Everyday Jesus: “Earthy smell”

There can be nothing as satisfying and fulfilling as the scent of the earth when it rains after a long time. That moment the water hits the soil and causes tiny erosions and goose pimples on the ground. Those splatters that perform magnificent dance of the spirit. I wonder when exactly the scent starts filling the air. The moment the rain hits the ground or maybe foreplay is needed to excite the soil and get it ready for the scent it’s about to exude. Perhaps the wind that introduces the rain does the magic. Whenever I perceive this scent i’m too unconscious to tell. It’s like the greatest relaxation therapy. I shut my eyes, stretch my legs and inhale. I feel like it stretches the folds on my forehead and unblocks my skin pores. I hate the scent of perfumes. It’s usually too strong for me but if only I can find an earth perfume. What I wouldn’t give to smell earthy!
This phenomena however couldn’t have come out of nowhere. The singer Kurt Carr sang “When I consider the vastness of God and all of the marvelous attractions that His hands have made, flowers and birds and oceans and mountains. Truly God is an awesome wonder”. I can only imagine how he commanded every creation into being but my mind can’t wrap around the intangible ones like the earth’s scent when it rains. 
The earth’s scent happens to be my favorite feeling on earth. I would have categorized it among the little things of life but it’s not little. It’s larger than life. My only regret is that it’s seasonal. It definitely doesn’t come every time it rains but like they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. But how did God think of such smell before it came into existence. How did he make it so satisfying? I could go round and round in thoughts trying to figure it out and still come to the exact spot I was. I agree with Kurt carr. Truly God is an awesome wonder.


#EVERYDAYJESUS is our purpose (Nonso John)

​ On Purpose, I have this to say.

God created man with a purpose in His mind.
There’s somethiny Bible theologians like to call the principle of first mention. Thag is, that whenever God first mentions a thing, He mentions His reason for making or for approving that thing.

We find it all over the Bible.

God’s first mention of a covemant with Abram, He spelt out His reason for calling Abram (to make him a great nation, to bless him, and to bless the entire earth through him, which people have taken to mean that God was talking about the saviour coming through him and blessing the entire world).

First time God explicitly talked about a partner for Adam, He called her a ‘help suitable’ for him.

First time God called the sun and the moon, He said it was to give light to the day and then to the night.

And so on, and so on.

I have searched my Bible for it, and although it is not everything God calls that He mentions His purpose for, He does mention them for a lot of things, at the first time He calls them.
I said all these to say this:
The first time God made man, He said.

Let us make man, in our image and likeness.

And let them have dominion.

Over the birds of the air… and so on and so forth.
Now. God created man. To have dominion. That is man’s purpose. 

But this man that must have dominion has to have God’s image. And be in God’s likeness.

I like to study the word with this Hebrew Bible I have that uses the exact words like it was in the original text, (plus the hebrew pronunciation) before translating to English.

I’ll forget the hebrew word and just use the pronunciations. 

And that verse in my Study Bible says :
“Let us make ‘aw-dawm’ in our ‘tseh’-lem’, after our ‘dem-ooth”.
The word pronounced Tseh-lem (stress on the first syllable) means mirror reflection. A look alike. A clone. A model.

The word pronounced dem-ooth (stress on the second syllable) means resemblance in words, thoughts and action.
It’s the word used to say ‘this guy behaves like his father.’
Okay. So God’s plan is that we should look like Him (image) and function like Him (likeness), so that we can have dominion.

That is God’s purpose for mankind as a whole.
But mankind lost the image in the garden.

So Gpd has been on a rescue mission ever since, trying to bring man back to that image of spiritual life. Eternal life, if you prefer that phrase better.

The life of God.
And I think tjat became like a new purpose for mankind.

That is, turning every other mankind back to the image, and the likeness.

This is why, I believe, the Bible says He has given us the ministry of reconciliation.
So what is your purpose? 

Live in the image of God, and function in His likeness.

And then lead those who are lost back to that image and likeness.
God’s image is being born again.

I think God’s likeness is learning to do things the way He would do them.

So we go to be taught the authority of the believer. Jesus came to teach us how it is possible to raise the dead. The fallen man cannot do it.

Only a God can, or a man who has found his God-image.

I think it is part of what Jesus came to model for us.
All these ‘my purpose is music’ and all that, is just ignorance.

The church has one purpose.

Go ye into all nations… as Jesus says.
But we do not all have to be Pastors. 
We have the same purpose, but we do it on different platforms.

I am a writer. But that is my pulpit. And that is why it us beautiful.

Tyler Perry writes black comedy. Janette..iks writes spoken word Gospel pieces. Karen Kingsbury attacks broken families. Ted Dekker writes Thrillers. Frank Peretti plies his trade in the speculative fantasy genre of fiction.

And I have seen each of these people I have mentioned blowing tongues and worshipping. On recorded video sha.

I am a Thriller writer.

In music, same thing. We don’t all have to do the same thing. 

I know rappers who are hardcore Christians.

And we don’t all have to be singing Jesus Jesus Jesus in all our love songs.
Darlene Zeche (forgive the spelling) has a full album of love songs, and God was not mentioned once.
All I’m saying is.

We do different things.

We don’t have to do the same thing.

No one said you must be a musician. No one said you must be a writer.

But if you have found Christ, your purpose is leading others to Him.

Doesn’t have to be any particular platform.

Some people say they were born to write. I believe I was born to write, simply because I cannot imagine my life doing something else, but that is just a platform.
You decide,

But whatever you do, whatever we all do, the Bible says we have
Ephesians 4:5

“One Lord. One faith. One baptism.”
I will stop it here.
Hope this helped.

