EVERYDAYJESUS and my favorite word!

I love a lot of things with my whole being. In fact, I sometimes think I love them more than Christ! I know you would be birling on the sea of doubt of the authenticity of my ‘born-againness’ right now, of course I couldn’t care less as long as am saying the truth which is the only tool for my ‘emancipation’ from all ‘bondage’!


So, here’s my lead-in:

I am the body with the effulgent guy with the sobriquet, ‘Symolean Mikado Goodest’. Although I am an abecedarian at locutions, some fellas still aver that I am ‘megaloquent’, ‘logophile’, polymath and of course a huge Philomath and would run miles and miles away from my knitting crafts with the claim that I am enigmatic.


Okay, enough of all this stupid rambling. I love words! I love knowledge! I can go any length to increase the number of lexicons in my active vocabulary same goes for what I know. I wouldn’t mind jeopardizing a thing just to learn anything that catches my fancy because knowledge makes me feel like the small rudder the mighty ship just can’t do without. Words make me feel like the Mikado of the whole wide world. They make me feel so powerful and invincible! Knowledge gets me so intoxicated and most times, they make me think that I could see into other realms. They make me feel so complete that nothing else would matter to me the way they do.


But sometimes, these words I manipulate in different manners to get varying effects on my spheres turn to a cup of poison that I drink without knowing. They remove the prop with which they suspend me on the ‘most-high-state’ and my sacral vertebrae suffers the pain.

For your information, the word I was talking about is literally word, the tool of communication that unlocks the mysteries of our heart.


Nevertheless, Jesus has become to me every day, the WORD, and for all time! He is everything said and unsaid! He is the Wisdom of God, He is the spoken Word that could the big bang, in case you are a big fan of the theory! He is the Knowledge that both quenches my spirits curiosity, yet He still knows how to make me want some more!

He is Jesus!

By Simeon, Chidi; February, 2017

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