EVERYDAYJESUS’ ‘Chant’ on power’ (a poem)!

Sup’ with this attitude

All these burn off me

Like the injustice running through the city’s tower

Enclosed in the vacuum called brain

Through the veins and tissues

Hoping these words be applied without issues.

Let’s go higher

This is the will we must seek

Blimey! Be it young, be it old

Like the fire

Let’s maximize this gift, power

For the sky is the destination

For the mind needs elevation

Unto this nation

I plead for freedom

Upon this kingdom I pray for the vision

Let our leaders see wisdom in power

And for the followers to understand the way of power, this hour.


For the ways of man is engaged with flaw

He raised himself above the law

Why this war?

The problem we fight daily

Is built in his heart like a wall

Please take these words

For unto him, is this power given

Let him be wise enough

So he could see the light rise

Ahead of the tunnel.

The alchemist… 

Author note: 

I feel the necessity of the right use of power, power is the trait we all have in common, but people are not giving attention to its right use. Get inspired as you read

© Tolulope Amao   

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