Dead zone
Broken soul
Scary shadows
Those are rhythms of a poor old kid
Whose ways never pleased anyone, not even herself.

No hope
Buried grace
Weak for the race
Those are top list words recorded in the word billboard of her mind
She used to be of the royal line
But now goodness turned to lime
She sees God’s intentions as the least
Her faith so rusty and loosen like an abandoned screw
There she becomes a beast that feast with the devil.

Records of heart failures
Impotent to believe the best inside
Drenched with the thoughts of discovery
Draining in the memory lane of no understanding
Tears from the sole of the heart dripping down like flood yet none sees these flood of questions buried in tears

Travelling alone in travail… I weep in smiles…
Because in my green days have I grown grey because am yet to discover the me in me

In silenced smiles I’m drown in fears because my mind has become aged in thoughts

Hold my weeping mind
Embrace my tears in warmth,
Caress me with words of rescue
Carry me in the wings of warmth understanding
For I drown in silence

Oh…save me from this destiny device
For I transit into the groove of eternity
My powerhouse drowns
I plead for restoration if that exist
I seek for redemption for this battle is beyond me

The Alchemist
© 2019



I was scared, didn’t want to make another promise I wouldn’t keep.
Guilt struck me each time I tried and failed, what was I to reap?

Why such a difficult path?
If He willingly gave His life
Why couldn’t I automatically shine like light?

Well I played smart this time, I had a plan B.
I threw in some eggs, and let some be.

I couldn’t trust the process of “just believing,”
I had seen men die believing this saying.

I carved out an escape route,
I set out plans to activate when I got stuck
And He is no where to pull out my foot.

Poor me,
I was oblivious of the real me.

Blameless and

Little did I know what it meant to be saved by grace.
I had no idea what the term “finished works” entailed.

How can believing be termed ‘just’
when it had the power to save the lost.

I found Love in its pure state,
Righteous is now my new state.

Love bought me, and I can never be bought back!

This is about Him, the man Christ Jesus.

The One who loved me when I didn’t know me,
The One who gave His life for me when I hadn’t found me.

The One who swore never to be angry with me,
The One who took guilt and fear away from me.

The One whose Words I can bank on,
The One whose Words I can stand on.

The One who freely gave,
The One who graciously saved.

Imani Dokubo
(c) 2018


I am no stranger to pain,
I’m quite the scarred miracle myself,
My eyes have bled and my heart has leaked,
I can totally relate to the word ache,
I know what it feels like for the world to end,
For the sky to drop heavily on your chest so much that you can’t breathe,
To clench your hands tightly hoping that u are actually holding on to something, only for you to realize that you are and it’s not just enough,
To realize that u are claustrophobic and there isn’t that much space in the world,
And maybe you’ll find that space in your mind only that’s it’s too quiet in there,

I know that feeling all to well,
That one that has turned you into an actor,
You don’t need to rehearse you know the script like the back of your palms,
Like this,
Hey, how are u?
And you’d say,
I’m awesome you ?
And you’ll find that smile that never fails to hide the scars and fresh wounds you’ve become so used to,
And you’ve learnt to find strength,
In the welcoming breast of your pillow,
Because somehow it takes the tears and never drowns you in it,
She’ll help you face the world,
And for a fleeting moment it will be as though the world isn’t closing down on you,
And you’ll almost believe it,


(c) 2018

Everyday Jesus – GOD IS GOOD!

I have been down in the dumps and I have fed fat from all them rubbish down there so much that I have become plump…robust actually. Nice right? All of me junks!

I have literally cried my eyes out. All I have left are empty eye sockets, and blindness; even the bat offers a helping hand.

The night, that one? It seemed to provide temporal relief as it reluctantly accepts my cares during its shifts and without hesitation hands them back to me at the break of dawn. Woe betide me if I interrupt my slumber to pee…no words mincing.

The devil in his subtle magnanimity created a sovereign state of melancholy for me and appointed me the executive governor. A state which enjoyed absolute independence and privacy; custom bans been raised for encouragements hence no trading.

A confining state it was but you know, I am a governor, the governor…but was I? Really? My subjects; fear, selfishness, worry and pride ruled over me (One of them horrible things Solomon saw on the earth) Twisted right? I thought so too, only that it was just a thought. I obeyed orders from my subjects with the cheers of a good leader is a servant!

Rest was “the road not taken” by poor me probably because it was the road less travelled by most. Pride had always insisted I carry my burden because it is mine…“carry your burdens, for you have no one in the world but you”. Fear on the other hand provided an awfully overwhelming companionship and selfishness made the world revolve around me in a very bad way.

