EVERYDAYJESUS says ‘you first!’

Now, this is officially a sequel to my Ruby sister’s ‘EVERYDAYJESUS is in you’!

I want to share a little ‘loving-thing’ secret that I learned very recently. You know, we are dead people, the very moment we decide to quit this loving-thing! I mean, it’s in us, right?

I have this major friend of life, and her name is Nene too!

My Nene is so good and awesome that you sure would vote her ‘the right one’ of all time. My Nene is pragmatic but ‘perfect-loving’ most of the time. She is a lot like me because she is my first lady, if you know what I mean.

We both know that we could never have it all perfectly together each and every single time but my Nene doesn’t ever want to know that. So, whenever she screws up, she would comfort herself by using very mean words for herself, she would flog herself so bad that I would feel the welts forming in my own heart. My Nene is an epitome of justice and utopia and she would never spare no one including herself some beatings when she is unable to make plans as neat as me being tucked away in my Abba Daddy’s loving-thing heart!

I mean, how does she expect herself to? Does her mind know everything at every time just like we know that her spirit may know? And if she has the ALL-KNOWING SPIRIT just like I do, is not her mind the inevitable decision making center?

My Nene is so given to perfection and her perfect justice would never spare herself, the just recompense of a slip from her own highly perfectly written codes.

My Nene is great and my Father wanted me to spill some loving-thing secret to her, so I did just that last week.

Here is what I told her:

You cannot always have everything all together every single time. You really might not be able to keep up with that although we know that you know better in your spirit to do so!

Yes, you heart knows all truths but your mind is always going to be the slow learner, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Therefore, you might find yourself in the middle of either a minor or a major mistake from time to time!

When you do, learn what you are able to at the time and trust Father to clean up your mess for you, guess what?

Cast all your care on the Lord, for you are His care (my translation actually)

Nevertheless, you may want to know that people who flog themselves too much would not spare anyone who makes a mistake similar or a huger one, because they just are not able to!

But why?

‘Love your neighbor as yourself” my Jesus would say

For if you cannot forgive yourself while showing yourself a little kindness whenever you think that you have failed yourself, then you might never be able to spare anyone else, ever!

You cannot give what you do not have.

So what should you have?


Receive Abba Daddy’s love for yourself, and have it for yourself every single time especially when you are wrong. Then, you would be able to give someone effortlessly, some doses of it when they are wrong too because you have more than enough.

And you have enough because you understand how wrong we can all be and how right our Father would always be for us, shekena!

BY Favouromeje, 2017

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