Everyday Jesus: “Earthy smell”

There can be nothing as satisfying and fulfilling as the scent of the earth when it rains after a long time. That moment the water hits the soil and causes tiny erosions and goose pimples on the ground. Those splatters that perform magnificent dance of the spirit. I wonder when exactly the scent starts filling the air. The moment the rain hits the ground or maybe foreplay is needed to excite the soil and get it ready for the scent it’s about to exude. Perhaps the wind that introduces the rain does the magic. Whenever I perceive this scent i’m too unconscious to tell. It’s like the greatest relaxation therapy. I shut my eyes, stretch my legs and inhale. I feel like it stretches the folds on my forehead and unblocks my skin pores. I hate the scent of perfumes. It’s usually too strong for me but if only I can find an earth perfume. What I wouldn’t give to smell earthy!
This phenomena however couldn’t have come out of nowhere. The singer Kurt Carr sang “When I consider the vastness of God and all of the marvelous attractions that His hands have made, flowers and birds and oceans and mountains. Truly God is an awesome wonder”. I can only imagine how he commanded every creation into being but my mind can’t wrap around the intangible ones like the earth’s scent when it rains. 
The earth’s scent happens to be my favorite feeling on earth. I would have categorized it among the little things of life but it’s not little. It’s larger than life. My only regret is that it’s seasonal. It definitely doesn’t come every time it rains but like they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. But how did God think of such smell before it came into existence. How did he make it so satisfying? I could go round and round in thoughts trying to figure it out and still come to the exact spot I was. I agree with Kurt carr. Truly God is an awesome wonder.


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