How do you explain the distress of nations
With fear and depress so much to mention;
Countries running helter skelter for help
Doctors wondering whether their impact will be felt
The media hunting latest news to saturate the air
Now the air is filled with Panic and too polluted to inhale
A decent handshake is enough to be suspicious
You flee when your brother clears his throat because you’re cautious
You adjust when your sister worships God in tears because even tears is contagious
So what do we make out of Romans 16:16 where the churches of Christ are sent with greetings of kisses?

Borders shut down for safety
Airports closed up for security
Social gatherings suspended
With no clue of revert intended
Economic activities are on hold
Even the weather seems uneasy to the face of this wanton unfold of a virus
Causing stampede to world powers in such a way that is disastrous
Introducing new words and giving the people new tongues
So it’s either you social distant, isolate or quarantine.

The next thing we heard was an announcement;
Every religious gatherings is hereby ordered to stop until further notice
A subtle penetration into the church that the ordinary mind may not catch
But we the soldiers of Christ as a strong army are on the march
We are not at ease in Zion.

That enemy touring the towns  like a  roaring lion
is incapacitated as we pray-a-thon;
His frustration keeps increasing as we speak in tongues
Of course, these are signs that the end is near
But we are not engrossed in fear
We have the shield of faith with the word
We have come into oneness with the son
The confidence we have in the Father remains evergreen in our minds
As it is written, we are his witnesses from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth
So any other thing spreading from China to other parts is not a threat
For the birth of Jesus is a sure bet that we have been born to rule over death.

– Lady Nancy
(c) 2020

NIGHTMARE by Benjamin Skomorac

(Commentary by the Author Included)

With his mouth open with horror,
they run among
fragmented boulders of stones,
halfway between father and her,
little girls dressed in nothing,
terrified of strangers,
in the night while he forgets
toys somewhere;
as the father of the arrow,
which he throws straight into the sky
with a call for the innocence of suffering.


Otvorenim ustima od užasa,
Trče među
Rascjepkanim komadima kamenja,
Na pola puta između oca i nje,
Djevojčice obučene u ništa
Prestravljene od stranca,
U noći dok zaboravlja svoje
Igračke negdje;
Kao otac strijele,
Koje baca ravno u nebo
Uz doziv nevinosti stradanja.


The content of the lyrics of this poem hides many metaphors and hidden meanings. This means that the song Nightmare encourages thinking and searching for the deeper meaning of each word. Hidden motifs like “toys” or “arrows” paint the whole picture of trouble. Because of that, the song is called Nightmare. Father and daughter are the figures discussed here. The verses are sorted by pictures of distress. The song has a sad effect and a very important message for the whole world. Likewise, the verses mention innocence. So these people in the song are innocent and want justice for their people. In all this, the worst pictures are watched by children, watched by war, fighting and dying. These kids are dirty and hungry for the whole situation. Therefore, this is a message to the world that we need peace. We see tears and pain in the eyes of children. We are all sensitive to the baby crying that is painted in this song. Here we see salvation in a plea to God that can only help us deal with every problem. For the great God is always with us and always helps us in every trouble. That’s why we need to reach out to him and ask for help. Every believer knows that God always responds to our prayers. This song is a support and a strength for all the people in the world who are hungry and living a bad life! Emotions are stronger than any word!

Bosnian translation

Sadržaj stihova ove pesme krije mnoge metafore i skrivena značenja. To znači da pjesma Noćna mora potiče razmišljanje i traženje dubljeg značenja svake riječi. Skriveni motivi poput “igračaka” ili “strelica” slikaju čitavu sliku problema. Zbog toga se pjesma zove Nightmare. Otac i kćer su ovdje prikazane brojke. Stihovi su razvrstani po slikama nevolja. Pjesma ima tužni efekt i vrlo važnu poruku za cijeli svijet. Isto tako, stihovi spominju nevinost. Znači, ovi ljudi u pjesmi su nevin i žele pravdu za svoj narod. U svemu tome su najgore slike djeca, gledaju ih rat, borbe i umiranja. Ova djeca su prljava i gladna zbog cijele situacije. Stoga je ovo poruka svijetu da nam treba mir. U očima dece vidimo suze i bol. Svi smo osjetljivi na bebino plakanje koje je oslikano u ovoj pjesmi. Ovdje vidimo spasenje u molbi Bogu koja nam može samo pomoći da se riješimo svakog problema. Jer veliki Bog je uvijek s nama i uvijek nam pomaže u svakoj nevolji. Zato mu moramo pružiti ruku i zatražiti pomoć. Svaki vjernik zna da Bog uvijek odgovara na naše molitve. Ova pjesma je podrška i snaga za sve ljude na svijetu koji gladuju i žive loš život! Emocije su jače od bilo koje riječi!

by Benjamin Skomorac
(c) 2020


I do not have a face to sink a thousand ships
Nor a jealous lover the size of Greece
But I came bearing a gift
the penultimate one

A two edged sword and fancy words
Add a message from Jehovah
Those were the parts of my trojan horse

I do not have a face to sink a thousand ships
Nor a jealous lover the size of Greece
But a slice to the gut and the king lay dead
A message from Jehovah I had delivered

You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth
They’d all said
But this time they were wrong.

Miracle Ifechukwu
(c) 2020


What’s a life worth?
Birth, mirth, and death
At best?

What are dreams for?
Fuel to fight, run, and soar
To empty summit?

What will wealth bring?
Fame, friends, and bling
Things fading, dying?

Where then, is worth?
Beyond means, dreams, and death
Infinite Life, God.

– Ikenna Nwachukwu
(c) 2020

Air Born

It’s always so scary before it’s not
Malaria was once a world most deadly but now it’s not
Every time
We seem to lose sight of how much we have in our pot like trying to count every thyme

How do we neglect victories like this?
Power like this?
God cooking in our hearts just to beat our imaginations

New diseases much stronger than the old are just preludes to show that God has no limitations.

So I’m relaxed

I heard Corona might spread to every state but I don’t live there
I live in a Power state of mind

I was told yesterday that this my confidence will soon wane, “come on watch the news and hear it now and again”
But I get easily bored
I mean, to me this guy and headache are just the same

I cured a waist pain yesterday
Tummy ache the day before
That’s how kings do
So why would I be bothered about coronation today?

Let your mind wield a fearless gear
Let them know that there are some fearless here

And like David who didn’t flinch at a 10-foot giant
My faith is air Bourne

I am already infected
Spirit filled
You can’t tell what I’ll heal next when I swirl the power resting within

I’m air born

(c) 2020