EveryDayJesus- ‘Who can be Mad?’ (an Update)

Who can be mad?

I am just not speaking of mad, as in mad in love. I mean who has a right to go about in his full original birth dress, pretending or maybe claiming that he is the only true son of Adam left, enjoying the Eden that only him can see in a garbage heap, and really hoping to find the bone of his bone and the flesh of his flesh in the same pile of ‘Eden’- and probably determining in his heart not to let his Eve lure him into eating anything that will open his eyes and show him what he is not wearing because he is ADAM MAN (an anagram of A MAD MAN). So who has a right to be called A MAD MAN simply because that is the best title befitting him?

Well, writing this particular article was to me a kitchen experience which involved fixing up a delicious meal that I think you might not be able to resist. Therefore if you permit me to call it a good meal then you might also like it well served- three course:

I would love to, and I am presenting before you a buffet of sumptuous platters of a ‘who-can-be-mad’ appetite whetting, mouthwatering antique thin soup of English, French, Italian, and may be Spanish cuisines, aka juicy and savory antique quotes on MADNESS for you to do justice to- mercy me, no, mercy you!

  1. What is madness?

“To have erroneous perceptions and to reason correctly from them”- Voltaire (1694-1778), French writer/philosopher.

  1. “A source of strong emotions and terrifying images which it arouses through fear of the Beyond, Catholicism frequently provokes madness; it generates delirious beliefs, entertains hallucinations, leads men to despair”- Michel Foucault (1926-1984), French philosopher.
  • “A body seriously not in equilibrium, either with itself or with its environment, perishes outright. Not so a mind. Madness and suffering can set themselves no limit”- George Santayana (1863-1952), Spanish-born U.S philosopher, poet and novelist.
  1. “Although …a societal reaction might pressurize an individual… into becoming an outcast, delinquent or rebel, it is difficult to imagine how a similar reaction would force him to adopt the central schizophrenic syndrome”- John K. Wing (1923- ), British psychiatrist. Lecture, University of Vienna.
  2. “King Madness in great ones must not unwatch’d go”- William Shakespeare (1564-1616), English poet and play wright. Hamlet, Acts 3, scene 1.
  3. “And something’s odd- within me- that person that I was- and this one- do not feel the same- could it be madness- this?- Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), U.S poet. ‘The First Day’s Night Had Come’
  • “ A man goes far to find out what he is- death of the self in a long, tearless night, all natural shapes blazing unnatural light”- Theodore Roethke (1908-1963), U.S poet. The Far Field, ‘In a Dark Time’.

You might also like this platter, African, savory, but recent

“Madness is one of the offspring, in fact the son of old age of the old man christened ‘Wrong Believing’- Nneoma Favouromeje (alive and well, duh!), the girl who is hell bent on making poor you read about ‘ who can be mad’- of all things.

  1. Main course

Enjoy the fun and thrill in finding out the continental origin of this cuisine- only by eating it completely.

Madness in my one eyes, is just that sickness which has its own etiological agent ( disease causing agent) being ‘wrong believing- well I am so sorry that I see microbiology in almost anything, I might still change if you give me enough time to, and not give up on me too.


The different forms of madness present similar if not exactly the same signs and symptoms as do the different forms of demon possession talked about in my Bible. So if you do not mind, I would be so glad to deduce that madness is equal to and equivalent to demon possession. Also, demons are not necessarily just things that appear to take the forms of living things, and which find themselves unfortunately denied of bodies to live in. For me, demons wrap themselves up in wrong belief systems, in destructive words, and they effortlessly make their ways into human minds through both the ear and eye gates. These wrong beliefs come with direct or indirect contact with infected people just the same way that viruses and other pathogens do. Therefore, viruses and bacteria are to influenza, HIV, and meningitis, what wrong believing is to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and panic disorder. The basic difference is that wrong believing produces mental illness while viruses and bacteria produce body illness. The funny thing is that, with gradual increase in severity of madness, ADAM man might inflict damage on himself, the demon possessed people in the Bible usually cut themselves with sharp things just in the same way that a mentally deranged man on the streets, or better still in a psychiatry, would himself, or just as how any boy on the lower pole of his manic-depressive disorder would love to feed sumptuously on the thoughts of committing suicide. Sometimes, mad folks enjoy the thoughts of harming other people as their most fancy daydream- so if you are not planning to take authority, just stare clear, don’t say nobody told you. In fact, Jeffery Dahmer planned his ‘17 men in one day’ killing spree, more intricately than I am planning my future ‘home sweet home’, or even more delicately than Dr Carson planned his hit Binder twin surgery, okay?

