The one; who sat and watched my infant head?
While I slept in your beautiful cradled arms.
The one who held me dearly, like a craft, never to be broken.
Pain is driven off in her arms, arms of love that never harms.
She cast away my fears and with loving warmth dries away my tears.
Her eyes are like stars to behold, they give me hope beyond despair.

When pain and sickness made me cry,
Touches from you made me smile.
I was nurtured like a plant to flourish,
Was polished carefully till I looked pretty and beautiful.
Guilty she felt when I had not gotten plenty,
Yet with care she made “this little” satisfy my every need.

Who taught my infant lips to pray?
Who trained me in the way of God and His word?
Told me I would have life less without having the Life of Christ.
Her love is incomprehensible, she calls it agape.
She encouraged me to be loving too because love never fails.
Never look back, heaven is before you. That is her greatest story.

When thou art feeble, old and grey,
I will be your strength, your fulfillment and comfort.
Your smile I will make as I feel your heart with joy everyday.
And one day emerge the man you are proud to call son.
I will take you to church even when you rest in peace.
But till then this is my piece for you;

© 2019

Barren Mother

I have an empty well of a belly.
My womb has known nothing but dying blood all my living years.
I have thought of no one but myself,
Fed no one but myself,
Placed no one before myself,
How do I have a womb except it was made to bear another, and yet
I have no idea what it means to pour a part of myself into another.
“A breast feeding mother?”
That’s a foreign name to me.
“A bread winning father?”
Who dares call me?
I am my own hero,
My own salt,
My own light in a shady place,
Come with me and I’ll lead you into the darkness.
I’d snuff the life out of my light because I do not want to share it.
I’m an evil already happening,
A menace waiting to be uncovered.
My tactics are new everyday
Yet my mind is old.
I am a dirty, dirty soul with a clogged up heart and a rigid body.

This is why I have come before the Rock of Ages,
Before The fire that purifies without consuming to ashes.
My tears produce more salt now than I have ever thought to produce.
I do not know when I ever took lessons from the ocean
But my ill will like waves come crushing over me.
I am caught up in my own dirt web,
Spun in my own fear.
I have come to you as a barren womb in need for a child.
I was born to be mother, now may I know a child?
I have come as a fruitless tree in its season.
As hungry fire,
I’m desperate.
As a docile branch,
I submit.
I accept defeat.
Let your rains fall on this arid land again, Lord.
I admit nothing was ever my own;
As I am left with nothing now I am reminded where I come from.
Give me one child, Yahweh ‘tis All I ask.
Surprise the quick-to-conclude with Your quick-to-deliver.
Let them know when their calling-me-barren tongues call me mother,
Let them know from every side of the flipping coin earth,
That You make the Barren Mother.

Adaobi Chiemelu
(c) 2018

Everyday Jesus – Hymn 311

“I could not do without thee”, said the priest.

The pianist proceeded with a familiar tune, the choir joined, and the rest of church sang along.


I could not do without Thee

O Savior of the lost,

Whose precious blood redeemed me

At such tremendous cost.

Thy righteousness, Thy pardon

Thy precious blood, must be

My only hope and comfort,

My glory and my plea.


As the first stanza went by, I couldn’t help but imagine the cost of my redemption. I tried to wrap my mind around what Jesus must have gone through for love.


A man had a lover who he gave up everything for, including his wealth and prestige. He gave her his attention and showered her with gifts. She lacked nothing but yet she wasn’t satisfied. She gave herself to riffraffs and vagabonds who had nothing to offer her. Her lover couldn’t give up on her despite her promiscuity. Life however caught up with her and she contracted HIV. She felt bad for herself and knew she deserved to die. She didn’t want to cause her lover more pain so she ran away but her lover went through thorns and pains until he found her. He said to her, ‘I don’t care about what you must have done. I still love you. I’ll transfuse your blood into mine and take yours. I’ll die of the HIV but I want you to live’. Shocked and guilt stricken, she told him she couldn’t accept such offer. ‘what if I go back to my old ways? I don’t trust myself. I’m sick of myself. I disgust myself’, she said. Her lover said to her, ‘my death would take care of it all’.


Isn’t it amazing? The story is unbelievable… I mean, it’s not even ordinarily possible. I heaved and shook my head to clear it as the church began the second stanza.


I could not do without Thee,

I cannot stand alone,

I have no strength or goodness,

No wisdom of my own;

But Thou, belovèd Savior,

Art all in all to me,

And weakness will be power

If I lean hard on Thee.


Another exciting thought hit me. And I thought…this could be it.


