EVERYDAYJESUS loves to father me!



My head swelled with a humbling pride at the realization that I am a son of God…forever. I always sail to cloud 9 each time I ponder on this reality. Oh! How the natural man will have a hard time understanding this, he may even think of me as pitifully ambitious but my bible tells me that it has always been God’s plans according to Ephesians 1:5 to adopt me into his beautiful family through what Christ did on the cross and this, this is not to fulfill any obligation, he didn’t owe me any…He just loved to father me…and it brings him pleasure when I acknowledge him as my father!

I am a son of God forever! Please save the correction Love, there is no gender differentiation. It is just an enviable position I occupy. Thank Jesus it has nothing to do with gender as it would have come with gender attached roles and limitations; like the girls will do the easier tasks such as speak in tongues, interpret, discern and show love while the boys will perform the herculean task such as casting out devils, exercising the mountain moving faith, raise the dead and so on. Thank God there are no two categories, I am a Son!

Oh how ignorant I have been of this reality! Without clear understanding I have religiously and shrilly answered ‘yeeeessssss’ to the chant: “sons and daughters of the living God!” Thank God I understand better now and it gets clearer every day.

1 John 3:1-2 states that we are sons of God as a result of the manner of Love God has bestowed upon us. It is a love indecipherable that made him choose of all things to father us.

God is our Father! He is my father! I can’t keep shut! Glory!

I can associate with the fact that most people derive some sort of recognition by saying who their father is, right? So don’t be surprised when next time we meet and I say “Good morning Love, God is my father!” It works right when you keep affirming this to yourself as often as possible. It will go right into the strong holds of your mind and pull down all of them inferiority laced thoughts that battles to exalt itself above the knowledge of the Father in your mind. The realization of this truth will save you the stress of many psychological quick fixes that are just so short-lived!

…trusting for more revelations.

By His Ruth, February, 2017.

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