Okay I love comedy movies a little bit above the average person but then I am not your average guy and if the average guy knew what comedy entertainment could do for one’s life, He would agree with me so back to the topic at hand.

There is this one scene I would like to share from Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns sitcom where Mr Brown apparently had a “secret” and when he was probed as to what his secret was by his daughter, Cora and family friend, he declined but he did say

“The only thing I can tell you about this secret is, it’s a secret”

Now that is hilarious and if you don’t see the humor in that, well go see the whole series.

The point to note from all this is that the integrity of a secret lies in its nature to remain secret. Once it is out it is no more a secret. Why are we discussing this? Well I thought I should put this out to someone God is God! Seriously God is God! Jesus is God! The Holy Spirit is God! God is God! He is all you can think of and more, infinitely more.

I wonder when we sometimes try to define God from a human perspective. Rationally, it makes sense but to think that for instance you can predict God’s fathering capacities by taking stock of what a human father would or could do is an enormous misconception.

Sometimes we don’t do this consciously and yes innocently we might just be trying to drive home a point but please always remember that His ways are far above ours and His thoughts way above our thoughts so do be careful.

Study, pray, discover as much as you can about Him and He’ll reveal Himself to you bit by bit.

He remains uniquely God.

By Ezeonyeka, Godswill; 2017

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