Melania Trump did nude photographs during her modeling days but she’s now America’s first lady. According to societal measure, she definitely doesn’t deserve to be the first lady of America but she is. Her past doesn’t matter anymore, just because she married to Trump. Her critics would still greet her as ‘Her excellency’, if they are ever opportuned to come before her. She has a covering and her prestige comes from association. Her weaknesses became power because she leaned hard to Trump.

Exactly how I’m a beneficiary to Christ’s sacrifice just by the reason of my belief in him. My husband is the King of kings…chew on that!


I could not do without Thee;

No other friend can read

The spirit’s strange deep longings,

Interpreting its need;

No human heart could enter

Each dim recess of mine,

And soothe, and hush, and calm it,

O blessèd Lord, but Thine.


The third stanza brought my consciousness back as I remembered “The lady, her lover and her Lord by T.D Jakes. There are issues and aches that rise up in me, that even I do not understand. So how do I explain it to anyone? Only my manufacturer, I imagine, can understand. T.D Jakes while trying to explain a lover’s role and Jesus’ role in a lady’s life said, “But, in the stillness of the night, when he has gone to sleep and there are pending issues on her mind, it is her Lord who works the night shift and watches over her in the dark. He is the one whom she can talk to when her words cannot describe what she is feeling. Her husband may understand what she says, but her lord understands what she feels”.

No human can enter the deepest and darkest part of my heart to soothe, hush and calm it. Only the Lord.


I could not do without Thee,

For years are fleeting fast,

And soon in solemn oneness

The river must be passed;

But Thou wilt never leave me,

And though the waves roll high,

I know Thou wilt be near me,

And whisper, “It is I”.


Finally the last stanza came and tears rolled down my cheeks. People have left me and I have left people. Some people left because they couldn’t cope with my excesses and I don’t blame them one bit. Others left because I couldn’t meet up with their standards. I don’t blame them either. I pushed some away and they left. I cried over some and still didn’t even notice some leave. Some didn’t leave by choice. They promised never to leave but death took them away and it’s sad that nobody has power over death. Through all these human helplessness and limitations, I found someone that come what may, will never leave. “And though the waves roll high, I know thou wilt be near me, and whisper, “it is I”.


The church chorused an “Amen”.



Everyday Jesus: “Earthy smell”

There can be nothing as satisfying and fulfilling as the scent of the earth when it rains after a long time. That moment the water hits the soil and causes tiny erosions and goose pimples on the ground. Those splatters that perform magnificent dance of the spirit. I wonder when exactly the scent starts filling the air. The moment the rain hits the ground or maybe foreplay is needed to excite the soil and get it ready for the scent it’s about to exude. Perhaps the wind that introduces the rain does the magic. Whenever I perceive this scent i’m too unconscious to tell. It’s like the greatest relaxation therapy. I shut my eyes, stretch my legs and inhale. I feel like it stretches the folds on my forehead and unblocks my skin pores. I hate the scent of perfumes. It’s usually too strong for me but if only I can find an earth perfume. What I wouldn’t give to smell earthy!
This phenomena however couldn’t have come out of nowhere. The singer Kurt Carr sang “When I consider the vastness of God and all of the marvelous attractions that His hands have made, flowers and birds and oceans and mountains. Truly God is an awesome wonder”. I can only imagine how he commanded every creation into being but my mind can’t wrap around the intangible ones like the earth’s scent when it rains. 
The earth’s scent happens to be my favorite feeling on earth. I would have categorized it among the little things of life but it’s not little. It’s larger than life. My only regret is that it’s seasonal. It definitely doesn’t come every time it rains but like they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. But how did God think of such smell before it came into existence. How did he make it so satisfying? I could go round and round in thoughts trying to figure it out and still come to the exact spot I was. I agree with Kurt carr. Truly God is an awesome wonder.


EVERYDAYJESUS’ ‘Chant’ on power’ (a poem)!

Sup’ with this attitude

All these burn off me

Like the injustice running through the city’s tower

Enclosed in the vacuum called brain

Through the veins and tissues

Hoping these words be applied without issues.

Let’s go higher

This is the will we must seek

Blimey! Be it young, be it old

Like the fire

Let’s maximize this gift, power

For the sky is the destination

For the mind needs elevation

Unto this nation

I plead for freedom

Upon this kingdom I pray for the vision

Let our leaders see wisdom in power

And for the followers to understand the way of power, this hour.


For the ways of man is engaged with flaw

He raised himself above the law

Why this war?

The problem we fight daily

Is built in his heart like a wall

Please take these words

For unto him, is this power given

Let him be wise enough

So he could see the light rise

Ahead of the tunnel.

