Hmmmm, life is has a way of making fun of one and making a person of strong will fill foolish. When life laughs, it tries to laugh out as loud as possible, that one begins to question HIS father in heaven. This type of laughter could bring great shame that goes straight for your heart and that moment we break.
This laughter is worse than human laughter, because it seems you are living but you don’t feel alive, the world outside is turning and yours is dying still. Things seem not to move and even when you take a step forward; it seems you just took ten backward. You cry out, pray out, praise out and it is still, still.
Ps 23 v 2b said….. He leads me beside the still waters. When everything seems still, then be STILL. Because God just said in the above scripture that He will lead you beside whatever is still in your life, yes, He knows it is still. Who else do you think can see you through? Who do you think can bring hope to you even when you think you are far in your still zone.
Mark 4 vs. 39 said……He awoke and rebuked the wind and said Peace BE STILL and the wind ceased, and there was great calm. Things are STILL with God for a reason, is not that the wind was not good, No, but it was not needed at that point in time, to show itself of. As hard as it may be or seem, WE need to be STILL like the wind so that the Name of God be glorified in our life.
sometimes things may happen and we say it is not God, so we look for alternative ways of getting what we want, but God is coming in straight for your heart and all He needs is you to BE STILL and know that HE is God, He would bring light to the darkest part to your life and everything would change…..just know you are not too FAR from HIM.
I guess what has been going on since I started writing could be to remind you and me that the night can’t last for long, so lift up your eyes, look beyond the clouds of life that laughs at you. You are going to make it. If your heart is breaking, because there is a promise to those that hold on even when you can’t imagine a way out. BE STILL………Ps 46 vs 10a………..BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.

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