God’s Nigeria

Hello Friends!

How are we doing?

If you’re Nigerian here, what a nerve-wracking election weekend it has been ehh? Now in the midst of that, we found ways to express our faith and our hope for a new Nigeria using our art. The title of that Freestyle predictably was God’s Nigeria, and boy did that sum up all our prayers.I’m going to walk you through that freestyle journey, and I hope you are as blessed as we are. My name is Miracle, and it is my honor to serve you today.

Tolu opened the floor at 02:09pm WAT with this beautiful piece;

God’s Nigeria, land of diversity,
Where cultures and tribes converge with clarity,
A land of beauty and endless possibility, With a history that spans through infinity.

From the green savannah to the sandy shores,
To the bustling cities and peaceful moors, Nigeria is a place where hope soars,
And the people’s spirit forever roars.

In the north, the sun sets behind hills,
The east with its flowing streams and rills, The west, where the ocean breeze thrills, And in the south, the rainforest spills.

From the Hausa to the Igbo and Yoruba, And countless other tribes that form a hub, Nigeria is a place where love is above,
And everyone shares in God’s eternal love.

Amidst challenges and trials that often test,
Nigeria remains a country that’s truly blessed,
For God’s hand of grace continually rests,
And the people’s faith in Him forever invests.

So let us all come together and sing,
Of God’s Nigeria, where hope takes wing,
And let our praises to Him forever ring,
For in Him, we find our strength and everything.

And then Oluwafemi wrote this apt, and succinct chaser at 03:52pm WAT;


elections are coming
booths are opening
vote buying are ongoing
fake promises are fulfilling

but God’s Nigeria:

 miracle shall happen
 if we vote obediently
 not our bellies…

Our freestyle host, the multi-talented Niel Quchi followed that with an anthem of sorts by 05:48pm WAT;

God’s Naija’s got airports like malls
Shallow streams but plenty platforms
Sons hear ‘PVC’ and return
Borders bothered by no neighbors
Rich christians obey the Bro Code
Less ‘I will’s and more ‘Its all done’

The civil servants earning civilly
Marriages lacking see-finish
God’s town and the black Atlantis
So so, biko quench dem parties

And then ChyD, beautiful, talented, poised, and gracious sent in this satirical piece at 06:18pm WAT;

I go hospital for Pap smear and the doctor begin yarn me on HPV. When e reach my turn to ask questions I come dey call am PVC. I tell the doctor say na slip of tongue but I get good reason. Because the blood wey spill on 20th October thick like pap and smeared our hopes and dreams. But that one dey, because our hopes don renew.

She took a breather, but it seemed she was not done yet, because these followed at 07:54pm;

We are at the verge of entering the promise land. What is 10kg of labeled rice when we can have milk and honey?

Oh you are lactose intolerant?
Say no more. We have eba.
Too polished for eba? We have intercontinental dishes.
Mention it. In the lord’s reign, there is fullness and abundance

3 Peter 1:1
And behold, Peter left the bountiful land of lawlessness and established himself in an unknown land where he labored. The lord saw his heart and blessed him with the love of the people.

And with this we came to the end of our freestyle Friday for 24th February, 2023. I hope this blessed you, thank you for sticking with me through this again. If you’re still reading, please take a couple minutes to pray for Nigeria.

Bless up!


Niel Quchi

Tolu (The Alchemist)



Chief’s son

Imagine just for a moment
That father and mother had tossed you
Because you hurt them to immeasurable lengths
Imagine you became an orphan and you deserved to

An orphan on the street surviving
You make a habit of peeping into Chief’s house
You know you shouldn’t, but you just want a glimpse
Of life, of everything good on the other side of this wall

You imagine if you could get a job
You will prove yourself worthy of existing so close to Chief
You daydream of seeing Chief smile and hand you a bonus loaf
Working for Chief would be everything, but you have nothing

The least in Chief’s house outranks you
You have a stained history, and your skills fail you
Chief is kind but the worker must earn the pay he is due
Your orphaned soul sighs as your hope dies anew

Now imagine Chief finds you at your spot
Seems unlikely but what if Chief took you to the other side
What if Chief announced to everyone your speedy adoption?
What if you went from orphan to son in the shortest possible time?

