EVERYDAYJESUS’ Sunday! (A poem)

This is the word spoken on Sunday
When the lame sees him
And their blame is taken away
When we sing the song of redemption
Despite the state of recession
When those who feel wrong of their sins
Now behold him to sing the song
The song of salvation
It all starts on Sunday.
Sunday, the sunny day
That expresses His glory
That those who are holy
Might gather and show him, the gratitude
Sunday, sun now yields to his sons
That his daughters will live in laughter
And voice be raised
Instead of noise
That heart stays broken
Instead of being harden
It is a scene on Sunday
Sunday more than the ray
But evidence of his coming
That Sunday will someday reckon victory
When this fleeting breath is taken
When this hasten heart
Be put to a stop, according to his act
This starts on Sunday.
On Sunday,
Let all heart be subjected
And render praise
Let the mountain be raised
Let the waters be still
Let hope beyond man’s understanding stage
Let his sons, daughters cope
For it is another start
Another chance for us to dance
And grow, glow in him
Till the trumpet sound
Everyone “it’s Sunday”

The alchemist (c) 2016.

Author note
It is another start, and phase to face. A new hope starts.

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