Text: 1 Sam. 16:1-13.

In the last episode, I made it clear by the help of the Holy Spirit that God does not look at size in making His choice of who to use.

You also have to know that God’s rejection of Eliab was not because he was not qualified. As a matter of fact, he was a captain of a thousand soldiers. He was always present in wars and have led his men to victories. So Eliab had a lot of leadership experience that qualified him for the hallowed position of the King of Israel. All his qualifications meant nothing to God simply because he was not God’s choice.

I love the way the King James Version stated it: “…for I have refused him”. This shows that there was a board meeting between God and Prophet Samuel. Samuel presented Eliab’s resume before God. He intended for God to agree to it, but it was not enough to change God’s mind on who he has chosen for the Job.

My dear, God’s basis of selection is not based on human parameters. It saddens my heart to see that educational qualification has become a priority for appointment of men into service. I am not saying God’s servants should not advance in education, but it should not be a yard stick for determining how well a man will do in service. I have attained some level of education, and I intend attaining more even in theology as God will help me. I do not intend to do this so as to have pastoral qualifications, but to get deeper in the knowledge of God.

Our quest for educational advancement should not be to intimidate other ministers that we feel are below our level, but let it be about growing in the knowledge of the one who has called us; God. Remember, you are not chosen because you are qualified. 

The journey continues…

If this message blessed you, you are free to share it with anybody or group.

Stay blessed.      
(Transforming the World through the Word)

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