I laid on my back
And I saw one star in the sky
Was quite taken aback
But then I remembered it would soon be night

The sun had set in the distance
The moon prepared for its show somewhere in the clouds
A day had run its course it’s chance
Now the night had come without no applause

Once I had a life I called fun
I never thought one day I’d regret it
I lived for the excitement no considerations
Now I bear the scars of my negligence

Tis a painful thing I tell you
To look at what should be good old days
To be unable to tell your little boy the truth
Because you wasted your youth your better years

I have a lot of experience
I have scars to show for it
Just wish I had testimonies instead
Learning from other peoples’ experiences

My sun is down
Soon all I’d have for light
Would be my moon and stars
So I gather my family together for the night
And I pray to sleep in the bosom of the Father


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