Madness is not more or less than the outcome of poor believing. If Dennis believes that only he has to dutifully pay for every dime of his wrong doings, then he has succeeded in catching a reticulate ‘Chlamydia’ because when you hear that he hung himself in his room and left behind a note on his bed written “NOW YOU ARE FREE OF ME BECAUSE I DENNIS HAS PAID THE VERY LAST PENNY OF THE MENACE” you will know that the condensing ways of the matured elementary bodies in his head are way past finding out. It would be so sad then, because he was sorely terrorized by the sum of them, and painful shall his passing be.

You see, madness is the obvious outcome of the mental harassment unleashed by demons, as mind-teasing as the word ‘tease’. In fact, madness is the name of the cry you hear when a mad man believes, and is mentally harassed, humiliated and molested by demons which present themselves as ugly nauseating buffets of lies diligently cooked up by the only Chief Executive Chef of lies that I know of, Lucifer.



  1. Dessert.

I think everyone needs some generous dose of sugar loving here and there, don’t you? After a great meal such as this, I believe that a well whipped cold strawberry-chocolate sundae with any juicy red fruit atop, cannot be a bad idea.

Si vous plais mutants, you are not permitted to be mad, in fact you cannot be mad or demon possessed- if that is a better rendition for you. The base pairs concerned such a possibility, was part of the genes which the Recombinant DNA Technologist spliced out- I am so sorry! Only non-mutants are allowed to, if and whenever they so desire, in fact they cannot help it when the terrorist comes visiting. Mutants have The Gene that codes for the only good antidote to madness ever known or heard of- top secret! Mutants believe on the right thing, The Truth, the only life changing Good News that any human ear has ever heard of, the Gospel. Mutants know what right believing is, and this is right believing, it is finished, He is risen, Believe and Receive (get mutated, be eternal)!


By Favouromeje, 2016; Updated, 2017.










EverydayJesus’ ‘How to be Happy!’

Happiness can only be found within Love!

Love is God and God is Love.

Receive wholeheartedly, the love of the Father;

Bask in that love for yourself

Accept yourself in His gracious redeeming love, you’ll end up accepting others too

And you’ll be happy all along!


Happiness may be a rested acceptance and enjoyment of providence

The surest way I know to Rest, is in accepting the acquittal of the only Just One, He who makes men right in His own eyes;

In allowing His forgiving Love on yourself first, others may receive from you, willingly given

And you sure will be happy all the way!


Happiness is Rest and trust!

If you are not able to simply believe and see the Father’s Love from your heart’s eye;

You might never catch a glimpse of happiness, as you run in your fervent pursuit of happiness

You might never receive His Rest for sure!


By Favouromeje, 2017.




EverydayJesus and 2 of my favorite things!

Pearls and diamonds!

Pearl is the smoothest word that the world has ever met, do not take my word for; go find a true pearl for yourself!

Diamonds are the prettiest things that the world has ever happened, yet gloriously ‘tough hardy’!

These are a few of my favorite things.

I find it even more intriguing that ‘Pearl’ and ‘Diamond’ find expression every day and everywhere among all jewels, as the definitions and names for the word ‘woman’. Oh these are precious smoothness to my soul, and multifaceted beauty to my taste.

Diamonds encode fine mysteries to me; the stories that go with blue diamonds and some of them reds, excite my senses, and get me more curious than I can ever manage. God knows that if diamonds were to be a girl, she wouldn’t just pass the ‘is she looking interesting enough to be my friend ‘test; she would simply be the marking scheme for all my potential girlfriends, because the more mystery-dressed aka interesting looking the person is to me, the more likely I am going to start a conversation her, period- except if we look both bored and I feel like saving the day for two.

So back to my favorite things, pearl! The making of pearl at the very depths of the seas perfectly define the word ‘thrive’ to any blocked human five senses. Pearl is the love child of ‘patient endurance’, the untold lesson behind ‘beauty for ashes’!

I love pearls and diamonds too much that I rarely wear the so-called jewelries at all. I have been saving my body for jewels and I am so going to wait for my first ever jewelry!

I hate to wear the parodies of them but I just cannot help it sometimes. I would just wait for my pearls and diamonds because in wearing them, I’d surely feel thoroughly self-aware, for I’d be perfectly in touch with my inner self.

I do not want to say that pearls and diamonds remind me of God, no; I know too well that they remind me of my one daring boast: ‘invincible, wild and untamed shall I ever be as forever as my Father endures!

By Favouromeje, 2017.

