Everyday Jesus – GOD IS GOOD!

I have been down in the dumps and I have fed fat from all them rubbish down there so much that I have become plump…robust actually. Nice right? All of me junks!

I have literally cried my eyes out. All I have left are empty eye sockets, and blindness; even the bat offers a helping hand.

The night, that one? It seemed to provide temporal relief as it reluctantly accepts my cares during its shifts and without hesitation hands them back to me at the break of dawn. Woe betide me if I interrupt my slumber to pee…no words mincing.

The devil in his subtle magnanimity created a sovereign state of melancholy for me and appointed me the executive governor. A state which enjoyed absolute independence and privacy; custom bans been raised for encouragements hence no trading.

A confining state it was but you know, I am a governor, the governor…but was I? Really? My subjects; fear, selfishness, worry and pride ruled over me (One of them horrible things Solomon saw on the earth) Twisted right? I thought so too, only that it was just a thought. I obeyed orders from my subjects with the cheers of a good leader is a servant!

Rest was “the road not taken” by poor me probably because it was the road less travelled by most. Pride had always insisted I carry my burden because it is mine…“carry your burdens, for you have no one in the world but you”. Fear on the other hand provided an awfully overwhelming companionship and selfishness made the world revolve around me in a very bad way.

With all the prejudice I had about God’s personality, “cast your cares upon me for I…” didn’t make any sense because all of my five senses were numb…already.

My woe tales…

…but blessed be the Lord and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who works in and around us to bring us out of the ugly situations we face. My problems were his as much as they were mine and he sure has his way around it.

First things first, I have my eyes back and He started by making me listen to what he spoke through the mouth of his son…the prophets were getting a lot of things complicated (figuratively). They painted him both black and white with a grey touch of indecision; all lies! He doesn’t have a multiple personality.

And you’d think the devil can bear to be left out of the ecstatic torture of the human soul with questions that brings confusion? You wish! He plunged into the game head first and he has been having a nice time in my life until now.

God is good! (This is me on top of my lungs!)

He that has seen the Son has seen the Father. I have seen the Son so I have seen the Father; so beautiful, full of compassion, ever loving, never angered…such awesomeness and all these I saw by just a peep, I haven’t even taken a glance yet!

Why didn’t he remove my problems first you’d ask? They were not really the problems, alright? My problem was the fact that I had a warped image of God in my eyes and the statement “the way you look at the problem is the problem” has never been truer.

Am I still faced with challenges? Yes of course but I have taken a new approach to it. I have migrated to the state of REST. Stuffs are way better there and the standards of living there are premium but the Father foots the bills. I don’t enjoy my privacy there, His presence is all wrapped so lovingly around me and it is sweet in the strictest sense of the word. His assurances and encouragement have no trade ban, it is one of the legit must haves and it is free. I walk knowing that he said that he is with me and he will never leave nor forsake me.

We (God and I) are still on my case brethren and it gets better every day.

Meanwhile I can’t stop chanting God is good! (This is me on top of my Lungs!)


By His Ruth

(Ogbuabor Ruth)

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