With all the prejudice I had about God’s personality, “cast your cares upon me for I…” didn’t make any sense because all of my five senses were numb…already.

My woe tales…

…but blessed be the Lord and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who works in and around us to bring us out of the ugly situations we face. My problems were his as much as they were mine and he sure has his way around it.

First things first, I have my eyes back and He started by making me listen to what he spoke through the mouth of his son…the prophets were getting a lot of things complicated (figuratively). They painted him both black and white with a grey touch of indecision; all lies! He doesn’t have a multiple personality.

And you’d think the devil can bear to be left out of the ecstatic torture of the human soul with questions that brings confusion? You wish! He plunged into the game head first and he has been having a nice time in my life until now.

God is good! (This is me on top of my lungs!)

He that has seen the Son has seen the Father. I have seen the Son so I have seen the Father; so beautiful, full of compassion, ever loving, never angered…such awesomeness and all these I saw by just a peep, I haven’t even taken a glance yet!

Why didn’t he remove my problems first you’d ask? They were not really the problems, alright? My problem was the fact that I had a warped image of God in my eyes and the statement “the way you look at the problem is the problem” has never been truer.

Am I still faced with challenges? Yes of course but I have taken a new approach to it. I have migrated to the state of REST. Stuffs are way better there and the standards of living there are premium but the Father foots the bills. I don’t enjoy my privacy there, His presence is all wrapped so lovingly around me and it is sweet in the strictest sense of the word. His assurances and encouragement have no trade ban, it is one of the legit must haves and it is free. I walk knowing that he said that he is with me and he will never leave nor forsake me.

We (God and I) are still on my case brethren and it gets better every day.

Meanwhile I can’t stop chanting God is good! (This is me on top of my Lungs!)


By His Ruth

(Ogbuabor Ruth)


History was made in Rome during the 1960 Olympics. It was historic for so many reasons.

For sixty four (64) years of modern Olympics, no Sub-Sahara African had won gold in any category of the tournament. This was the Olympic game that re-wrote that history book. Abebe Bikila became the first Sub-Sahara African to win gold at the Olympics in the marathon category.

To ice the cake, he ran the race bare footed. The odds were highly against him. As a matter of fact, he was not originally billed to be at the tournament. He was only added to the Ethiopian Olympic team at the last moment, as a replacement for Wami Biratu, who was seriously ill.

Adidas, the shoe sponsor at the 1960 Summer Olympics, had few shoes left when Bikila went to try out shoes and he ended up with a pair that didn’t fit comfortably, so he couldn’t use them.
He beat the odds and set a record that was unassailable.

Let me pause and tell you that no matter the odds, you can still WIN! The odds may be against you, you may have come from an impoverished background, or you seem not to have the right qualifications. I have a God, who can take you from the backside of nowhere and place you in the midst of nobles. 
He is my God! 

He is your God!! 

He is our God!!!

Stay blessed.


(Transforming the World through the Word)


I was working on a script needed to be presented on an upcoming event at church. Paying rapt attention to the task I was so engaged in; my junior sister came by munching at her food after taking a seat by the table. I glanced at her when a silly idea popped in my head.

“Hey” I called.

“Why don’t you try writing something for me”.

Although she was thirteen, writing was never her thing so it was no surprise she broke into a convulsive laughter.

“You are joking right?”

“Give it a try”, I said coaxing her into accepting. She shrugged.

“Topic?”, she inquired as I handed over a paper and pen to her.

“Love”, I responded.

She managed a wide grin and began working. Within 30 seconds she was done! She handed over the piece to me amusement lighting her eyes. Just as I guessed; it was indeed arrant nonsense. I held back the laughter trying to escape my throat when I read something that struck me. It read thus:


” You might find no sense why Christ was beaten and battered for your sakes yet he took no offense! This is because love is sacred. It is beyond a physical passion but a spiritual compassion”


For some split seconds I was lost in amazement. That had never come to me! Arching a surprised brow; I drew her attention.

How on earth did you do that? I really was surprised.”

“What do you take me for? A dummy? Anyways I had no idea of what I should write but I had faith that something would come out good. You talented peeps so over look people! God sometimes ain’t looking for people with mega abilities but a humble and yielded vessel, He will use.”, responded my sister.

“Hmm you taught me today”  I said and she broke into smiles.

I never had known she could be so sagacious. I then realized that sometimes God might not work through the qualified; but he qualifies the chosen. Conclusively no man is an island and every soul you meet out there is beautiful and special.

God bless!

-Cindy Dike