WWF- God’s Word Always Works.

Isaiah 65:24
And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear

There is a place where God’s word always works, because the word of the Lord always works. Remember God is His Word Himself. John 1:1-3. A man is as good as His word. To say God’s word doesn’t work sometimes is to doubt the infallibility of The Godhead. If God’s word seems not working in your life, it’s simply because you are not well placed and rightly positioned. Won’t you give it all it takes to get yourself into a place where God’s word always works? Remember God means what He says, and He says what He means.

This placement of a thing is easy to comprehend. You can’t practise medicine until you have been trained for it. The training for it brings you into a place of expertise, for the constant working of medicine in you and through you, so to speak. This goes for all professions. And you continually upgrade yourself with trainings and writing of professional exams to keep you abreast of time, and to be leading always in that field.

The same thing applies here in the spirit realm. The reason why it seems God’s word isn’t working in your life now is that you have not come into that right place, by reason of training…

To be continued next week

Adebayo Funmi
The Simple Life of Christ Ministry


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