own distinct taste
Though from the same maker
Even if they are from the same family
They still wouldn’t lose themselves,
At least that’s how it should be.

We are quick to blame an external force for making us spew venom
But we fail to realize that we only release what’s been long brewed and screwed tight in us
How screwed up we are: beyond the packaging we use to deliver our, some times, wack contents; gets revealed when we are tilted at an uncomfortable angle

So keep every bitterness in,
Allow anger boil,
Let revenge be preserved to be served at -4 degrees C
These ingredients becoming the you we see

We are all unique in our taste
But we can all be different shades of sweetness
And in the factory of our minds we work on all bad nutrients
For only then, would we, like coca cola
Deliver awesome products, and not the hate we have long had bottled up.

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