When last did you sit and consider, ‘Maybe the problem is really me’?

No, really! Forget the cliché and think of the reality that maybe that ghost you keep running away from is ‘me’….

Your shadow distorted by the dim light of deception, a darkness that so easily besets you…

No, really! I need you to think and remember that time someone pointed out that flaw and you said ‘No! no that’s not what I do’…..

You remember ‘I don’t wanna hear about this any longer you’re making me sick with this argument’ and all the while you’re the only one talking or well you and yourself because the words around you can’t be louder than the voices in your head so instead you tell every one else to shut up knowing fully well that the real person to be hushed is you….

Make no mistake ‘me’ does not just affect the heathen so don’t confuse the call to come out from among them as a message of isolation from just people, it was a call to slowly, painfully but eventually break free from ‘me’…

Don’t do that! Don’t you dare go back on that deluded lane, can’t you see it has left you in doubt and utter denial for so long? Who told you that the issue is the devil…

Oh yeah right I figured it was ‘me’ giving you all the power you needed to push the blame on the very accuser you empowered by your fears and insecurities.

Well the good news is that the victory is in the consciousness, faith does not deny the problem but it enables a recreation. ‘Yes I was convicted but by his blood I am acquitted no longer bound to ‘me’ because you are raised in and with Him

By Abokhai Osione


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