[9/14, 12:57 AM] Nonsi Writer: Lemme just add this.
I believe the likeness of God is all them things ranging from God’s chaaracter, His behaviour, and so on.
He’s a God of faith. So we learn faith.

God of love. So we learn to love.

We learn to fight battles like He would – by weilding the authority He has bequeathed onto us.
I believe that this whole spiritual growth thing just refers to likeness: 

How close you are to being like Jesus (since He is the human part of God that we can relate with).

Becasue really, you cannot begin to talk about spiritual growth if you do not even have the image of God first of all (as in being born again).
I think the whole concept behind spiritual growth is as it relates to the likeness of God.
No wonder the Bible says (2 Corinthians 3:18) “as we behold as in a mirror, the glory of the Lord, we are changed into that same image…”
Note that the word ‘image’ here is different from the previous word translated as image in Genesis.
Here, the word is pronounced “i-kone'” (stress on second syllable), meaning ‘a likeness, a profile, representation, resemblance.
Some of these words are related, but they don’t exactly mean the same.

Ok. Bye.


I was working on a script needed to be presented on an upcoming event at church. Paying rapt attention to the task I was so engaged in; my junior sister came by munching at her food after taking a seat by the table. I glanced at her when a silly idea popped in my head.

“Hey” I called.

“Why don’t you try writing something for me”.

Although she was thirteen, writing was never her thing so it was no surprise she broke into a convulsive laughter.

“You are joking right?”

“Give it a try”, I said coaxing her into accepting. She shrugged.

“Topic?”, she inquired as I handed over a paper and pen to her.

“Love”, I responded.

She managed a wide grin and began working. Within 30 seconds she was done! She handed over the piece to me amusement lighting her eyes. Just as I guessed; it was indeed arrant nonsense. I held back the laughter trying to escape my throat when I read something that struck me. It read thus:


” You might find no sense why Christ was beaten and battered for your sakes yet he took no offense! This is because love is sacred. It is beyond a physical passion but a spiritual compassion”


For some split seconds I was lost in amazement. That had never come to me! Arching a surprised brow; I drew her attention.

How on earth did you do that? I really was surprised.”

“What do you take me for? A dummy? Anyways I had no idea of what I should write but I had faith that something would come out good. You talented peeps so over look people! God sometimes ain’t looking for people with mega abilities but a humble and yielded vessel, He will use.”, responded my sister.

“Hmm you taught me today”  I said and she broke into smiles.

I never had known she could be so sagacious. I then realized that sometimes God might not work through the qualified; but he qualifies the chosen. Conclusively no man is an island and every soul you meet out there is beautiful and special.

God bless!

-Cindy Dike


I am a member of a movement called Student Christian Movement. We had our handover weekend from 23rd to 25th of January during which we had one of our most tasking moments during our leadership tenure i.e the now past leaders.

On the fateful Sunday the incumbent leaders which I’m one of is to be dissolved, the President read out his handover report and called every department headed by each person, enlisting their achievements and how impressed he was by their performances but skipped mine mistakenly.

I was bitter at that for reasons I am still trying to understand. Perhaps because I wanted public recognition or because I felt all my unit members would be disappointed or because I felt my presence wasn’t felt or I felt my successor would be feeling she’s taking over an invisible unit. For whatever reason it was, I know  I shouldn’t have felt as terrible as I did.


Paul says in 2 Corinthians 3:1- 6 that they are not looking for letters of commendation from them or anyone. He goes on to say that what is important is the letter written by God in their lives which can be read by everybody. That is what I should care about: That I imparted on the people I was given to lead not on commendations.

Nnagbo Chidimma


Picture this!

A very angry guy sitting out in the balcony, the temperature at nearly freezing depths and its Sunday morning.

Well I guess, this abstract painting i just carried out in your mind might not satisfy your expectations but it really did happen and the victim was me. Now for security reasons I am going to refrain from specifying the exact date it happened. lol!

So that fateful Sunday morning, I was to wake up as early as possible to make it for service since I am a worker in church and apparently that’s how we roll! So I did make up my mind I was going to go to church early but unfortunately, unknown to me, my elder brother had also made up his mind to make sure I get to church early. Now, that doesn’t sound much like a tragedy but my brother is one of those guys that can really be annoying! (Bro, if you’re reading this, you can testify to this hard truth) Continue reading


The sun was calm with a general sense of stillness. The night was far spent, yet it shone so weakly like a malnourished child maltreated by a wicked stepmother. As Destiny(a cousin) and I strode along the way home from market, I couldn’t help the smile that came to my lips and I spread the whole feeling of excitement over me as I fed my eyes with the city paranoiac view. “Its good to be here in Enugu again”, I muttered.

The road became very busy,drivers of long trucks with high shrill voices were carried away singing as much as they wanted while veins stood on end on traders necks their foreheads glistening with sweat, a typical day at the market. Continue reading


T’was a cool night sometime towards the end of the year 2013 when I received the WhatsApp message that I was going to spend an extra year in school because I had failed a course!

Now many people may beg to differ but I still think that is the worst way to give bad news to almost anyone. As I read the message on my phone, I could feel the blood rush to my head. I sincerely didn’t want to believe it but it had to be true because my dear friend who sent me the message knew very well how important my final results were to me and definitely wouldn’t make light of the issue. For the first time since I could remember, I had the sudden need for some really cold, fresh air. I thought I would cry, Continue reading