EVERYDAYJESUS is getting married!


Today I want to tell you a story

There was once upon a time, a man and his name Jesus. Not many took note of him back in those days, yet they read prophecies that pointed directly to him and still they had no clue that he was in their midst. Like every young man, this young man grew learning and obedient and when the time was right it was time to go get “The One”. He knew perfectly who she was and where she was at and guess what he had a plan, not just any plan, he had God’s plan. First he prepared, 40 days long he prepared and after beating off irritant suggestions to cut corners in winning his bride he set out to meet her.

She was not prepared for him, in fact she hated him but that did not deter him, he patiently wooed her. Little by little she gave in and just when the time was right, he proposed his love to her, his life an engagement ring. If only she would say yes, they would forever be joined together.

So far she keeps giving in little by little and many parts of her have begun to enjoy this love so strong and soon, very soon this same Jesus will come and marry his bride, the Church.

And that would not be the end of my story, just like every marriage should be, it would only be the beginning.

By Ezeonyeka, Godswill; 2017

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