The movie perfect stranger is all about a girl who did not believe God existed, she ran away from home because her loving parents where all about her giving her life fully to God but she did not believe it was necessary because she hated religion.

In the movie the difference between Christianity and religion was made known to us. While running away, she meets with Jesus on the plane(without knowing it was Jesus) and there He made her know all she needed to know,she told a stranger her deepest secret, because He never judged her belief but instead loved her in her disagreement that Jesus(God) really existed, HIS love was further shown when she told Him how she was raped,He wept and still showed her more love.

One can experience God in different ways but this girl spoke to Jesus,touched Him and ate with Him  but still did not know He was the one till He left her.

However, according to the movie her mother also experienced Jesus but after having dinner with Him.

In conclusion,let your heart be open,do not look at your past because God is not concerned all He needs is to be your number one lover and you His bride.

A sign that the girl knew it was God was the nail that went through his skin.vlcsnap-61036vlcsnap-60852

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