EverydayJesus and 2 of my favorite things!

Pearls and diamonds!

Pearl is the smoothest word that the world has ever met, do not take my word for; go find a true pearl for yourself!

Diamonds are the prettiest things that the world has ever happened, yet gloriously ‘tough hardy’!

These are a few of my favorite things.

I find it even more intriguing that ‘Pearl’ and ‘Diamond’ find expression every day and everywhere among all jewels, as the definitions and names for the word ‘woman’. Oh these are precious smoothness to my soul, and multifaceted beauty to my taste.

Diamonds encode fine mysteries to me; the stories that go with blue diamonds and some of them reds, excite my senses, and get me more curious than I can ever manage. God knows that if diamonds were to be a girl, she wouldn’t just pass the ‘is she looking interesting enough to be my friend ‘test; she would simply be the marking scheme for all my potential girlfriends, because the more mystery-dressed aka interesting looking the person is to me, the more likely I am going to start a conversation her, period- except if we look both bored and I feel like saving the day for two.

So back to my favorite things, pearl! The making of pearl at the very depths of the seas perfectly define the word ‘thrive’ to any blocked human five senses. Pearl is the love child of ‘patient endurance’, the untold lesson behind ‘beauty for ashes’!

I love pearls and diamonds too much that I rarely wear the so-called jewelries at all. I have been saving my body for jewels and I am so going to wait for my first ever jewelry!

I hate to wear the parodies of them but I just cannot help it sometimes. I would just wait for my pearls and diamonds because in wearing them, I’d surely feel thoroughly self-aware, for I’d be perfectly in touch with my inner self.

I do not want to say that pearls and diamonds remind me of God, no; I know too well that they remind me of my one daring boast: ‘invincible, wild and untamed shall I ever be as forever as my Father endures!

By Favouromeje, 2017.

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