EverydayJesus and 3 of my favorite things!

Milk, silk and flowers

I’d want a mug of warm milk right now, I could die for a piece of Italian silk some time, and I’d live for an entire world of flowers, every single day.

These are a few of my favorite things!

Milk is to me, the true taste of richness, the only mother of cream, the very crème la crème of all things good.

Silk is to me, the true texture of soft luxury, the precise definition of ‘Luxe’ and taste, beauty and excellence, the only sea that I’d love to get drowned in some time!

Flower is to me, the very missing word for all things beautiful, the finest platform for nature’s full expression of life and colors, the one perfect definition of the feminine spirit; the very core and essence that I could never trade with, for anything in the whole wide world!

Milk, silk, and flowers.

They rub it on my face every single day, that I love exclusive and personalized luxury for life, and I that I would never be able to shun them, any one day of my life.

They remind me daily that I love all things bright and beautiful, soft and elegant, all things divine, and all things God!

Yeah, God is a word for all things rich, and all things crème, but my love for all things luxury, speak of my liberty in the love that sets free, the God that sets my heart free, and my five senses along with me.

I love ‘Luxe’ and beauty, and I want only the crème of all things the universe is even yet to know. I don’t like things that are just good enough, I want only the very best that my senses has endorsed. I am not sure I love them for the show but I know that I want them for my quiet and personalized pure enjoyment in my little world.

My love for my favorite things would continue to be emboldened by the love and grace of the Father, who would never rebuke me for wanting the ‘god’ of all things beautiful, the crème la crème of everything rich. Every time I love them, I celebrate the one LOVE that ‘unbraideth’ not.

By Favouromeje, 2017.





Okay I love comedy movies a little bit above the average person but then I am not your average guy and if the average guy knew what comedy entertainment could do for one’s life, He would agree with me so back to the topic at hand.

There is this one scene I would like to share from Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns sitcom where Mr Brown apparently had a “secret” and when he was probed as to what his secret was by his daughter, Cora and family friend, he declined but he did say

“The only thing I can tell you about this secret is, it’s a secret”

Now that is hilarious and if you don’t see the humor in that, well go see the whole series.

The point to note from all this is that the integrity of a secret lies in its nature to remain secret. Once it is out it is no more a secret. Why are we discussing this? Well I thought I should put this out to someone God is God! Seriously God is God! Jesus is God! The Holy Spirit is God! God is God! He is all you can think of and more, infinitely more.

I wonder when we sometimes try to define God from a human perspective. Rationally, it makes sense but to think that for instance you can predict God’s fathering capacities by taking stock of what a human father would or could do is an enormous misconception.

Sometimes we don’t do this consciously and yes innocently we might just be trying to drive home a point but please always remember that His ways are far above ours and His thoughts way above our thoughts so do be careful.

Study, pray, discover as much as you can about Him and He’ll reveal Himself to you bit by bit.

He remains uniquely God.

By Ezeonyeka, Godswill; 2017

EVERYDAYJESUS says ‘you first!’

Now, this is officially a sequel to my Ruby sister’s ‘EVERYDAYJESUS is in you’!

I want to share a little ‘loving-thing’ secret that I learned very recently. You know, we are dead people, the very moment we decide to quit this loving-thing! I mean, it’s in us, right?

I have this major friend of life, and her name is Nene too!

My Nene is so good and awesome that you sure would vote her ‘the right one’ of all time. My Nene is pragmatic but ‘perfect-loving’ most of the time. She is a lot like me because she is my first lady, if you know what I mean.

We both know that we could never have it all perfectly together each and every single time but my Nene doesn’t ever want to know that. So, whenever she screws up, she would comfort herself by using very mean words for herself, she would flog herself so bad that I would feel the welts forming in my own heart. My Nene is an epitome of justice and utopia and she would never spare no one including herself some beatings when she is unable to make plans as neat as me being tucked away in my Abba Daddy’s loving-thing heart!

I mean, how does she expect herself to? Does her mind know everything at every time just like we know that her spirit may know? And if she has the ALL-KNOWING SPIRIT just like I do, is not her mind the inevitable decision making center?

My Nene is so given to perfection and her perfect justice would never spare herself, the just recompense of a slip from her own highly perfectly written codes.

My Nene is great and my Father wanted me to spill some loving-thing secret to her, so I did just that last week.

Here is what I told her:

You cannot always have everything all together every single time. You really might not be able to keep up with that although we know that you know better in your spirit to do so!

Yes, you heart knows all truths but your mind is always going to be the slow learner, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Therefore, you might find yourself in the middle of either a minor or a major mistake from time to time!

