EVERYDAYJESUS’ ‘Other man’s dream?’ (A poem)!

What do you want for you?

Casting off this burden

Chasing the cheapest dream

Yet expecting to meander amidst the richest valleys

All seems vanity

Like it’s a mere desire

So the state of many

What if then I ask that

What do you want for you?

Will the answer solve the wave within?

Or just a common man’s answer?

Severally, it feels like saying am done

When the odds refuses to say ‘I’m gone’

Like a corn, all just fade in solely state

All for a taste, a chase that brings little

Why then living another man’s dream?

Why pretending as if your action is justifiable

When all you are doing is barely for the crowd

As a crow, the cloud of greatness initiates less

What if then I ask

What do you want for you? 

Bones are fading

Days nearing to apocalypse

So the eclipse of doubt expands

Thought fails

War is yet raised

In division, so is the mission

What if I get a lamed answer?

What if you are tamed?

Why won’t you then find an answer to this question!

The alchemist (c) 2016

Author note:

What do you want for yourself?

Wish and dream?

Vision and action?

Will you get an answer to this, poets?

©, Tolulope Amao   

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