The alchemist… 

Author note: 

I feel the necessity of the right use of power, power is the trait we all have in common, but people are not giving attention to its right use. Get inspired as you read

© Tolulope Amao   

EVERYDAYJESUS is with moi! (An update)

I think I am a really busy person, now and especially during my last lap at the University. ‘Busy’ with necessary business: I was a final year student in her last semester so that spelt STUDY and PROJECT! I was also a start-up entrepreneur; you may not find it necessary but for me, purpose and life needed funding – if you understand what I mean. I was and I am still committed to a local church because that is part of my responsibilities. I was and I am also human being therefore I needed to eat, sleep, launder for ‘me’ and also ensure that I don’t become an “I”(you know, it is easier for me to lose two pounds than it is for me to gain a pound, literally speaking). I was and am still also a girl who loves looking good so I needed some time for that every day. And oh, I had lectures to attend, and guess what, the lecturers swept the official time table under the carpet. Also I had found myself, so I have to always speak up – I WRITE! And ultimately, I am a Christian therefore my spirit needs Word grooming every day! That is what I survive on.

I had and I still have just 24 hours just like everyone else, therefore I had to plan every day, the day before and of course updating my to-do list every night. I made plans everyday but sometimes, some things wouldn’t just go as planned. The pressures of my great everyday busyness formed my every day cares. My project was really slow because my research samples were a bit funny – human breast milk! Getting them was really not a joke. I was not even done with the first chapter by the time I first wrote this whereas submission was for July. I had to complete and defend my project come mid-July- It was June 1, already. I also had to contribute my daily quota to the Kingdom by writing and living. Oh how I planned and worked at my daily schedule diligently but how things chose to move pretty slowly, my project for one. In fact that day, I had to re-adjust a letter I wrote to a hospital just after being delayed for three days by my department to get it endorsed. I mean I didn’t have all that time! Well, somehow I discovered that I was unruffled and unstressed by my many stresses. I was and am still rested. I had learned to rest on the Truth that He is IMMANUEL to me, the God that is ever with me. I also stayed and I still do stay on the truth that I have JESUS, the saving God. He didn’t just save my soul, He saves
my day every day. In fact His job description was and is still saving me! He is still saving situations for me daily. I was and I am still comforted by the truth that I am in His care. He loves me more than I love myself therefore He understood and He still understands the urgency of my needs and cares so much more than I think I do. I love the truth that He will never, ever leave me or abandon me in any mess. I don’t like to mess up but even if things go messy, He shows me mercy. Cleaning up my mess is not my business but His. I am His business. Yahweh has infinite methods of doing the same thing, this is what I like to call ‘OMNIPOTENT- SAVE- THE -DAY’. God never depends on our action or inaction to work things out, He depends on my trust for DADDY! He is Abba father, and daddy never lacks a plan so I think I am safe!

Cast all your anxieties upon the lord for He cares for you – 1 Peter 5: 7(NIV)

…and surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:20b (NIV)

By Favouromeje, 2016.

EVERYDAYJESUS’ ‘His witness’ (a poem)!

In truth, I speak him aloud
In words, I pick his existence
For he is the lamb, the lamp to your feet
For he is also the lion, your pavilion when all seems wrong.

In letters I adore him
Even beyond the latter years
Your tears now his care
Even when the world yells fear
Still he is fair enough
To bear your regret
And call you into his fold.
In sickness, when all hope seems faded
In every disappointment, when the future seems broken
Like a fracture to the brain
O yes! Yes He is with you
To heal your diseases
To reveal carefully that it’s not disappointment
But “this is my appointment”
All for seasons,
And beyond the seasons
Very much Christ
Is alive to give you rest…

He is here!
He is there!
He is with you dear!

Christ’s witness

© Tolulope Amao “Spiritual”

EVERYDAYJESUS’ Sunday! (A poem)

This is the word spoken on Sunday
When the lame sees him
And their blame is taken away
When we sing the song of redemption
Despite the state of recession
When those who feel wrong of their sins
Now behold him to sing the song
The song of salvation
It all starts on Sunday.
Sunday, the sunny day
That expresses His glory
That those who are holy
Might gather and show him, the gratitude
Sunday, sun now yields to his sons
That his daughters will live in laughter
And voice be raised
Instead of noise
That heart stays broken
Instead of being harden
It is a scene on Sunday
Sunday more than the ray
But evidence of his coming
That Sunday will someday reckon victory
When this fleeting breath is taken
When this hasten heart
Be put to a stop, according to his act
This starts on Sunday.
On Sunday,
Let all heart be subjected
And render praise
Let the mountain be raised
Let the waters be still
Let hope beyond man’s understanding stage
Let his sons, daughters cope
For it is another start
Another chance for us to dance
And grow, glow in him
Till the trumpet sound
Everyone “it’s Sunday”

The alchemist (c) 2016.

Author note
It is another start, and phase to face. A new hope starts.