When you do, learn what you are able to at the time and trust Father to clean up your mess for you, guess what?

Cast all your care on the Lord, for you are His care (my translation actually)

Nevertheless, you may want to know that people who flog themselves too much would not spare anyone who makes a mistake similar or a huger one, because they just are not able to!

But why?

‘Love your neighbor as yourself” my Jesus would say

For if you cannot forgive yourself while showing yourself a little kindness whenever you think that you have failed yourself, then you might never be able to spare anyone else, ever!

You cannot give what you do not have.

So what should you have?


Receive Abba Daddy’s love for yourself, and have it for yourself every single time especially when you are wrong. Then, you would be able to give someone effortlessly, some doses of it when they are wrong too because you have more than enough.

And you have enough because you understand how wrong we can all be and how right our Father would always be for us, shekena!

BY Favouromeje, 2017

EVERYDAYJESUS loves to father me!



My head swelled with a humbling pride at the realization that I am a son of God…forever. I always sail to cloud 9 each time I ponder on this reality. Oh! How the natural man will have a hard time understanding this, he may even think of me as pitifully ambitious but my bible tells me that it has always been God’s plans according to Ephesians 1:5 to adopt me into his beautiful family through what Christ did on the cross and this, this is not to fulfill any obligation, he didn’t owe me any…He just loved to father me…and it brings him pleasure when I acknowledge him as my father!

I am a son of God forever! Please save the correction Love, there is no gender differentiation. It is just an enviable position I occupy. Thank Jesus it has nothing to do with gender as it would have come with gender attached roles and limitations; like the girls will do the easier tasks such as speak in tongues, interpret, discern and show love while the boys will perform the herculean task such as casting out devils, exercising the mountain moving faith, raise the dead and so on. Thank God there are no two categories, I am a Son!

Oh how ignorant I have been of this reality! Without clear understanding I have religiously and shrilly answered ‘yeeeessssss’ to the chant: “sons and daughters of the living God!” Thank God I understand better now and it gets clearer every day.

1 John 3:1-2 states that we are sons of God as a result of the manner of Love God has bestowed upon us. It is a love indecipherable that made him choose of all things to father us.

God is our Father! He is my father! I can’t keep shut! Glory!

I can associate with the fact that most people derive some sort of recognition by saying who their father is, right? So don’t be surprised when next time we meet and I say “Good morning Love, God is my father!” It works right when you keep affirming this to yourself as often as possible. It will go right into the strong holds of your mind and pull down all of them inferiority laced thoughts that battles to exalt itself above the knowledge of the Father in your mind. The realization of this truth will save you the stress of many psychological quick fixes that are just so short-lived!

…trusting for more revelations.

By His Ruth, February, 2017.

EVERYDAYJESUS’ ‘Reminisce, 02,’017!

It is day 27, and it is February too!

So I thought to myself, ‘February’s been awesome, and I think Jesus awed some, every day of it’.

Then, I picked up my journal, I started taking stock, down memory lane, for I can beat my chest that I have beautiful memories to reminisce. It has always been Jesus every day, and that’s why we must keep this pen, bleeding everything Jesus, everyday!

So, we shall be placing a cherry to our ice cream sundae, reminisce is the word, and I bet it’s juicy!

I’d be picking my favorite EVERYDAYJESUS’ pieces, and in at most two sentences, I’d turn it into a juicy red cherry for you to enjoy, and I’d sit back and I’d watch you give us your own cherry!

Remember, Reminisce is the word, and cherry is the idea! Translation, I’d summarize a piece, and my summary has to be as juicy as a cherry, okay? Neat!


EverydayJesus is ‘loving-fierce’, so fiery intense, yet He isn’t ‘Sasha’!


EverydayJesus is proactive, He’s got you all planned out; way better than the ‘hero daddy’ could do!


EverydayJesus is ‘loving-pieces’ and He’s got no ‘pieces’ broken heart to offer; translation, feel free, be happy!

EverydayJesus sees through anything and everything because, we really are not fans of the pirate, ‘hook’; we never toast with the punch, ‘line’, and we have never batted an eyelid for the lady, ‘sinker’!


EverydayJesus is ‘loving-slow’, because we don’t do ‘fast and furious’ all the time; Translation, we are ‘loving-thing’ slow to speak, slow to wrath, and yes, quick to hear!

Here’s what I want you to do:

Read any of your Favorite everydayJesus February pieces again, and make me a cherry as well! You might want to use our comment box as your kitchen! LOL.

By Favouromeje, 2017.