Time ticks off, falls flat to crimson curvature with space’s sunset
I look into you to feel free, lay down now at night’s short rest
Wishing it would last forever
So I’m mired in sleep-walking living free frigid spree, spin-spiralled skull
Schooled in conservative cram and crumple, effortless troublesomeness
Life for passer-by, five fingers stuck in cupped-pocket, cut-off chains
Self-made dungeon

To breathe is, for you, brief misery, soured serenade, multiple invariance
Shriek sharply, shrink shamefacedly, stop to turn away
But I’m calling out still: I love you, please stop staring from that distance…
Freshness breezes in with the relinquishing of safe-stand-style
Dare, and find fairness within, without, above and around
Let love flow freely, let your fear of it fall off, let the thaw be of it, not your heart’s

Love is a move, and the humblest play best
Love is life, everything brings a shade of this truth
Even evenings darkened by bin-spinning dins, singing fateful dirge-like sounds
The absence tells of it, quietly, loudly
The presence is uplifting, gifting enrapturing, enlivening
So let the feet steal the march on fear
The crafter of the galaxies stands less than a breath away
He wants to fly through you
Give you to Him, watch love win, see trembling die, know courage
Live life strong, if calmly, steer home to forever
From a priceless touchdown moment


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