Imagine the servants’ puzzled faces
The ones you envied now wait on your next command
Imagine your shock as Chief takes you to your own spaces
You can feel your lack disappear as Chief holds your hand

Chief invites you to walk with him
Chief says he has grown to love you
Chief has given you an inheritance of all that is his
Chief has made your life completely new

Now stop imagining, the moment is gone
Chief is still in the room, he still wants to adopt you
You don’t have to stay orphaned in this world alone
Take Chief’s invitation, your transformation is due

You don’t have to work for this
But you will learn to walk with Chief
And when you taste the goodness that Chief brings
May you never think you earned this

– Ezeonyeka Godswill
(c) 2022

I Will Follow You

My Lord Jesus, the Shepherd of my soul
I will follow You wherever You lead me
I will not fret nor cringe in fear
Even if You lead into the pit
I know it will be for the best at last
I’ll trust You always
For I know the pit can’t ever be the destination
But an only-to-be-routed-through junction
Just as hell wasn’t Your destination
But a place to pass through to the glory beyond
Thus my eyes are fixed on the joy ahead
For I know it will all be worth it in the end
So I rest NOW as I follow You
My mind is not seized with any frenzy
But simply resting in Your love and care
Right through every step of the way

– Funmi P. Adebayo
(c) 2022

Funmi P. Adebayo is a preacher of the gospel of Christ and believes that His gospel covers everything, as God is God of all things without an exemption at all. God has helped him found a ministry by the name, THE SIMPLE LIFE OF CHRIST MINISTRY (AKA THE RESTING PLACE), the platform through which God’s Spirit is helping him to reach out to the world with the simple message of Jesus Christ and by the demonstration of the Spirit and of power, which is solely for the defense and the confirmation of the same gospel of Christ. 


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With a BSc In Computer Science (UNN), he is an advocate for digital skills and entrepreneurship who uses the knowledge of technology, design, and art to foster conversations, collaborations, and solutions to some prevalent social issues. As a licensed TEDx Organizer, he believes the world can be a better place with actions towards social consciousness, sustainable value creation, and implementation of practical ideas.

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I see you, you know?
The smile carved out of thorns,
Thorns gradually being removed from your heart;
You gave it out, and it was returned broken,
Yet, you find a place in your heart,
A broken piece, to reflect happiness to the people around,

I see you, you know?
The warmth and closure,
Sprouting from the seed of forgiveness,
It’s never easy to walk in these shoes;
He enveloped kisses, you thought it was love but it was bought with 30 pieces of silver,
Little did he know he was selling you,
To the place of destiny,
Always let your warmth radiate love; it’s the sun’s energy

I see you, you know,
Learning how to walk again,
How to break down your doors,
The very ones you built when he broke you;
A thousand pieces of a being,
Learning how to see trust in actions,
Every tongue that comes bearing gifts of love;
You view from a defective view,
Your heart has been taught to see lies in all words,
Let love in, yes broken, but you still paint beautiful pictures…

That’s how I see you, you know,
An artist carving smiles, on people’s faces,
You are well skilled in teaching rhythms,
when you walk by, our heads moves to the rhythm of your body,
Your tenacity can only compare with the greats,
No doubt you are great!
And mostly, I love your conversation with God,
I imagine the words you will speak to Him about your man!

Dear baby girl,
Learn to let God lead you to the person you will love,
You are just broken,
Remember, broken crayons still paint beautifully,
You are beautiful, smart, sexy and godly,
You are every man’s dream!
Give love a chance, only then can you heal completely

– Adeleye Olaoye
(c) 2021

Hilltop Life

Life is that way sometimes
Takes you uphill and presents
You with the luxury of returning
to where you first began

Work is that way sometimes
Regardless of your love for the climb
your bent back will boast of burdens borne
and your reward is just another climb

Rest is that way sometimes
It titillates you to the hilltop
Then bores a hole deep in your soul
So you go climbing for her again

Four verses four lines each
Living could be more than hills on threes
Keep making that trip to the top
and sow seeds of you with every step

– Ezeonyeka Godswill
(c) 2021

The End

Maybe we look for the flaws in others
to remind ourselves that we are not alone
Maybe we know that “to be honest…”
Is how we tell people that perfect is momentary

To be broken is human
To be human is broken
Maybe we hold on to our pieces
to make-up our stained glass beauty

Cycles are how we make sense of this globe
Always on a journey to where we’ve been before
We cannot stop, pauses hurts our pulses
So our heart aches for more courses

The good news is soon this too will end
You and I will give up our floors and flaws
Someone else will renew this game that we spoilt
What will become of us rests in today’s choice

– Ezeonyeka Godswill
(c) 2021