Hello everyone!

If you are in Nigeria and you would like to share your message in the art of spoken word poetry with the world then this platform might just be right for you!

Yes, the call for submissions are open and here are the guidelines;

1. All prospective entries should be forwarded to the designated email on or before 15th of June 2019.
2. A maximum of two(2) entries will be accepted for evaluation, only one will make it to audition stage and ultimately presentation.
3. All entries should be typed in Word format and attached to an email containing Artists, a). Full names b.) Pen/ Stage name c.)Phone number d). Location e). A short description of yourself ( not more than 3lines).
And sent to:
4. Entries containing inappropriate words, profane expressions, pointless hints of violence, sex, rage, revelry and/or general disorderly misconduct will be overlooked immediately.
5. Entries shouldn’t be shorter than 2 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes allocated time for audio presentation.

Are you an experienced Christian spoken word poet, able and willing to be a mentor to younger poets?

With regards to our upcoming Tour, anyone who would like to present at all venues will be required to submit the piece they would be performing to with the various specifics
– Subject of the mail should indicate that yours is for the Tour
– Your submission should meet all the guidelines of the regular submission
– Submit alongside the written piece, an audio recording of your piece. (Phone recordings will suffice)
– Submission Deadline is 30th April.

There you go!

If you have any problems do contact us and we do look forward to your amazing artistry!
God Bless.

– Chief Editor
For the Penspeak Board



As a team of writers we have come quite a long way and God has made it clear, he is only going to take us higher and yet deeper. (call that writer’s humour).

Without further ado, expect more in 2019, expect God in 2019.
More word
More insight
More Videos and Audio projects
More and more and more

This year’s Penspeak Event has been themed MANIFEST and oh my it is the set time!
Anticipate More!

6 years and counting…

Through these years God has brought us together
Pruned us to be better
And has grown us for greater

We are blessed to serve the world with our words
And we look forward to more years doing just that
Till we all display God’s glory as it should be

We write!

Ezeonyeka Godswill
Chief Editor
For The Christ A Poet Team

The Harvest is Here!

Our vision statement as a team, in Isaiah 61:1-3 said something pretty interesting in the latter end.
“…that they may be called “oaks of righteousness”

This year God has laid it in our hearts to go out and bring in the harvest and announce that there is a harvest. God has commissioned us to do this till as many as would listen will be indeed oaks of righteousness.

We are grateful to all our sponsors and partners. Together we win!

The Harvest is Here!

You heard it from me!

Hey there, my name is Favour Omeje and I write.

I have known the joys of writing especially wielding my pen to summon words together to tell the love story of ‘the Word’=Christ.

Writing has been to me like lending readers shoes to walk back and forth time to experience what good things, I have experienced in Christ; simply put, writing has become like a kiss and tell story.

Soon enough, I got signed up to the Christ A Poet team where I was given a loud voice to express my Christian experience. It was there that I took a dip in excellence and team spirit. Christ A Poet  Team provided different platforms for people like me who love to read and write to gain writing prowess while telling the Lord’s story in diverse translations. One of such platforms is the Freestyle Friday.

Freestyle Friday is boundless needless to say.

This is how we do it:
We gather virtually on our social media platforms where a theme is dished out; then we all do justice to it using the different forms of literature available to man.

This time, we want you to share in the experience that we have enjoyed exclusively as team mates for years and you don’t have to be committed to us to enjoy this.

Just follow the link and request entry!


Do you love to read?

What about write?

Then you don’t want to miss this fun. You can take my word for it!

Favour Omeje

For: The Christ A Poet Team

An online event for us all…


Hello there,

Godswill here! In the short time I have been exposed to writing I have been blessed to see the tremendous effect words have on who we are and the lives we lead. As a team we have sought to carefully and painstakingly create edifying content that speak of God’s love and his saving grace that never fails.

However, sometimes we cant deny that we just want to write! Scale the hurdles of editing and trying to make the lines rhyme. We just want to pour our heart in the simplest version we can come up with within a matter of minutes. For this cause, FREESTYLE FRIDAY was created and we have enjoyed this fellowship for years every Friday.

This time we would love to share this experience with you!

Do you write?

Do you love to read?

Then you should be a part of this!

It is real simple, on the 28th of July starting 12AM (GMT+1) we will be freestyling with all forms of literature available on a topic that would be released that morning or afternoon or evening (Depending on your time zone). All you need do is search on Facebook for the closed group “Freestyle Friday” with the icon having the Christapoet logo and request entry. 

It is sure to be fun. It is sure to bless lives and take this from me, our Freestyle Fridays have been known to cure writer’s block.


So I look forward to see you on the 28th!

Much blessings!


Ezeonyeka Godswill

Chief Editor

The Christ A Poet Team