Vital sines

Hello, My name is Niel and these are the ChristaPoet Freestyle Sessions. This year, ChristaPoet wants to give you a special perspective to our freestyles. At first, some of these poems were published as stand-alone pieces. But in actuality, each poem is an untitled part of a freestyle session. Each freestyle session is given a topic for the poems to address.

So, still on Vital signs, which was where we stopped yesterday, I told you I’d be back today with the rest and here I am.

TC came in 9:02 AM:

*Vital signs*

If its of utmost important
Then I need to know
If it’s needed by my body to keep on living
Then I need to know
What’s this maintenance I hear of that is invigorating to life
I need to know

I hear of signs that provides
critical information about my mortality
Pulse rate checked
Respiratory rate checked
Body temperature checked
Blood pressure checked

Result says body is still fit to eat more red meat
But I’m still concerned
How does one check the inner man’s vitals?
I need to know

Yes and then Eremi came through, at 10:31 AM:

I ain’t a doctor ‘Niel
How am I going to get this nailed?

Body Temperature!
Sizzling Hot
Like a girl on fire
Burning down
Every thought
that thinks it’s higher than God’s love
I burn for God,
Rather He burns for me
Through me
As light and warmth
To a dark and cold world
And like the burning bush
I still ain’t consumed

Pulse Rate!
I dunno how this rates
I can’t even remember my dates
But I know there are days it’s faster
Days when I rage like Jonah
Or when like David I charge for Goliath’s head
Or when I feel so in love like Solomon that
I can’t control my beats
There are days when it’s slower
Those days when I hear
Peace! Be still
In other words
Be still and know that I am God.

In and out!
How many times now
It has become as one
The abundance of love as air
So present everyday that it’s ignored
Some abuse it
Some use it to violate others
Some don’t even know it’s there
Only unconsciously drawing
In and out
Nostrils as pencils
I choose to be aware
Of it’s invincibility albeit seems invisible
So I’ll consciously breathe
Knowing love is what I take in
And love is what I should bring out

Blood Pressure!
Little dudes called cells celebrate
Running here and there with platelets
All within the connecting tunnels- arteries and veins
They all seem to know why they celebrate
Unbeknown to the one they celebrate
Life! from the rates that dates back to when we were first celebrated
Life from a pulsating heart
But soon enough they get tired
So He who makes them excited
Provides another solution asides nature
Eternal life!
Revitalized by his broken body
And by His blood
Life unending
With cells never tiring
Having no plans to retire
An exchange that outlives time
That is the pleasure of this blood.
That now flows in me

Vital signs checked!

I believe that if you had read atny these poems on their own, you would get a part of the picture. Now you see them together, I think it’s a more wholesome picture. Tell us what you think, and see you next time.

A Failed Weapon

There is a weapon, I mustn’t use as a Christian
Because using it, is tantamount to failure
I am strongly warned by captain of the Lord’s army
Never to use this weapon
It is certain that, it will definitely fail whether here or hereafter

Rickety machine gun, Mr. flesh
This weapon is weak to execute righteousness without taking the glory
Executing, holiness, peace, love,
humility, joy, kindness is far-fetched from this weapon
Using this weapon for the Lord’s battle is disastrous

A weapon set against the user
You shoot hatred, you inherit broken relationship
You shoot lust, you inherit vanity
You shoot anger, you inherit disorientation
You shoot worries, you inherit high blood pressure

Truly, is a weapon set against the user
if he uses it, the arm of flesh will fail.
The only authentic weapon to use for the battle
Is the weapon of a new man
Created in the image of Christ Jesus



Let the wind do its bidding
Let it be free from it’s burden
Let its beauty be the sun
Let its glory be only for the sun
For when the sun becomes its crown,
Its destiny has been fulfilled

Let the moon sing for the lovers
Let its magnificence be as the museum, Louvre
Let it create a pendant of memories;
A never ending pile of stories.

Azubuike Hannah (The Beloved) & Symolean
© 2020

EVERYDAYJESUS is getting married!


Today I want to tell you a story

There was once upon a time, a man and his name Jesus. Not many took note of him back in those days, yet they read prophecies that pointed directly to him and still they had no clue that he was in their midst. Like every young man, this young man grew learning and obedient and when the time was right it was time to go get “The One”. He knew perfectly who she was and where she was at and guess what he had a plan, not just any plan, he had God’s plan. First he prepared, 40 days long he prepared and after beating off irritant suggestions to cut corners in winning his bride he set out to meet her.

She was not prepared for him, in fact she hated him but that did not deter him, he patiently wooed her. Little by little she gave in and just when the time was right, he proposed his love to her, his life an engagement ring. If only she would say yes, they would forever be joined together.

So far she keeps giving in little by little and many parts of her have begun to enjoy this love so strong and soon, very soon this same Jesus will come and marry his bride, the Church.

And that would not be the end of my story, just like every marriage should be, it would only be the beginning.

By Ezeonyeka, Godswill; 2017



Okay I love comedy movies a little bit above the average person but then I am not your average guy and if the average guy knew what comedy entertainment could do for one’s life, He would agree with me so back to the topic at hand.

There is this one scene I would like to share from Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns sitcom where Mr Brown apparently had a “secret” and when he was probed as to what his secret was by his daughter, Cora and family friend, he declined but he did say

“The only thing I can tell you about this secret is, it’s a secret”

Now that is hilarious and if you don’t see the humor in that, well go see the whole series.

The point to note from all this is that the integrity of a secret lies in its nature to remain secret. Once it is out it is no more a secret. Why are we discussing this? Well I thought I should put this out to someone God is God! Seriously God is God! Jesus is God! The Holy Spirit is God! God is God! He is all you can think of and more, infinitely more.

I wonder when we sometimes try to define God from a human perspective. Rationally, it makes sense but to think that for instance you can predict God’s fathering capacities by taking stock of what a human father would or could do is an enormous misconception.

Sometimes we don’t do this consciously and yes innocently we might just be trying to drive home a point but please always remember that His ways are far above ours and His thoughts way above our thoughts so do be careful.

Study, pray, discover as much as you can about Him and He’ll reveal Himself to you bit by bit.

He remains uniquely God.

By Ezeonyeka, Godswill; 2017