EVERYDAYJESUS’ ‘Reminisce, 02,’017!

It is day 27, and it is February too!

So I thought to myself, ‘February’s been awesome, and I think Jesus awed some, every day of it’.

Then, I picked up my journal, I started taking stock, down memory lane, for I can beat my chest that I have beautiful memories to reminisce. It has always been Jesus every day, and that’s why we must keep this pen, bleeding everything Jesus, everyday!

So, we shall be placing a cherry to our ice cream sundae, reminisce is the word, and I bet it’s juicy!

I’d be picking my favorite EVERYDAYJESUS’ pieces, and in at most two sentences, I’d turn it into a juicy red cherry for you to enjoy, and I’d sit back and I’d watch you give us your own cherry!

Remember, Reminisce is the word, and cherry is the idea! Translation, I’d summarize a piece, and my summary has to be as juicy as a cherry, okay? Neat!


EverydayJesus is ‘loving-fierce’, so fiery intense, yet He isn’t ‘Sasha’!


EverydayJesus is proactive, He’s got you all planned out; way better than the ‘hero daddy’ could do!


EverydayJesus is ‘loving-pieces’ and He’s got no ‘pieces’ broken heart to offer; translation, feel free, be happy!

EverydayJesus sees through anything and everything because, we really are not fans of the pirate, ‘hook’; we never toast with the punch, ‘line’, and we have never batted an eyelid for the lady, ‘sinker’!


EverydayJesus is ‘loving-slow’, because we don’t do ‘fast and furious’ all the time; Translation, we are ‘loving-thing’ slow to speak, slow to wrath, and yes, quick to hear!

Here’s what I want you to do:

Read any of your Favorite everydayJesus February pieces again, and make me a cherry as well! You might want to use our comment box as your kitchen! LOL.

By Favouromeje, 2017.

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